Rally for the “Rumble” for Honolulu

June 14th, 2011

Fans of the adventures of gunslinger Vash the Stampede, the doughnut-loving, love-and-peace-believing Humanoid Typhoon and lead character in the Trigun franchise, probably twitched a bit with glee when the new movie Trigun: Badlands Rumble made its debut at Sakura-Con in 2009. They probably twitched a bit more when they learned that Funimation formally announced that it had picked up said movie for U.S. release during its Anime Expo panel last year. And now, the moment that many fans have waited for has finally arrived: Badlands Rumble is finally seeing wide release in the U.S. Finally, fans have a chance to see the first freshly animated adventures of Vash, Milly, Meryl and Wolfwood on the big screen, and on our shores!

Well, sort of.

On Tuesday, Funimation released its initial list of U.S. theaters showing Trigun: Badlands Rumble. There are 30 locations from sea to shiny sea, with dates in July and August … and Hawaii is not one of them. People, even Anchorage has a theater showing this film. Anchorage! If our sister state in the “offer valid in the continental 48 states only … sorry, you last two outlying land masses” could get a screening, surely we, the home of modern-age theatrical anime screenings from Escaflowne to Evangelion 2.0 and one of the markets deemed worthy of the (admittedly dubious) honor of seeing Tales From Earthsea in a theater, could get at least one screening, no?

But all hope is not lost. As Funimation’s blog post noted, “We want to book more locations so if you want us to bring the film to your city, please demand it!” And so, using the power vested in me of being able to get the word out to multiple fans, I’m officially calling on you, dear Otaku Ohana readers in the 808 state, to help get Honolulu added to the official screening roster. Here’s how you can add your voice to the chorus:

  1. Visit http://eventful.com/demand/trigun-badlands-rumble-/D0-001-004803191-3; click on the “Demand it!” link.
  2. For the ZIP code prompt, enter any ZIP code associated with Honolulu; for the record, the Regal Dole 18 is in 96817; the Consolidated Ward Stadium complex, 96814; and the Consolidated Kahala complex, 96816. (All three have been home to anime screenings in the past.)
  3. Enter your gender, birth year and email address. (Also, handy spam-cutting tip: Uncheck that box about receiving info about special offers.)
  4. Click through and pray.

Let’s see if we can’t push that vote count up from 10 votes to … umm … 13 votes! (I’d like to think there are more readers over whom I hold influence, but it’s difficult to tell these days.) It’s probably a long shot — and if not this summer, there’s always the hope that the Hawaii International Film Festival will pick it up for its Fall Showcase — but, well, you never know. I know tag-team partner in fandom Wilma J., who raved about the original series back in 2003, voted even before I told her I was whipping up this post, and I’ve cast my vote as well.

Need more convincing? Here, have an official Funimation trailer.

4 Responses to “Rally for the “Rumble” for Honolulu”

  1. wen:

    Well, it’s up to 12 demands now…

  2. Diane:

    I put in my vote for Dole! AND shared it on my Facebook!

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