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Spring practice notes, other bits of tid

March 30th, 2009

“Lots of people ask me about being a senior and being a leader now. I can’t make that claim, not yet. You don’t just come out and say, ‘I’m a leader now,’ even if you’re a senior. I have to show I’m a leader by setting an example by doing the right things.”

–Senior receiver Malcolm Lane, after today’s first spring practice for University of Hawaii football.


Starting quarterback Greg Alexander looks like he’s in really good shape. Walk-on Bryant Moniz, a sophomore transfer from Fresno City College and Leilehua High School, threw the ball well.


Offensive line coach Gordy Shaw has a no-nonsense air about him, but also has a professional demeanor and does not seem like the type to scream to hear himself scream. The other newcomer to the staff, special teams coordinator Chris Tormey, ditto — but we already knew that through watching him interact with Nevada players.


Mel Kiper called Derek Inouchi, the UH sports media relations director today, asking about David Veikune and Ryan Mouton.


UH baseball deserves a big crowd for its WAC opener against San Jose State on Friday. I hope they get it, and I hope the ticket office is ready for them.


Should Calipari go to Kentucky or stay at Memphis? Depends on the thickness of his skin, I’d say.


–By Dave Reardon

UH baseball resilience … local Tar Heel fan

March 28th, 2009

There  is a lot to like about this UH baseball team.

When a team gets no-hit in a series opener and comes back to win three in a row and take the series, that says a lot about its heart and grit.

The Rainbows have a lot of pitching depth, and it’s spread out among so many arms — a big plus.

It was the Kolten Wong show again, a 2-run homer in the first. Then, he beats out a double-play ball and comes around to score an insurance run. It was needed as Coastal Carolina scored a run in the ninth to make it a 4-3 final.

Big things like 2-run homers and little things like hustling out every groundball. That’s what wins baseball games.


I knew I wasn’t the only Hawaii guy to adopt North Carolina as a favorite college basketball team. Dennis Wong of Honolulu confirmed it with his note yesterday in response to Saturday’s column.

“I’ve been a die hard Rainbow or Warrior fan, but since we don’t often go to the NCAA’s, I also chose North Carolina because
of Dean Smith and his innovative offensive ideas like the 4 corners.” 

–By Dave Reardon

Close shave, but UH gets no-no’d

March 27th, 2009

OK, I’ve talked to enough people to know we weren’t imagining it.

Hawaii first baseman Kevin Macdonald shaved of his mustache during Thursday’s game, in which Hawaii was no-hit by Coastal Carolina’s Cody Wheeler in a 4-0 loss.

“He started the game with one,” our UH baseball writer, Billy Hull said. “And at the end of the game he didn’t have one.”

Jason Kaneshiro noticed it first as we watched the final few innings on TV in the office. I pointed out that Vinnie Catricala, with his big mop of rock’n’roll hair, and Macdonald, with his Marlboro Man ‘stache, look like they arrived in a time machine from the ’70s. Then, in the eighth inning, Macdonald’s upper lip is clean!

Guess he wanted to mix things up since a no-no was on the horizon.

So the clean-shaven Macdonald, with two outs in the ninth, rips a shot into the right-center gap. But center fielder Rico Noel is positioned well and gets a great jump to make the play and end it.

It was among the strangest things I’ve ever seen in 40 years of watching baseball.

Here’s another goofy thing that happened at a UH baseball game, involving a (potential) no-hitter.

Back in the early ’90s Paul Arnett (now our sports editor) wandered into the (then) Rainbow Stadium press box.

“Hey, Gerber’s got a no-hitter going,” said Arnett, referring to a masterful effort by UH ace Scott Karl. “And it’s the ninth inning!”

Five seconds later, PING!, base hit up the middle. 


That sucks, what happened to Ryan Moats the other day. In case you didn’t  hear about it yet, an idiot cop kept him waiting outside a Dallas hospital while his mother-in-law died inside. Moats and his family rushed to the hospital when they were told his wife’s mother would die soon. In the rush, Moats went through a red light, drawing the police attention. No common sense or judgment on the part of the cop, even after Moats explained the situation.

Moats, now with the Houston Texans, was always a good guy for us to deal with when he starred at LaTech, after wins and losses, so I don’t think he gave the policeman attitude.

I can’t help but think this might be yet another case of race working into how police relate to citizens. Sad this happens to him, in his hometown no less.

–By Dave Reardon

One year on the job for Donovan

March 24th, 2009

UH athletic director Jim Donovan officially started on the job exactly one year ago.

Many teams continue to rebuild, several coaches are on the hot seat, and budgetary challenges continue.

Also, prices have been lowered for fans to attend games and buy food at UH events, and a potentially profitable new basketball tournament, the Diamond Head Classic, has been announced.

How do you feel Donovan’s handled things so far?

–By Dave Reardon

Raiders trade good for Samson?

March 23rd, 2009

Maybe. He’ll get to be the center and leader of the line. The Dolphins wanted him to move to guard.

Much closer to home. Much more Poly culture in the Bay Area than Miami.

But he’s going from a playoff team to … the Raiders.

–By Dave Reardon