OMG … WHAT’S coming?!?

July 6th, 2009

While I’ve been browsing around on Anime News Network the past few days, I couldn’t help but notice something a bit odd that happened every time I moved my mouse pointer around the left side of the screen. Namely, this would keep popping up:

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of countdown clocks? The Shadow knows.

That, for those of you who don’t feel like clicking through to see the full-sized image, would be a silhouetted shadow with a giant question mark pointing to A shadow which, if you click through it on the actual site, takes you to this rather garish screen:


These screenshots were taken Saturday. If my calculations are correct, this clock is counting down to July 16 at noon Hawaii time. There isn’t anything of note on that date to my knowledge — Otakon starts a day later, after all.

So what could “it” be? Is it really a super-special awesome announcement? Something that the unknown source of this announcement thinks is super-special awesome but will be rather meh in the execution? Or perhaps an AMV set to this song? If anyone feels like venturing a guess, have at it in the comments below…

5 Responses to “OMG … WHAT’S coming?!?”

  1. Yui:

    Perhaps the Harry Potter movie?

  2. Tenchi:

    Perhaps there’s an “Oh My Goddess!” release of some sort coming?

  3. ryuzaki:

    Perhaps … Tojo Aya?

  4. Vraxx:

    You know the page changed graphics (as of 7/9)… it’s silhouette of a car. Wangan Midnight? Hehe wish it was Initial D 5th Stage :P

  5. Josh:

    It’s actually counting down to Pacific time. I think it originally counted down to noon wherever you were because the timezone wasn’t set, but since then it’s been updated so it’s counting down using Pacific time.

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