‘Gordon Rider,’ the board game

September 20th, 2011

Any discussion of the history of Jon J. Murakami’s Gordon Rider comic has to start with The Board.

Gary Chun mentioned The Board back in his Gordon Rider profile in 2006, a 24-by-36-inch erasable white board at Mechahawaii in Kaimuki from which sprung many of the the Kikaida/Kamen Rider-inspired (mis)adventures of “Kaimuki’s unlikeliest superhero” over the years, drawn, photographed and later reproduced in comic book form.

But after years of faithful service — and appropriately enough, in a year filled with multiple goodbyes, including that of Mechahawaii/Sean’s Shop looming at the end of it — The Board is finally being retired. The most recent story arc, “Quest for the Helmet,” is being drawn digitally, with installments uploaded to the Gordon Rider fan page on Facebook.

But Jon has one last comic left to draw on The Board. And if fortune smiles upon you, the tale told in that comic — along with The Board itself — could be yours. All you have to do is submit a script for a single comic consisting of anywhere from two to 10 panels. That task shouldn’t be too confusing, but in case you need some guidance, your friendly neighborhood otaku blogger is here to help. Let’s say, for instance, that you wanted to submit a script for what would become strip #3 in the “Quest for the Helmet” arc. Your script would probably look something like this:


Panel 1

GORDONĀ  stands next to STEVE, who is holding a smartphone.

GORDON: So you really think your phone can find my helmet?

STEVE: Trust me …

Panel 2

STEVE studies his phone as it beeps as GORDON watches.

Panel 3

STEVE points his beeping phone up a sheer cliff.

GORDON (looking shocked): SERIOUSLY?! WE GOTTA GO UP THERE?!!!

Panel 4

STEVE points his beeping phone toward a house.

STEVE: Naw, I’m pulling your leg … it’s in that house over there …

GORDON (looking frustrated): Y’know there are some days I just wanna shove you in a sock!


Easy, right? All it takes is a bit of imagination, and you could have Jon drawing your idea in permanent marker on The Board. In turn, you’ll also own an original art piece … and who doesn’t love original artwork?

A few more contest rules:

  • Keep your script family-friendly and PG-rated. That means no swearing, nudity, blood or gore. That also means you shouldn’t submit that idea you had for a torrid Gordon-Steve furry slash yaoi fanfic. (Oh, and if you do have such a script, you are a sick, sick person and should really be ashamed of yourself.)
  • No copyrighted characters, places or products can make appearances. Ever wondered what would happen if Gordon Rider, Naruto and Jiro from Kikaida were to meet for ramen and Cokes at Tenkaippin? Keep wondering, because you can’t submit that idea.
  • Include with your entry your name, phone number and any other information you’d be willing to have posted (like a nickname, email address, website address or Facebook/Twitter/DeviantArt contact info). Also let them know if you’ll be attending the Hawaii Entertainment Expo (HEXXP) in a few weeks … Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, to be exact.

Entry deadline is Sept. 28, which means you have eight days to brainstorm an idea. So get cracking! The winner will be revealed at HEXXP on Sept. 30. For complete contest rules, visit the White Board Contest page (http://web.me.com/jonjmurakami/GordonRider/White_Board_Giveaway_contest.html). To submit entries (use the subject line “Gordon Rider White Board) or ask any questions, email gordonrider@hotmail.com.

Good luck! And if you win, let me know. We love showering love on winners here at Otaku Ohana.

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