Oh, Miah!

February 15th, 2011

One word comes to mind after Miah Ostrowski’s big plays in Hawaii’s 69-67 overtime win over Nevada on Monday night.


Ostrowski, who didn’t score at all in 34 minutes of regulation play, hit two big buckets in the overtime. And he got the final rebound, too.

All this from the smallest guy on the court, a 5-foot-9 guard who wasn’t even on the team until the football season ended in late December … and whose father died suddenly last month.

Many felt Ostrowski could be a solid contributor to the Warriors. But who knew he’d be a game-changer?

4 Responses to “Oh, Miah!”

  1. Rip:

    Miah is an AWESOME player! If you meet Miah personally you will realize that he is so special. This is all contributed from his father “Kui” and his mother Michele family values. Miah was always taught to Love, respect, be humble and show “Aloha” to others all his life, no matter what. He is definitely shining his light through adversity(lost of his father “Kui.”) I TRULY BELIEVE that his dad “KUI” is with him and coaching him from heaven!

    That game last night was unreal….Miah helped all his teammates and kept the crowd and the moral of the game up…no points till the end? it’s alright…Miah came through at the end…that’s all that matters!

    Keep up the Great Work UH RAINBOWS!!! One TEAM….

    WE LOVE YOU MIAH!!!!!!!!

  2. Sulema Bajorek:

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