Blogosphere LEVEL UP!! Otaku Ohana’s amazing debut!

June 16th, 2009

Before I get into the actual topic of this, the first blog entry ever in Otaku Ohana, a quick tangent: I love how the old tokusatsu series like “Kikaida” and “Kamen Rider V3″ had episode titles that spouted such hyperbole, like, say, “Enter, Hammer-Jellyfish! V3, Unleash Your Killing Technique!!” (yes, this is an actual title). And thus the idea behind the title of this entry was born.

So aloha and welcome to the project formerly known as “Project B,” Otaku Ohana — a look at anime, manga and video games from the perspective of your Honolulu Star-Bulletin tag team in fandom, Wilma Jandoc and me, Jason S. Yadao. No doubt most of you came here following the link from today’s Cel Shaded, but for those of you who came via other means, here’s the Twitter-ized version (140 characters or less!) of why this blog now exists: Cel Shaded in print once weekly = not enough room. Intarwebz = LOTS of room. Otaku Ohana = Cel Shaded coverage + Intarwebz space. Yays!

The blog’s name may need a bit of explanation to those of you not familiar with Hawaiian culture. “Otaku,” you’re probably already familiar with — if you’re reading this, you’re probably well-versed in anime and manga fan culture enough to know that it refers to fellow fans like you. But we’re also all friends here, right? Friends who know what words like “shonen,” “moe,” “yaoi” and “hentai” all mean without my having to define them every time I bring them up? (I’d probably need several columns to define the word “moe” in particular, and by the time that’s done, I’ll probably have forgotten what I meant to write about in the first place.)

Thus the other half of this blog’s name comes into play: “Ohana.” As Lilo in Disney’s “Lilo and Stitch” imprinted upon my mind several years ago (mostly because she and other characters said this line about a zillion times), “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind.”

That’s why Wilma and I agreed that “Otaku Ohana” was a fitting name for this blog. There’s a whole virtual family of otaku. Just look at the blogroll on MangaBlog for proof — there are a number of  blogs devoted just to manga. And these bloggers are a rather tight-knit bunch of people, with conversations among them flying around daily on Twitter. I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting two of them in person — guide Deb Aoki and Gia Manry, leader of the Anime Vice Squad — and thoroughly enjoyed my time talking to them. (It was actually a conversation Deb and I had at the last Kawaii Kon that got me thinking about starting this blog.) If this blog can be as entertaining and informative as what Deb, Gia and others before us have accomplished, we’ll have done our jobs.

Regular programming will begin momentarily. Mind our dust for a bit, too … I must confess, Wilma and I are both still getting used to the system and what it’s capable of doing. For now, though, please sit back and enjoy this link to a music video featuring some plants and some zombies, and a tune that has lodged itself in my brain no matter how many times I try to get rid of it.

10 Responses to “Blogosphere LEVEL UP!! Otaku Ohana’s amazing debut!”

  1. kimonostereo:

    Yay! It’s about time you both had a blog. Congrats! Can’t wait to see what you’ll write about!

  2. AniMatsuri:

    This is a real video game? They should put this up on iTunes. ;)

  3. ryuzaki:

    mmmm …. hentai.


  4. Jason S. Yadao:

    @AniMatsuri: Yup, it’s a real game. And I can do you one better: FREE authorized downloads of the song in English AND Japanese! Check it out here. ^_^

  5. AniMatsuri:

    Got it! I actually liked the English version better. People are going to look at me funny for sure as laugh out load everytime this song comes up on my iPod.

  6. parv:

    Ah darn! I was hoping that this blog might have started at least before the Kawaii Kon 2009, never having been to one.

    What wisdom could you share for a possible trip to the one in Apr 2010 (from Hilo)?

  7. Jason S. Yadao:

    @parv: Hi, welcome to the blog! I guess my first question would be, have you ever attended ANY anime convention? I know you haven’t gone to K-Kon, but did you ever go to any other events on the mainland?

  8. parv:

    Jsaon, I am a con virgin; have some idea about what to expect at one. A visit to Oahu will be a break for me from Hilo life in all & all. (I wonder if there ever would be a con on Big Island, even if it would be in Kona …)

    On that regard, I am primarily concerned with round trip transportation from airport to a hotel that is both (comparitively) inexpensive and close(r) to the convention, along with good eateries.

  9. Jason S. Yadao:

    @parv: Ohohoho, a con virgin, huh? Believe me, you’ll ALWAYS remember your first time. ^_~

    I’d recommend bringing a camera (to snap pictures of all the cool cosplayers); enough cash to buy stuff in the dealers’ room and Artist Alley (believe me, you WILL want to buy stuff, and credit-card acceptance is always hit-or-miss), and possibly items associated with the guests that you want them to sign.

    Of course you’ll want to attend all three days, but if you have to pick and choose, Saturday’s usually the day packed with the most events, followed by Friday and Sunday. It can be a grind to attend EVERYTHING nonstop — events usually run between 9-10 a.m. and midnight or so — so plan accordingly and take breaks. Oh, and shower regularly. ^_~

    Re: the hotel: Stay at the Ala Moana Hotel. It’s the official convention hotel, and it’s centrally located to the Convention Center (a two-block walk away), the Ala Moana Shopping Center and a few other places to eat should nothing at the center catch your fancy. Official convention room rates are good; kamaaina rates are often better. Compare between the con site and the hotel Web site before booking.

    Hope that helps. There are plenty of videos on YouTube — do a search for “Kawaii Kon” — to help you get more of a feel for the atmosphere of the place. It’s really fun! And feel free to write if you have any more questions.

  10. parv:

    Jsaon, thanks much for the information. I think you have answered my queries for the time being. I sure will bring my camera & a flash for the purpose.

    BTW, could have come with something more original than “ALWAYS remember your first time”[0].

    [0] Come to think of it, my own complaint is not any more original.

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