November 19th, 2009

If you haven’t noticed by now, we here at Otaku Ohana love us some Amazon.com … or more specifically, we love it when we can do blog posts around certain screen grabs from that site. Here’s another one to add to our growing body of work on that topic.

I was recently looking at the listing for The Rough Guide to Manga to see how it’s doing (still on sale and on the verge of selling out at Amazon’s Canadian, German and Japanese branches; also still in stock locally at Barnes & Noble’s Ala Moana and Kahala branches; and let me just add it makes a great Christmas gift for the manga fan and/or people you want to make manga fans on your list this year [/end shameless plug]). Now, I should mention that writing anime and manga columns isn’t my primary duty at the Star-Bulletin; I’m actually a copy editor, one of those unsung behind-the-scenes people who make sure all the i’s come before e’s (except after c’s), ensure all the facts are straight and easy to understand, and attempt to write headlines about, say, an Israel Kamakawiwoole tribute event being held at Kamehameha Schools’ Kapalama campus in a space that could fit the words “A cat ran.” Whenever something goes amiss, alarm bells automatically go off in our heads and we start involuntarily twitching, aching to correct whatever mistakes we see.

Commence bell-ringing and involuntary twitching … now.

The "M" on "manga" also shouldn't be capitalized, but that's beside the point here.

So let’s get this straight: According to my Amazon bio, I’m not a “manga expert”; I’m a manga AND an expert. I didn’t realize that I was someone that could be rendered in black-and-white ink and either serialized on a weekly or monthly basis (in Japan) or released in compiled volumes (in English-speaking territories), but hey, I guess you learn something new every day.

That got me thinking, though: What type of manga would I be? I’m inclined to think that Otaku Columnist Yadao-kun would be a seinen drama, with the protagonist — that would be me — being a humble person who doesn’t think much of his own skills, but whom others respect greatly because of said skills. (Think Takumi Fujiwara in Initial D.) It would be a slice-of-life series chronicling the ups and downs of working at a daily newspaper, playing out like the assorted Kosaku Shima series. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll marvel at how the artist has enough patience to render all those anime figures on my desk every time it shows up in the story! And, of course, the extras in the back would feature 4-koma comics (with the characters drawn in chibi style, natch) depicting the lighter side of life in the office.

Oh yes, and it would still sell less than anything featuring ninjas or angsty emo teen vampires. Sigh.

Okay, readers, your turn! What kind of manga would you be? Action-packed shonen? Romantic-drama-filled shojo? Light up those comments, people.

5 Responses to “I am MANGA”

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  2. Ay-Laina:

    I think the real question is, if you are a manga, what kind of expert are you…?

  3. jigen-bakugan:

    That is one of the funnier errors I’ve seen today- but the question remains, you’re a journalist, but what kind?

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