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Friday’s March Madness picks

March 18th, 2010

Here are the results of our bracketologists’ NCAA picks at the end of the first round.

(Winners in bold)

Friday 3/19

Sean Eyman (66 total points): New Mexico State, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Syracuse, Florida State, Minnesota, Pitt, Temple, Wofford, Clemson, West Virginia, Duke, Louisville, Texas A&M, Purdue.

Matt Furuto (128 total points): New Mexico State, Maryland, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Syracuse, Gonzaga, Xavier, Pitt, Cornell, Wisconsin, Missouri, West Virginia, Duke, Cal, Texas A&M, Siena.

Jet Wong (129 total points): Michigan State, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Syracuse, Florida State, Xavier, Pitt, Temple, Wisconsin, Missouri, West Virginia, Duke, Cal, Texas A&M, Siena.

Dave Reardon (75 total points): Michigan State, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Syracuse, Florida State, Xavier, Pitt, Temple, Wisconsin, Clemson, West Virginia, Duke, Louisville, Texas A&M, Siena.

Thursday 3/18 first-round picks

Sean Eyman (34 points): Kansas, UNLV, Tennessee, Georgetown, Butler, Vanderbilt, Florida, Kansas State, Kentucky, Texas, Washington, New Mexico, Notre Dame, Baylor, Richmond, Villanova.

Matt Furuto (62 points): Kansas, Northern Iowa, San Diego State, Georgetown, UTEP, Murray State, BYU, Kansas State, Kentucky, Texas, Marquette, New Mexico, Old Dominion, Baylor, Saint Mary’s, Villanova.

Jet Wong (68 points): Kansas, Northern Iowa, Tennessee, Georgetown, UTEP, Murray State, BYU, Kansas State, Kentucky, Texas, Washington, New Mexico, Notre Dame, Baylor, Saint Mary’s, Villanova.

Dave Reardon (32 points): Kansas, UNLV, San Diego State, Georgetown, UTEP, Murray State, BYU, Kansas State, Kentucky, Texas, Marquette, New Mexico, Notre Dame, Baylor, Richmond, Villanova.

Vote for Lisa … Reinebold update

March 16th, 2010

Hawaii’s only World Series of Poker bracelet winner, Lisa Hamilton, is asking for your help. No, she doesn’t need a stake. She wants your votes.

Go to this Web site and vote for her, and if she is among the WSOP bracelet winners with the most votes, she’ll get to play in the tourney:

“I hope my fellow islanders will vote,” Hamilton said. “Right now I’m the only player who can represent Hawaii.”


Former Hawaii assistant football coach Jeff Reinebold got some very good news in his battle against melanoma, a very dangerous form of skin cancer.

Reinebold posted on his Facebook page today that lymph nodes removed from his body are non-cancerous. When cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, it is much more difficult to treat.

Reinebold has undergone two procedures to remove cancerous tissue in his abdomen in recent weeks.

He is now the receivers’ coach at SMU.

–By Dave Reardon

WAC on ESPN … Rainbow reunions … Bracketologists selected

March 14th, 2010

Here’s the WAC football ESPN schedule for this fall, released today. Only UH game is against USC.

Date                                                     Game                                         Time (local)          Network

Thursday, Sept. 2                                  USC at Hawai‘i                            7:00 p.m. HT         ESPN

Saturday, Sept. 4                                  Cincinnati at Fresno State            7:00 p.m. PT         ESPN2

#Monday, Sept. 6                                  Boise State vs. Virginia Tech       8:00 p.m. ET         ESPN

Friday, Sept. 17                                    California at Nevada                    7:00 p.m. PT         ESPN2

Saturday, Sept. 25                                Oregon State at Boise State        TBD                      ESPN or ESPN2

Friday, Oct. 1                                        BYU at Utah State                       TBD                      ESPN or ESPN2

Tuesday, Oct. 26                                   *Louisiana Tech at Boise State     6:00 p.m. MT         ESPN2

Friday, Nov. 12                                     *Boise State at Idaho                   6:00 p.m. PT         ESPN2

Friday, Nov. 19                                     *Fresno State at Boise State        7:30 p.m. MT         ESPN2

Nov. 26                                                 *Boise State at Nevada                7:15 p.m. PT         ESPN2


What a great collection of former Hawaii baseball players for a reception at Les Murakami Stadium before Saturday’s game. … Great to see them all, including Gerald Ako, Joey Meyer, Mario Monico, Wes Kimura, Ryan Fujitani, Randy Inaba, Kent Yamase, Chad Uyehara, Riley Mende, Lance Belen, Nelson Inabata and Rory Pico … and those are just the ones I got a chance to say hello to.


Speaking of reunions, UH football players from the early 1960s are gathering tonight (Monday, March 15) at the Saint Louis Clubhouse. Kickoff is 7 p.m., and this one could go into overtime!


