Workin’ for the weekend

July 17th, 2009

Bunch of assorted notes and updates as we head into another weekend:

  • Thanks to what must have been encouraging box office numbers to Sony, Blood: The Last Vampire is living to see another weekend. Showtimes are available through Thursday locally … although you may want to read my review first. The thought came to me while talking to Wilma J. a few nights ago that you could get much of the same effect of watching the Blood live-action movie by watching the Blood anime on DVD, pausing every once in a while to pop in either Hero, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, or other assorted wire-fu movies and fast-forwarding to the action sequences.
  • OMG … so what came? While guesses ranged anywhere from the formal introduction of Funimation’s ShoDojo to something related to Strawberry 100% main character Tojo Aya the answer turned out to be a bunch of crazy shrine maidens. Kannagi, to be exact, is heading over to the Bandai camp … and cloggin’ yer Intertubez, to boot. Visit Anime News Network for your online fix, or, if you’re more a physical-media traditionalist, buy volume 1 (of two) from Right Stuf or Amazon Marketplace.
  • The great debate over the Twilight manga/manhwa continues unabated, with factions splitting rather predictably. In case you haven’t weighed in on my poll yet (the bunnies are still beating out the hard-core fans!), it’s still available right here. But now manga guide/Bento Box artist/kamaaina/all-around cool person Deb Aoki has her own Twilight poll cooking … and the way it’s trending is how I’d expect it to go, really. Go vote and make your voice heard over there, too.
  • Finally, as a reminder, looks like this weekend’s going to be another busy one for fans locally, what with Oahu Anime Explorer’s cosplay contest as part of the All-Collectors Show and Audra Furuichi and Scott Yoshinaga of nemu*nemu signing copies of their latest book at Borders Ward Centre. This is a bit last-minute, but I’ll be visiting OAX at the collectors show tonight and possibly hanging out there for a little while, so stop by and say hi if you go.

Have a good weekend, everyone. And in case you’re wondering: Yes, I was thinking of this song when I wrote this post’s title.

2 Responses to “Workin’ for the weekend”

  1. pam verrey:

    Hey Jason,
    Sorry I’m missing you at the OAX table, but I’m actually in Seattle this week. Nice to be able to read your column online at least :-)

  2. Miriam:

    Hello there, Im glad you put up your review for Blood. I’m also glad you watched the anime, I recently let my friend barrow the anime and he thought it was too much and
    did wanted to go watch the movie but, once he did he loved it and now is watching the anime.

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