MWC: They just don’t want to come here

August 26th, 2010

My friend Bobby Curran talked on his radio show on 1420-AM this morning about how he doesn’t think Hawaii should be dismissed by the Mountain West, that UH should at least be considered in the conference’s future membership plans.

Veteran reporter Natalie Meisler of the Denver Post  who covers Colorado State was a guest on his show today, and repeated what we’ve heard many times: That the MWC schools simply don’t like coming to Hawaii because of the distance and cost of travel.

Bobby countered that travel subsidies can alleviate that, and if the MWC breaks into Pacific and Mountain divisions, the travel to Hawaii wouldn’t be so onerous.


15 Responses to “MWC: They just don’t want to come here”

  1. dreardon:

    Meisler’s short today on BYU remaining in the Mountain West

  2. kev-1:

    Remember when you were young and kids would get into fights? Often times there may have been one kid who wanted to fight and the other not so much for whatever reason. The fight still happened of course, because onlookers and instigators would use the “what bra, you chicken?” approach. Sure enough, the not so excited kid would have to fight to defend his reputation as not being chicken. Maybe we should try that approach.

    Hawaii media should circulate reports that the MWC doesn’t want to invite Hawaii because they are afraid that there is a chance Hawaii might win. Why spend all that money on travel to come back with a loss. In reality, Hawaii is not the dominant team that we all like to think. But the one thing they have proven over the years is that you never know. They might upset you. It has happened. Just ask BYU or Michigan St. or Arizona St. or Oregon St. etc. Even way back when I was a kid and UH beat Iowa. Wasn’t supposed to happen but it did.

    So to the MWC . . . “What bra . . . you chicken or what?”

  3. dreardon:

    Kev, you’re joking right? Although I do know some Hawaii media members who would not be beyond doing that and thinking it might actually work.

  4. kev-1:

    Yes I’m joking. Serious about the notion that Hawaii can pull out the occasional upset, but kidding about the approach. Although wouldn’t it be fun to read mudslinging in the media and blogs, etc.?

  5. sillygoose:

    Time to start picking fights Dave! What bra. . . you chicken or what?

  6. dreardon:

    5. bak … bak …

    uh, yeah … chicken..

  7. RoyBGivs[TerenceTwkWong]:

    if no one wants us, go Independent. until someone comes calling….

  8. jediwarrior:

    Dave – Is Karl at least trying to save the WAC? Heard he told USU that they have to do what’s best for their school. Told Hawaii the same thing.

    Just think if the Big 12 commish said that. Texas and Oklahoma would be Pac-12 schools.

    Everybody on WSN knows that I think Mr. Peanut is worthless…but sounds like he’s already given up the fight…and still…nobody wants to fire him.


  9. bueller555:

    Bobby can rationalize travel to Hawaii all he wants, but the reality is that just because Hawaii teams have to spend an entire day traveling for road games, doesn’t mean that eveyone else needs to suck it up and do the same. Right now, Hawaii is seen as a boat anchor.

  10. Kamaaina94547:

    Just win baby…it’ll take care of itself!

  11. Realist:

    Travel is a cover excuse. There are those that just don’t like Hawaii. That will never change. Forget the Mountain West. An invite will never come. My view is to just pick the best alternative path and move on. Make the best of a bad situation.

  12. protector:

    I must agree with ‘Kamaaina94547′. If you win big this season and next season, there’ll be no desperation; UH will be a hot ticket again. If they crush Nevada and Fresno State, even the MWC will pay attention because of the BCS points garnered. If we return to high visibility, then if we do have to go independent, more parties will be interested. This is not “pie in the sky” wishful thinking. UH is poised for a very good season and it starts next week.

  13. Dave Reardon:

    Latest from the Deseret News:

  14. kev-1:

    so who was the knuckle head that leaked the emails? Guarantee someone involved in “the Project” leaked it to see if they could come out on top. Fresno? Nevada?

  15. zzzzzz:

    According to the Deseret News article, FSU was involved in the negotiations with BYU. They had an incentive to leak it to the MWC commissioner, to get the invitation to the MWC.

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