Let’s fix the Pro Bowl

January 31st, 2011

Been trying to think of ideas to make the Pro Bowl, the game, more entertaining. The way it is now is ridiculous. Real tackle football just is not conducive to an all-star format.

1. Make it flag football, since no one wants to tackle anyway. You could have an old-timers game, too, if you played flag football.

2. Jay Glazer, a Fox reporter, called a play. Why not make a contest for kids to get to call plays? The more I think about it, the Pro Bowl is for kids (of all ages).

3. The obvious: Bring back the Super Bowl all-stars.

19 Responses to “Let’s fix the Pro Bowl”

  1. Eddie Woodgo:

    Give Hawaii more exposure by playing the game in the sand on the Beach!

  2. Wegot Spirit:

    Um, let the cheerleaders play?

  3. Hawaiian Rubbahman:

    Let fans randomly jump on the field in the middle of the game…wait, that already happens!

  4. Kokonut Husker:

    Instead of one football, use one coconut!

  5. bueller555:

    1. Move it back to after the Super Bowl so that it’s not just an infomercial for the Super Bowl.
    2. Losing conference takes their bye in week 1.
    3. Allow players to wipe out anyone who runs onto the field.

  6. Zucker Berg:

    Have fans Twitter and Facebook the plays in!

  7. Fan Tastique:

    Instead of NFC vs AFC have the coaches do a Fantasy Football Draft.

  8. misterfudge:

    Would it be too much to ask for them to do the HOF announcements at the Pro Bowl?

  9. aaron:

    Leonard Russell’s knee would object to any football games played in the sand.

  10. Manoa Mist:

    Man, they gotta do something. It’s not football and it’s not something I’d pay to go see. They’ve taken the not wanting to get hurt thing to extreme levels where they aren’t even playing the game of football anymore.
    Here’s a thought. Either make the winning team recieve a million each, the loser nothing, or just cancel the whole fake thing.

  11. kev-1:

    The Pro Bowl has not been about playing hard for as long as I have been around. But that doesn’t bother me. What bothers me are the people that complain about the game not being “real” enough for them, when that’s not really what its about anyway. The game is about honoring the all stars and putting something together for the fans. I actually enjoy the non-hitting aspect of it because it opens up the opportunity for more big plays, like long passes, etc. Football is not baseball or basketball. Why should they risk injury for an all star game?

    You want to make the game better? Involve the community more in the week or so that leads up to the game. Have more events for kids and families to attend to have access to the players. Let’s face it, people that pay to go to the pro bowl are there to see the players, not a good game.

    Here’s an idea . . . make it more of an AND1/Harlem Globetrotters type game. Trick plays, fan involvement, pranks, and who knows what else.

  12. kev-1:

    One more thing . . . why do the players even need to get paid for being honored as an all-star? How about travel expenses and accomodations for them and their spouse, thats it. Watching these millionaires complain that they wanted to win the game to offset the cost they are spending in the islands just makes me nauseous.

  13. Subi:

    It was Robert Edwards’ knee that blew out playing football in the sand while participating in pre-Pro Bowl activities.

    I agree it with kev-1 – the Pro Bowl is an exhibition game and no one goes to it expecting a real game. The level of play exhibited this year is about what anyone should expect. So the way to make the Pro Bowl more relevant is to allow the community more access to the players and to involve local people in the mystique of the NFL. Allow a local coach to be part of the coaching staff for each conference. Allow a student athlete to design a play to be run by each team. Maybe a skills competition that involves high school football players. We don’t need to make it gimmicky, but it can be an extravaganza like the NBA All-Star weekend or MLB’s All-Star Game.

  14. rasu begasu:

    If you don’t like the product, don’t watch it.
    If enough people ignore the game than the NFL will change it.
    Fat Chance of that happening in this century!
    Not likeing the Pro Bowl? Go watch Gilligan’s Island reruns or something li’dat.

  15. rasu begasu:

    Comment on #13
    !. NFL not interested in “Local” angle, this is a national production
    and the local stuff only possibly interests the people of Hawaii
    My two cents
    How about a NFL players skills competition, Pass,Punt & Kick with real NFL players?
    Sumo wrestling for the linemen?
    Slip and slide game on the 50 yard line for punters and kickers
    How about a parade of strippers & hookers in town just for the pro bowl game

  16. Hilo-Warrior:

    How about make it like the NBA all-star game with a skills challenge. I remember seeing it on tv before but it seems that its gone now.

    And like it was said earlier how about like a Flag Football game where the Retired players like Jerry Rice and Emmit Smith and Joe Montana and Steve Young and So many other players come out and play at like half time or something.

    I saw a flag game earlier this season I think it was before the first preseason game and they changed it up. If you scored a TD you could go for two by passing in a special box in the endzone if you didn’t get it into that box than the rest of the end zone was one point.

    How about in between each quarter there is like a mini concert by bands and sigers that were brought in. I mean if its not a real game it might as well be entertaining.

  17. Blue Powder:

    The Pro Bowl was never meant to be a “real” game just an exhibition so I don’t know why anyone would complain. If you want to see a “real” game go fly to the mainland, that’s what I do. You will never get the Pro Bowl to be close to a real game. If it was, even more players would not show up. Think about it, why would these highly paid professional athletes go full-speed and jeopardize their careers for an exhibition game?

    Just leave it the way it is. It’s a good chance for fans to see all the best players in one place.

  18. Mac Nugget:

    I don’t think the pro bowl has ever been entertaining on a competitive standpoint. They should let should let regular “joes” play with the pros in select positions during the game, like that “Pros vs. Joes” show. Instead, the “joes” would play at quaterback, reciever, running back, defensive back, linebacker, kicker or punter on alternating possesions. Sould make for loads of laughs and maybe a few tryouts in the NFL.

    Who knows??????

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