My preps Top 10 ballot

August 23rd, 2010

The poll, administered by Paul Honda and voted on by a cast of thousands (OK, not thousands, but plenty), comes out in tomorrow’s paper.

1. Saint Louis. 2. Kamehameha. 3. Kahuku. 4. Punahou. 5. Mililani. 6. Farrington. 7. Leilehua. 8. Iolani. 9. Moanalua. 10. Pearl City.

I know there are other teams not listed that might be “better” than Moanalua and Pearl City — but I wanted to acknowledge these two teams for their good starts.

10 Responses to “My preps Top 10 ballot”

  1. kev-1:

    I was surprised that Mililani handled Iolani as easily as they did. Leilehua’s offense also looks like it will really miss the pass. And of course, as an alum . . . Saint Louis looks solid. Kamehameha also looked really good too.

  2. Dave Reardon:

    Mililani looked unstoppable. Big and athletic. Bad matchup for Iolani, which was playing without its best receiver. Looks like they found their replacement for Arakawa at QB, though. And you know the Iolani defense will improve with Delbert Tengan on staff.

  3. Manoa Mist:

    Isn’t KSK the defending DI champ? Aren’t they undefeated this year? Doesn’t that make them No. 1 until they lose? Is my logic twisted, or is it just me? Are these too many questions?

  4. Its over:

    What about the play of Kahuku, Punahou and Mililani differentiated themselves from one another?

  5. Dave Reardon:

    4. Nothing. I just put them in the order of how much I like their colors.
    Just kidding. I think Kahuku’s really good, but they gave up too many points for me to put them above Saint Louis or Kamehameha. Could make a case for moving Punahou up, but it looks like this is not a good Kapolei team that they manhandled. Like Punahou, Mililani looks plenty physical.

  6. Yuji3:

    It seems like Saint Louis, Kamehameha, and Kahuku could each take turns as the #1 this season with Saint Louis and Kahuku both sporting offenses that are no longer one-dimensional. Kamehameha looks to possess a strong defense again. In their win against Kapolei, Punahou did not look too crisp in their delivery and showed only “Lakalaka left, Lakalaka right, and Lakalaka for a short pass” as their offense with their quarterback consistently missing his regular receivers with overthrows. I am sure QB coach Darryl Kan will fix that soon.

  7. kev-1:

    The Kahuku question will be answered this weekend with the showdown vs. Saint Louis. I say Crusaders come out on top.

  8. mac fan:


    This is your blog and you can do whatever you want with it but i’d like to request that we go back to subject of the “WAC and where UH goes now”. I found the discussion in the last blog very spirited and judging by the amount of entries you had, the most concerning of subjects in a long time.


  9. Dave Reardon:

    8. Aloha mac fan. We can certainly do that. I have a “Further Review” column about independence I just finished writing for tomorrow’s paper, but if you want to start discussing now, feel free. At this point, the way things are now, I am pro-independence. It just doesn’t seem smart to stay in the WAC right now when even Utah State and LaTech are trying to bail.

  10. mac fan:

    Thank you!!

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