Halko Momoi’s animated madness

March 7th, 2010

The star of our show. Quite an outfit, don't you think?

Meet Halko Momoi: former Akihabara idol, singer, voice actress, happy peppy public entertainer extraordinaire.¬†You might know her from today’s Cel Shaded column, where I talked about her coming to Hawaii next Sunday to perform at the Honolulu Festival for a third straight year. For those of you who didn’t go to see her these past few years, though, words alone can’t sufficiently describe the Halko Momoi Concert Experience. It’s for those people — and anyone who’s curious to see how my amateur photography skills measure up — that I provide this photographic guide of what to expect at her concert this year.

The first thing you notice about her is her outfit. Hard to ignore, really, with all those frills and the glitter and the eye-popping colors and the accessories flying everywhere. The second thing you notice is her voice, which pretty much matches every stereotype of the cheerful Japanese singer that you may have in your mind: It’s high, it’s shrill, and it sounds like it should belong to someone who’s much younger than 31 years old — her actual age when she performed last year. (Because of that shrillness, I’d recommend that the more sensitive of hearing among you bring ear plugs to dampen the sound a bit — it came across really strong last year.)


Momoi is a woman of the people. Here we see her in mid-performance, singing and mingling up and down the aisles of chairs with people like this UH-West Oahu student fresh off a stint at the Maid Cafe and someone cosplaying as Chi from Chobits.


Momoi is also a friend to all children. She started pulling up children from the audience early in her concert, and they happily danced around while she sang and did her thing. Well, okay, maybe that boy in the orange shirt to the right wasn’t concerned so much about dancing around as he was covering his ears. (As I said, her voice was pretty loud.)

But it wasn’t just young children dancing around. There was also … shall we say … the young at heart.


See all those guys with pink aloha shirts off in the background? Those were hard-core Momoi groupies who came from Japan to see her in concert. They knew exactly when in her songs to dance, chant, shout out things and wave around their glow sticks (of which they had an ample supply to share with the rest of the rather bemused audience).


There was also a guy in a chicken suit and one in a Stitch costume.

Put all of this together, and … well, this results.

Fun times, folks. Fun times.

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