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Alt/Air songs take bytes out of iTunes

January 13th, 2011

Brandon Udani, aka DJ Kowai Kowai, and vocalist Aly Ishikuni comprise Alt/Air. Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell.

Happy new year, everyone! Yeah, I know, it’s almost two weeks into this “new year.” But this is the first Otaku Ohana post of 2011, so that counts, right? Right?!? ***crickets***

So while I was busy working on Cel Shaded columns and things that were anything but this blog, there was a big shindig out at NextDoor downtown last Saturday starring Aly Ishikuni and Brandon “DJ Kowai Kowai” Udani, the talented duo known as Alt/Air. You may remember them from their debut public concert/extended dance session at last year’s Kawaii Kon. You may also remember them from the pre-Kawaii Kon profile I did on them and Eleven Staples … which seems to have vanished from Google’s indexes, along with a lot of our columns and reviews from the past two years or so. (Never fear, we’re working to get that back up and linked properly. One way or another.)

Alt/Air was celebrating the release of its debut three-song, self-titled EP on Saturday — definitely a neat collectible for anyone able to make it out to NextDoor who bought the CD. But for those of us who couldn’t go ***Jason raises hand***, an attractive, only-in-the-Internet-age-could-this-happen alternative has emerged: The complete EP is now available on iTunes for $2.97 (or 99 cents per song, but come on, if you’re buying one song, you may as well buy them all). I’m no formal music critic, but I do know what I like, and I’m definitely a fan of the blend of Aly’s ethereal, J-Pop-influenced vocals with Brandon’s catchy dance beats. And while you’re at it, “like” them on Facebook. Just because.