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Na Koa Bowl info

August 16th, 2010

Below is information about a new fundraising event for University of Hawaii football, a telethon airing Tuesday. The information is from a news release, and some of it is not rewritten:

Warrior football fans can support the team tonight via the “Na Koa Bowl,” an entertainment program and fundraiser for UH football, will air on live on KFVE from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., and simulcast on Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s OC16.

Warrior football fans voted for their “Most Memorable Moment” in UH football history.  Videos of the top moments will be aired during the Na Koa Bowl.

Na Koa Bowl viewers can call in donations to a phone bank staffed with recognizable people, among them former UH players Elroy Chong, Eddie Klaneski, Randal Okimoto, Jason Rivers and Larry Shearer.

Sportscaster Liz Chun and and radio personality Billy V will share hosting duties. Special guests include former UH football coaches Bob Wagner, Dick Tomey and Jimmy Asato, as well as Erika Kauffman, former Miss Hawaii and unit publicist for the new television series, “Hawaii 5-0.”  Henry Kapono, a former UH Warrior defensive lineman, will provide entertainment, as will Imua, Kaukahi, the UH Cheerleaders, Rainbow Dancers and UH Rainbow Band.

Donors making a $1,000 contribution will receive their choice of the “Hawaii Warrior Football” or “The Perfect Season” books.  For a contribution of $2,000 or more, donors will receive a copy of the 100-Year Celebration DVD plus their book of choice. Donors making a $4,000 contribution will both books and the DVD.

Na Koa is the only fund-raising organization that supports University of Hawaii football programs exclusively.  Contributions to the Na Koa Bowl will directly support UH football by funding summer school scholarships for UH football student-athletes.  Summer school allows the athletes to stay on track to earn their degrees while continuing off-season workouts with the team.  Funds raised will also go toward the costs of equipment, technology, and many other related needs.

For more information about the Na Koa Football Club and the Na Koa Bowl, call (808) 956-4513 or visit

Waipio to Williamsport

August 15th, 2010

The Little League all-stars from Waipio did it again, beating the all-stars from Huntington Beach, Calif., 4-1 today. The victory gives Waipio the Western Region championship and a spot in the Little League World Series. Waipio opens against Georgia on Saturday in South Williamsport, Pa.

This is a mentally tough bunch of 11 and 12 year olds. When Kaimana Bartolome, one of their best players, left the game when he was hit by a line drive, they didn’t fold, like many teams would. If anything, they dug down deeper to come from behind and win it.

Waipio will try to duplicate the accomplishments of Waipio in 2008 and Ewa Beach in 2005 by winning the LLWS championship.

Two players on the current Waipio team have brothers who won it all at Williamsport. Can you name them?

Kaniela’s cousin

August 14th, 2010

Some of you know this already; Hawaii junior defensive tackle Kaniela Tuipulotu is a cousin of Lakers forward Luke Walton. Their moms are sisters.

Tuipulotu said he stands no chance against Walton in basketball, but “You won’t see him wanting to wrestle with me.”


August 12th, 2010

Colt Brennan didn’t get into the Raiders preseason game against the Cowboys.


Is it circumstantial? Did the Raiders just need to take longer looks at Jason Campbell and Kyle Boller?

Did they feel they had to get some points on the board with Campbell or Boller before considering putting in Brennan?

Is it because perhaps Brennan didn’t have enough time to learn the playbook?

Will he get a shot in the Raiders’ next preseason game?

Was Brennan brought in just as a practice arm while two other QBs heal injuries?

Your thoughts please.

Salas on Biletnikoff watch list again

August 11th, 2010

Hawaii senior Greg Salas is one of the 51 players on the watch list for the Biletnikoff Award, which goes to the college player voted best receiver in the nation.

Salas was sixth in the nation last year with 8.15 catches per game. He had 106 receptions for 1,590 yards and eight TDs in 2009.

He was on the watch list last year, also.