A “personal challenge” for a better HEXXP

November 19th, 2010

Several hours after my thoughts on the inaugural edition of the Hawaii Entertainment Expo Experience (HEXXP) went live on Tuesday, Yoshiki Takahashi, director of media productions for the event, e-mailed me with what follows. I thought it made some nice counterpoints to what I wrote about, so, with his approval, I’m reprinting his response here.

I take the blog you wrote as a personal challenge to land the guests I have been talking to for the past 6 months. It wont be easy, but this gives me the incentive to work even harder to get them to sign the dotted line.

Let me explain the whole missing Glenn Kardy panel. With the attendance of the panels, Glenn opted out of the panel and thought that anyone who went to the panel would have come to his booth to talk story anyway. We should have posted that it was cancelled, which was my error and lapse as I was putting out fires on both sides of the wall.

Second, yes, IF there ever is a car show again, it will be a separate venue. For the whole debacle of the car show, I take the blame for that. This error will NEVER happen again.

There was more to the Maeda panel than just “You dont have feedback from g-forces,” as he also talked about how the drifting games, the steering input is different as you wont have to counter steer the same way you would in real life. However, the translator forgot to explain the part of being a game, the penalty of a crash is not there, so you tend to be more agressive than you would in real life, and that is why he would try the expensive or exotic cars so if he crashed it, it was only a video game.

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