Favorable responses and all that jazz

December 31st, 2009

I'm also beating -- and losing to -- Marsalis' book. Yay paradoxes!You could say that I’m no stranger to odd things happening regarding The Rough Guide to Manga, considering I’ve already been called a manga by Amazon’s official bio blurb and seen my book actually sell for a premium — used, no less — on the same site. This listing, though has to take the prize for the oddest association to date.

Submitted for your perusal is a screen grab taken from Borders.com’s Australian branch this morning. At the third spot on their list of top five jazz books? A certain manga guide, of course. (You can click through to see the full image.) Let me just offer this formal statement: As the author of The Rough Guide to Manga – or, as our friends Down Under apparently call it, simply Manga (hey! Guess I’m manga again!) — I’m pleased as punch to be held in such high regard as some of the greats in jazz: Wynton Marsalis. Leonard Bernstein. George Frideric Handel (who I thought was born, composed such works as Messiah and Water Music, and died a few hundred years before jazz ever came into its own as a unique musical style, but hey, I’m an otaku columnist, not a music scholar).

Seriously, though, I have to wonder: What kind of process is at work here that I’d be listed in the jazz category? I realize that Cowboy Bebop was mentioned in the “Beyond Manga: Anime, Live Action, Videogames” chapter, but that’s a bit of a stretch. (And besides, the Cowboy Bebop manga were awful. Even if you popped in one of the soundtracks from the Cowboy Bebop anime and listened to that while you were reading them, they still were awful … but at least you were listening to good music. But I digress.)

Ahh well. It’s nice to know that my book is appreciated, and that there have been several favorable reviews posted.

Happy new year, everyone.

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