Show some manga aloha to North Carolina teens

October 21st, 2010

Tag-team partner in fandom Wilma J. has always been a big believer in donating to education-related causes. She’s been an active donor on, the “online charity connecting you to classrooms in need,” for that very reason.

She also gets the site’s regular e-mails highlighting particular projects. And a recent e-mail happened to set off her “otaku radar,” the same twinge of excitement that I get whenever a really good topic for Cel Shaded or this blog falls into my lap and I just have to share it with everybody as soon as I can: the requests of “Mr. R.,” alternately listed as a media specialist and a librarian at a small rural high school in the Pender County School District of eastern North Carolina.

Mr. R is asking for donations to fund several large purchases of manga and graphic novels for his library. His four requests turn up a bunch of popular Viz titles — Bleach, Death Note, Vampire Knight, One Piece and Hunter X Hunter comprising the majority of the lists. Why manga? From his profile:

Even during good times, funds are extremely limited to purchase fun books for students to read. Now that the financial crisis has hit our library in full force, funds for purchasing books are practically non-existent.

Many of our kids love graphic novels. When we first purchased a handful of manga and graphic novels they all but flew off the shelves. The kids would consume them in breakneck pace. But after a few days, they would hit a brick wall once they learned that we only carried a few books from each series. From a librarian’s perspective, the inability to give the kids what they love to read is heartbreaking. At this very moment, I can think of a specific student who is new to our school and discovered our special collection last week. Since that day, the young man has read eleven titles. At his pace, he will have finished reading all of our graphic novels in another two weeks. In another two weeks, I will no longer have any books that interest him.

All four requests are definitely reachable — $70, $82, $90 and $96 are the totals remaining on each. But they’re also running out of time:  The first request with manga ties expires on Monday; the last, on Wednesday. Again, here’s the link to the project page:

So I issue to you, regular Otaku Ohana readers — and anyone who gets linked here via other means, really — a challenge: Let’s get Mr. R. fully funded. It can be four really generous people, or it can be many of you working together to give smaller amounts. And if (as I’m hoping) everything gets funded there by the time you look, don’t just shrug and click away; there are a lot of teachers in your home state that could use the help, too.

Just remember, no amount’s too big or too small when it’s a worthy cause. Let’s be examples of fandom’s generous side.

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  1. AniMatsuri:

    Does anyone at Viz know about this?

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