[Kawaii Kon 2010] Day 2: Lessons learned

April 18th, 2010

Some thoughts that have been brewing in my head with just one day left in Kawaii Kon 2010, presented with some pictures I took yesterday:

ishikawa and morita

  • I noticed a bit of a difference between the panels for the most popular Japanese guests and U.S. guests this weekend. It’s a difference that I hope to elaborate on in another post in the near future (after I’ve had a chance to digest all the panel recordings I’ve made over the weekend), but I’ll say this for now:  There were more odd questions and a “dance, monkey, dance!” mentality prevalent for the U.S. voice actors than the Japanese. Also, there were more people who showed up for the Johnny Yong Bosch panel yesterday than the panel on Friday featuring Hideo Ishikawa (above left), Masakasu Morita (above right) and Daisuke Kishio in their first panel appearance at a U.S. convention. That may make more sense if I think about it some more — it’s definitely hard to think complex thoughts late at night after about 10 hours of conventioneering — but right now, it’s not making too much sense to me.

kishio and translator

  • Speaking of Kishio, shown above with one of his translators, no one drinks water with more panache than him. So much so, it even turned into a bit of a running joke during his panel last night: He’d look toward the translator to his right, she’d take a drink and he’d lead a polite round of applause; he’d look toward the translator to his left, she’d take a drink and he’d lead a polite round of applause; then he’d chug some of his own bottle. Definitely a crowd-pleaser.

kk aerial

  • I’m ready to declare that this year’s trend in cosplay is that … well, there is no real trend in cosplay this year. (You can see it in this random crowd shot from yesterday afternoon.) Whereas in previous years one could point out at the masses and declare, “Oh, this is a Naruto year,” or “hey, those powder blue Ouran High School Host Club suits are really popular this year,” diversity reigns this year (although I will say there were quite a few people wielding Kingdom Hearts-series Keyblades). Not that that’s a bad thing, of course, particularly when you have things like this running around:


Yes, folks, that is a guy in a Legend of Zelda-series deku scrub costume. And it is awesome. [JSY EDIT 4/22: Tag-team partner in fandom Wilma Jandoc has been nudging me to say that it’s actually a woman in this costume. The awesomeness factor still remains, of course.]

doc grant

  • While I was chatting with William “Doc” Grant at the Hawaii Star Manga Project booth last night — that would be him at left, along with Wendell Hong — we learned that there are designs entered from an art class at Moanalua High School in the Vans (shoes) Custom Culture contest. The class is hoping to advance out of the Southwest division and advance to the contest finals. As of a little before 11 p.m. HST yesterday, Moanalua had opened up a 242-vote lead — which is definitely good news; they were in second place and closing when we learned of this a few hours prior — but it’s always good to offer them an extra cushion. Voting lasts through today (Sunday); you can vote at www.vans.com/customculture.
  • Eleven Staples and Alt/Air were great, and I wish them nothing but the best in their future endeavors. It was really fun interviewing them, and I hope anyone who came out to their performances yesterday as a result of my article left satisfied. Here’s a shot of Eleven Staples performing:


And while it was difficult getting shots of Alt/Air because of the dance party it became, here’s a shot of Aly Ishikuni singing one of the group’s two songs:


So what’s in store for tomorrow? Is it possible for Wilma and I to go even more batty with anime convention fever? Check back here later for the thrilling conclusion …

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