More political football?

February 26th, 2009

This just came in from the Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona on the HTA announcing today it has rejected the NFL’s latest Pro Bowl offer:

“The Pro Bowl belongs in Hawaii. 

“While I recognize the merit of keeping open the option of when the game will be played, I strongly encourage the Hawaii Tourism Authority to continue negotiations with the goal of bringing the Pro Bowl back to Hawai‘i in 2011 and 2012. 

“The people of Hawai‘i want an agreement, and it is time to deliver.” 

More to come.


8 Responses to “More political football?”

  1. kev-1:

    I don’t know the details, and I could be wrong, but I think that the NFL has already proven that they have no problem taking the game elsewhere. Is the HTA in a position to play hardball with the NFL? Like I said, I don’t know the details or if the NFL is really shafting the HTA with its offers, but I just don’t see the NFL coming back with offer after offer.

  2. dreardon:

    From what little I was able to gather today (was out on assignment on the North Shore most of the day), it seems not getting an assurance from the NFL that they won’t play the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl is hanging things up somehow. I don’t quite understand this myself, because why would the NFL play the Pro Bowl first if the game were in Hawaii?? I’ll be making some calls on this tomorrow.

  3. Johnnie:

    waste of taxpayer money on the pro bowl, let it flounder on mainland U.S. and
    when they beg to come back, hawaii will be in position to negotiate. Dont listen
    to mufi, he only knows how to spend money not create. other tourist can and will
    fill this void during this time of year, losing the pro bowl crowd is nothing, they dont spend money anyways. Glad to see HTA finally coming to their senses in regards to their free spending ways, it is time to be accountable.

  4. kulafan:

    The tourism authority has a history of bad decision making. They are just a bunch of high makamaka types that will rather spend money on themselves and their friend’s interest. They really do no good for Hawaii and the people. It would seem logical to me they should spend money that attracts tourist to the island. A big one they totally miss is surfing! If they don’t see it is the biggest thing in the islands then they are clueless. They should help promote the surf contest. As far as the Pro Bowl goes it promotes more tourist here at that time than any other promotion they can think of. The TA would rather spend money on their ocean view office in Waikiki and Gunther and Vladi in their homelands instead.

  5. Dirty Commish:

    If the sentiments of Ray Lewis are echoed by the majority of the Pro Bowl players, that of not wanting to play if the game is not in Hawaii… how does this sound?

    Starting QB for the NFC: Rex Grossman. Ugh.

  6. Warrior Dave:

    I believe the NFL still wants to continue to play the Pro Bowl during the open week before the Super Bowl. If it were on the mainland, the game would die a slow death. The mainland venue is not as attractive to both the players and especially their families. More and more players will opt to be no shows.

    However, if it were played in Hawaii the eligible players would continue to show up to play. The NFL is guaranteed a $4,000,000 payday from the state. After next year, I don’t think mainland cities will be willing to open their wallets to have the game without the Super Bowl players.

    If the game were held during the open week, local fans would continue to support the game but I wouldn’t be surprised if attendence dropped to around 45,000 fans or so.

    Congrats to the 4 HTA members for standing firm and not caving in. The Pro Bowl will be back one day in its original format and we could probably get it less than $4,000,000. By the way, I’ve attended almost all of Pro Bowls so I have interest in the game continuing in Hawaii. I just don’t like having to beg Roger Goodell to keep it here.

  7. Manoa Mist:

    Yeah, this is a hard one Dave. Of course it’s nice to have the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, but I agree w/Warrior Dave. Why do we have to beg the NFL to come, and worse, cough up $4 million for an exhibition game? We don’t pay the Honolulu Marathon anything, and that brings in major bucks. That said, who has any confidence in the HTA? After all the embarrassment with Rexie, they just hired the former head of the Democratic Party – not a hotelier, not a marketing guy, not a tourism official – a politically connected person. In some ways, that is, in a nutshell, everything that is wrong with Hawaii.

  8. World News:

    Audio began playing any time I opened up this site, so frustrating!

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