Still alive!

July 23rd, 2009

Sorry for the nearly week-long silence here on the blog, folks … Wilma and I have been pretty busy these past few days. Despite appearances to the contrary, we also aren’t lost amid the sea of fanboys and fangirls making the pilgrimage to the holy city of San Diego for the madness that is Comic-Con. (Besides, the thought of large crowds, long lines and hotels sold out months in advance makes me think the best way to experience Comic-Con is while kicking back and relaxing while souls far more braver than we¬† Tweet, Twitpic and otherwise blog every last tidbit of juicy information into the ground.)

I just finished up a review of the Basilisk anime and manga — watch for that in the paper and online on Sunday (and by “Sunday,” I really do mean Sunday Sunday, not the ambiguous “Sunday” described in the tagline “Manga starts on Sunday” that had some people thinking they were actually going to introduce new manga on Sundays) — and we certainly have a few upcoming blog entry ideas floating around in the hopper that we’ll start writing up and posting in the next few days. Here are a few things to keep you busy until then, which, coincidentally enough, could also serve as a preview of those future posts:

Free manga online. Speaking of Shonen Sunday, Viz formally launched its Web site earlier this week with a virtual pile of new manga to read. Rin-ne we already knew about, and Kekkaishi was a given considering the series’ merger into the new lineup. But Arata: The Legend, Hyde & Closer and Maoh: Juvenile Remix? Totally new. I’m looking forward to reading and learning more about those new series.

More free manga online. Busy week for Viz as they also kick their Signature Ikki portal into high gear; joining Children of the Sea this week is Bokurano: Ours, Dorohedoro, I’ll Give It My All … Tomorrow and Saturn Apartments, and next week Afterschool Charisma, House of Five Leaves, Kingyo Used Books and Tokyo Flow Chart join the manga party. If this keeps up, my virtual pile of manga to read will soon rival my actual pile of manga to read … which is really tall in its own right.

Even more free manga anime online. Honey & Clover, InuYasha and Nana, to be exact, now available on a Viz Hulu page near you. And if old Nickelodeon cartoons are more your style, here, have some Mysterious Cities of Gold.

This sneak peek at a post (hopefully) coming soon:

THE POWER OF THE SAILOR RING COMPELS THEE, GIRL! ... or something like that.

Thanks for your patience, everyone … regular programming will resume momentarily.

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  1. AniMatsuri:

    Honey & Clover, InuYasha are also free downloads on iTunes.

  2. Anime Fan:

    I noticed the iTunes thing, AniMatsuri. It’ll be nice to have more than Naruto on Hulu.

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