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June 25th, 2009

Local bibliophiles know that this week is THE week to search for hidden treasures as the annual Friends of the Library of Hawaii book sale takes up residence at McKinley High School. I finally had a chance to check it out on Wednesday, and while there are certainly bargains to be had no matter what kinds of books you like, this otaku managed to pick up a few cool things during his hunt through the aisles. The highlights, as well as how much I paid for them:

mari iijima

Assorted Mari Iijima CDs ($3 each)

Voice of Lynn Minmay from Macross. Singer. Former Kawaii Kon guest. What more can be said about Mari Iijima … except, perhaps, the fact that I have never run across her CDs out in the wilderness of secondhand retail. (Of course, part of the problem may have been that I’ve never actually actively looked for her CDs there … but anyway.) That is, until Wednesday, when I scooped up her debut album Rose, third album Midori and sixth album Miss Lemon in one fell swoop.

Assorted Maki Ohguro CDs ($3 each)

Unless you’re an ardent student of the contemporary Japanese music scene, you probably have no idea who singer Maki Ohguro is … and up until a few years ago, I would have been among you. And then I learned about a song she did — her first single, if Wikipedia’s to be believed — called “Stop Motion” … which I believe to be the most upbeat, peppy-sounding song I’ve ever heard that includes the following lyrics:

Stop motion, stop emotion
Oh please kill me, atarashii watashi de

umm, yeah. Glad you’re feelin’ so chipper there, Maki.

For the longest time, I’ve had only her greatest hits CD from 1995, BACK BEATs #1. So to pick up two of her other albums, Love and DA DA DA, was a bonus for me.


Blip: The Video Games Magazine ($1)

A Marvel Comics publication, dated April 1983. It’s a safe bet that this will merit its own Otaku Ohana entry in due time. I’m an old-school OG (original gamester) like that.


Assorted manga ($0.25-$0.60)

Okay, so it’s not exactly the rarest stuff to grace my shelves (I await — likely in vain — the day the library system decides to withdraw from its collection its copies of Tezuka’s Adolf to sell at these prices), but hey, most of that stuff fills holes in my collection … except for Ashen Victor, which at 25 cents was more of a curiosity piece for me.  And for those of you who have yet to go to the sale, there are still some Viz first-edition copies of One-Pound Gospel available for cheap. Maybe.


Golf Comikku ($1)

It’s golf! It’s manga! It’s … umm … something that I can’t really read, aside from the fact that it looks like there are several series about golf, golfing tips, and (in this particular issue) pictures and a profile of recent U.S. Open second-place finisher Phil Mickelson! Why I bought it, though, is as a reminder of how diverse and specialized manga can be in Japan, where entire magazines can be devoted to a single topic. Like, say, golf.


Iron Chef: The Official Book ($2)

Because hey, I have to like SOMETHING outside of anime, manga and video games, right?

The book sale runs through Sunday. Happy hunting!

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  1. kitsy:

    I saw those Mari Iijima CDs when the doors opened and almost bought them — again. (Between KS and myself, we have *almost* her entire collection. Including the remastered re-releases of her first 4 albums…) Instead, I left them there hoping they would go to a good home~ I was right! :D

    Rose and Midori are by far my favorites. KS, of course, is a big fan of “Grey – KimonoStereo” — but I didn’t see that one for sale.

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