Sean Eyman, Matt Furuto and Jenson “Jet” Wong tied for the most correct picks of the 65 teams that got into the NCAA basketball tournament. So  all three will share the title of 2010 Bracketologist Supreme, until the tie is broken by their performance in picking the winners in the tournament. I’ll be picking their brains this week and throughout March Madness and sharing their insights here and in Further Review.

–By Dave Reardon

Bracketologist wanted

March 13th, 2010

Want to be the Joe Lunardi of Hawaii?

Want to be respected and reviled as THE college basketball “expert”?

E-mail to which 65 teams will get invited to The Dance tomorrow on Selection Sunday. (No bracket yet, just the names of the teams in any order.)

Do this by 11:30 a.m. Hawaii Time on Sunday, a half hour before the announcement of the field. If you pick the most correct, you are THE EXPERT, and your reward is to be bothered by me the next three weeks … and maybe forever … for March Madness analysis (fully credited to you, of course) for the Star-Bulletin. I’ll  take you to lunch next week so you can coach me up and prevent me from embarrassing myself in the office pool (again).

Your word will be considered pure gold by some — and fool’s gold by others who wonder what made you such an expert.

If no one wants to shoulder this awesome responsibility, my Plan B is Billy Hull and Brian McInnis as “experts.” But I want someone who actually KNOWS something about college basketball (just kidding guys).

–Dave Reardon

Readers weigh in

March 12th, 2010

Why the need for a Hawaii connection?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to land a solid coach on the Mainland seeking to move up a notch?  Examples:  Randy Bennett at St.Mary’s, Jeff Jones at American U here in DC or Ben Jacobson at Northern Idaho, to just name three. Going after a guy whose main claim to fame seemingly is that he played for Punahou a long time ago doesn’t make alot of sense. Aloha,  Marty Chase


Aloha Dave,

After reading your column, I read the story by Brian Mcinnis about UH prospects.  First I thought, Wow, Reggie Theus!  I’d go to the games just to watch him on the bench!

Then I read Gib Arnold’s statement about his dad having a very successful coaching career despite his 11-45 record at UH.

I almost threw up!  The ONLY reason Frank Arnold had a lot of wins at BYU is that he had Danny Ainge coaching for him.  Everyone knew who ran the team and ran the was Danny!  Being a tried and true Utes fan with Danny Vranes and Tom Chambers,  we still would get beaten by Ainge and the “Zoobies.”  (Zoobies is a derogatory term for BY-Zoo)

Well I guess Frank fooled the UH athletic office too!  Didn’t they ever watch a film of Frank coaching??? (err..NOT coaching?)  I guess they thought it was Frank Arnold who ran the floor, coast to coast against Kelly Tripuka and Notre Dame to win the game for the Zoo.

Isn’t one Arnold enough for UH?  He may end up with a worse two year record than his dad.  Let him start his head coaching somewhere else..maybe at a junior high school…  And wow  he was a “top recruiter at USC.”  Yeah, that would be tough getting players to come to a great private school such as USC!!

Helen Eschenbacher

The following one is a letter from reader “G” to Jim Donovan that “G” said we could share:

Dear AD Donovan,

I wanted to commend you on the fine job that you are doing as UH AD, and the admirable way that you handled the release of Bob Nash (It must have been a very difficult decision — Bob Nash is a good person & has given much to UH).  I’ve been hearing that St. Mary’s Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Randy Bennett, is out of UH’s price range.  I can’t believe that.  If a single donor was willing to donate $100,000 to help UH buy out Bob Nash’s remaining contract, there must be others willing to donate towards UH’s new coach’s salary.  What ever happened to the donors that help pay for half of June Jones’ $800,000 salary?  Whether Bennett or other candidate, I hope that UH’s search is not limited by salary range (UH was able to be creative when it came to paying for June Jones’ salary — and UH can do similar for this next men’s basketball coach hire).

It is so unfair for the state to expect you to balance the budget, without allowing UH to have a bigger share of the revenues from the Aloha Stadium (football games, concessions, advertisement and parking).  I also do not understand why UH has to “ask” students if they would be willing to pay for a student events fee (that’s crazy!).  That student fee would really help the athletic department balance their budget.  And I would think that if sporting events (along with concerts, plays, etc) are part of tuition fees, that more students would turn out for UH sports (it’s already paid for!).  If UH does implement a student activities fee, maybe the athletic department can make some changes that will benefit students — meal coupons (free hot dog, pizza, soda, etc), move a portion of student seats to side-court at basketball games, “student priced” parking at events with ID, etc.
Any thought to creating an “SOS” type of campaign (similar to the HHSAA)?  I think that if you can get “small” donations from the average donor, you can do quite well in raising funds for the athletic department.  President Obama’s campaign did very well soliciting “small” donations from the average donor (well, and it helps to have ties to Punahou).
Thanks for your ear & keep up the great job.