LLWS final blog: Waipio vs. Japan

August 29th, 2010

Hawaii tried for its third Little League World Series championship in six years today.

But a Japan team from Tokyo beat Waipio, 4-1, despite some fine pitching by Cody Maltezo for Hawaii.

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  1. dreardon:

    Interesting matchup between Japan’s contact hitters and lefty Cody Maltezo backed by a very solid Waipio defense, especially the infield.

  2. dreardon:

    Bobby Valentine is the perfect guy to do “sideline” for this game. He understands Japanese and pidgin.

    Japan leads 1-0 going into the bottom of the third. Each team has one hit.

  3. dreardon:

    Japan up 2-0 with a 2-out single in the fourth.

  4. dreardon:

    Yoshii scores on Heleski’s bunt. … 2-1 Japan leads, Waipio possible big inning. No outs, first and third.

  5. dreardon:

    Japan 2, Hawaii 1 after four complete

  6. dreardon:

    Lots of complaints about outside strike calls. Umps have been calling outside the whole series, but yeah, some of these are bad calls. That’s the problem when you mess with the strike zone … it becomes subjective.

  7. dreardon:

    Excellent defense by Japan in the fifth. Balls off the bats of Akau, DeSa and Bartolome all could’ve easily been hits, but instead it’s a 1-2-3 inning.

  8. dreardon:

    Key to Japan’s win was avoiding a big Waipio inning in the fourth when Hawaii scored its one run and had two runners on with none out. Great job by Japan manager of settling down his team.

  9. Henry Dobbs:

    I believe this game was a work of art, baseball at its finest. Thoroughly enjoyable. Hawaii’s players acquitted themselves superbly.

  10. roysan16:

    Let this dream of Hawaii kids playing on the biggest stages mushroom. Let this dream snowball. Let it brew. Let the inspiration from this Wapio team be coveted to those younger kids (and older one’s also) watching. So maybe someday their dreams hatch, too. Earlier this morning I had watched the game at a bar. And probably oblivious to other patrons I had tears in my eyes at the end of the game. I guess when you love something so much, and then you see the wind in the sails empty it does things like that to a person. Thank you Wapio. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for allowing the rest of the world’s viewing audience a snapshot of our state. It does make me feel proud and it touches my heart. To the Waipio kids I hope in some respects this ending of a journey is like the tip of the iceberg in your futures.

  11. mac fan:

    Congrats to the Wapio kids and Coach Yoshii!!!
    What a ride!!! Mahalo for showing the world how champions perform. It does not matter that you guys came up a little short. You guys battled and competed til the very end. Awesome!!!

    You guys made up for the lackluster performance that BJ Penn put up last night. What an embarrasment!!!

  12. longboarder:

    DR, what is your take on the Japanese stealing signs? It was clearly shown and they were not doing anything to hide the fact that they were. Would you consider it “cheating?”

  13. Dave Reardon:

    12. No, I don’t consider it cheating because it’s not against the rules. The reason most teams don’t do it is not because it’s “cheating,” but because it’s not considered by most to be worth it, and hitters consider it more distracting than beneficial.

    Stealing signs has been a part of baseball as long as I can remember. Why does it make a difference whether they’re tying to hide the fact that they’re doing it or not?

    And Japan didn’t win because it was stealing signs. I don’t think Hawaii fans should be making excuses for Waipio’s loss.

  14. mac fan:

    Who cares about stealing signs or even losing the game. Those Waipio kids are champs in my book!!!

    I hope the warriors can put out the same effort on Thursday, win or lose. Go Bows!!!

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