Mugging for the camera

August 23rd, 2010

Change is coming soon to Cel Shaded, and you, dear Otaku Ohana readers, can have a say in shaping it.

Ever since the Star-Bulletin and the Advertiser, by their powers combined, became the Honolulu Hyper Great Shining Robotic Protector And Super Friend to All Children Star-Bulletin And Advertiser — the Star-Advertiser for short — we’ve been spiffying a few things up here and there. Now that great spiffying project has reached … this.

To the right of this paragraph is the column mug that’s greeted Cel Shaded readers for a good chunk of five years now. You can tell it’s been five years because (a) the hat is that of an Excel Saga Puchuu, and Excel Saga Puchuu hats were one of the many merchandising missteps that led to ADV no longer being with us today; and (b) I’m trying to figure out whether tag-team partner in fandom Wilma J. still has that soot sprite or whether she gave it to me in one of her occasional swag-purging sweeps. It’s served its purpose faithfully over the years, but now it’s looking a bit dated. And if you’ve seen this mug pulling double duty as the introductory mug for this blog on the Star-Advertiser blog home page, you can see it doesn’t exactly play well with cropping, either.

But that’s not the only mug that’s run in the paper. To the left of this paragraph is the rarer second-edition mug, introduced when the Star-Bulletin rolled out columnist promos on the front page around 2007-ish. As the paper evolved and eventually switched to the smaller tabloid format, though, this version eventually disappeared, replaced by the first mug. It, too, is showing its age, because (a) the cap is a Di Gi Charat Dejiko model, and Di Gi Charat Dejiko caps were one of the really-cute-but-too-few-people-bought-’em pieces of merchandise that ultimately sank Broccoli USA; and (b) the Moogle is a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Moogle, and those Moogles were probably the only redeeming factor of the whole Crystal Chronicles arm of that franchise. (Anyone remember when GameCube/Game Boy Advance connectivity was supposed to be the Next Big Thing?)

So it’s pretty clear that it’s time to put a fresh face on otaku journalism in Hawaii. Otaku Ohana will have a shot of Wilma and me that will reflect that this blog is written by … well … Wilma and me, and not just me. We have an idea of how that’ll look (or we’ll figure that out when we schedule the photo shoot, anyway). But where you, the reader, come in is in deciding my new look for Cel Shaded.

See, I have a new cosplay cap ready to go. (And I really hope that wearing it ¬†doesn’t doom its makers into extinction as well … I actually like the people who made this cap.) Picked out a new plushy, too. But I’m also getting starting to get up there in age — when you hear the typical “youth demographic” pegged at around 18 to 34 years of age and realize you’re at the upper end of that scale, you start thinking that maaaaaybe it’s time to stop being whimsical and start looking professional, lest you look like a complete dork. Yet I’ve looked like a complete dork for five years now … and what is anime and manga if it doesn’t help you connect with your fun side?

Thus, a poll. Voting will run until Friday, Sept. 3. Oh, and one vote per IP address, please. We’ll go into the photo studio soon afterward, so choose wisely.

4 Responses to “Mugging for the camera”

  1. Faerie:

    I don’t think any of us would recognize you if you put, say, your resume picture up. =-) What kind of plushy did you decide on? One to match your cap? Alternatively, you could hold something un-cute, like a shinigami doll from Death Note ;-) Can’t wait to see the new picture! =-)

  2. Jason S. Yadao:

    Haha, good point! As for the plushie, well … to reveal what it would be now would ruin the surprise, now, wouldn’t it? I will say this, though: As of now — who knows, my mind could change between now and the actual shoot — the cap and the plushie wouldn’t be related. ^_~

  3. Trish:

    I definitely vote for the cosplay look :) and I agree with Faerie!

    If you can find one, I’d love to see a Pochi plushie from He is My Master LOL.

  4. AniMatsuri:

    Looks like the stuff shirts win the vote. :(

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