Hawaii 84, Cal State Fullerton 70

November 13th, 2010

CSF fell to 0-2

Hawaii is now 2-0. Amis with a career-high 24 points. Freshman Barnes with 19 for the second game in a row. Thompson strong down the stretch. Game was tied at 70 with 3-plus minutes left, and UH scored the final 14 points … how’s that for finishing?

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  1. dreardon:

    CSUF leads 20-14 at 11:13 mark of first half. Smaller Titans beating Bows to the boards, 9-6.

  2. dreardon:

    Amis asserting himself … 11 points as UH takes 31-29 lead with 6:25 left in first

  3. dreardon:

    Amis now with 19 points as UH leads 50-47 with 15:50 left

  4. dreardon:

    Bill Amis has 21 points for his career high. UH leads 59-54 with 10:38 left. Place is electric.
    Bo Barnes has 16 and Zane Johnson’s got 10.

  5. dreardon:

    Chin hits a 3 for Fullerton, Barnes comes back with a longer one .. UH leads by 5 with 5:09 left

  6. dreardon:

    UH gets sloppy with the ball and Fullerton gets it to 70-68 and Martin to the line with a chance to tie

  7. dreardon:

    Tied at 70 .. 3:33 left

  8. marker:

    thanks for the updates dave, keep em comming! can’t get coverage of this here in vegas…

  9. dreardon:

    Thompson with pair of throws and Zane Johnson with a huge 3 … UH lead back to 5 with 2:13 left.

  10. dreardon:

    Thompson bombs one for an 8 point lead with 1:18 left.

  11. dreardon:

    Thompson with 2 more throws, and it’s 80-70 with less than a minute. That should do it.

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