A Liliha Library art contest update

May 23rd, 2011

Reader parv wrote in last week on the heels of the Liliha Library Anime Art Contest announcement asking about whether mail-in entries would be accepted. A quick emailed question to librarian and grand contestmeister Linda Mediati netted this response:

I will accept mail-in entries. Each artwork must be labeled with:

Entrant’s full name
Entrant’s mailing address
Entrant’s phone number
Entrant’s email address (if available)
Entrant’s grade (current graduates may still enter)
A title for the piece

Mail-in entries can be addressed to me:

Linda Mediati
Young Adult Librarian
Liliha Public Library
1515 Liliha St.
Honolulu, HI 96817

Linda didn’t mention it, but I’m also 99.44 percent sure that this contest is for people in Hawaii only. As much as we love our friends in the upper 49 states, judging that many more entries would probably take more time than it takes for me to prepare one photo-blog post. Considering I haven’t gotten around to some stuff from mid-March yet, that’s a long time. (I’ve been taking free time here and there to work on those, I swear!)

Coming up later this week: The Cross Game Manga Movable Feast. Seeing as how it combines two of my passions in life — baseball and manga — you know I wouldn’t miss participating in that.

3 Responses to “A Liliha Library art contest update”

  1. parv:

    Thanks much. I will print the poster & stick a note about the mail-in requirements (here in Hilo).

  2. Jason S. Yadao:

    @parv: Awesome, thanks for helping spread the word!

  3. Hawaii News - Staradvertiser.com:

    [...] for Liliha Library’s second Anime Art Contest, the one that I’ve talked about here and here and also promoted on the nemu*nemu website here, is July 15. Which means you have three more days [...]

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