Tomey a good choice

February 16th, 2011

Some of you surely think Dick Tomey‘s too old to be a productive assistant coach for the University of Hawaii football team at age 72.

But I’m here to tell you he’s a young 72. He’s physically fit, and he’s very sharp mentally.

Special teams is a great spot for him … when Tomey was UH’s head coach in the ’70s and ’80s, special teams were a consistent strength of the team. Half the battle of coaching special teams is motivation, and Tomey’s an outstanding motivator.

6 Responses to “Tomey a good choice”

  1. Rasu Begasu:

    Welcome back Coach!
    Let’s block some kicks this year and limit the returns to half of 2010!

  2. MauiSlugbug:

    When Dick Tomey announced he would be “retiring” in Hawaii, somehow I knew he would find a way to reconnect with the UH football program. This is great news! Coach Tomey is truly one of the good guys in college football. He coaches because he just flat out loves the game.

  3. wes:

    Hmmm if we can elect an 72 year old governor, 72 for a special teams coach is okay with me. Welcome home Coach Tomey! I remember still one speech which he once gave at a luncheon. It had to do with the valley of despair where all the vegetation grows. What a gem of a talk!!!!

  4. Imua45:

    72 yr old coach, don’t see problem with that at all, besides, don’t we have two 90 yr old guys from Hawaii in congress leading the country & third in line, now that’s scary. We definitely need to have an age limit in that department.

  5. divinewind:

    welcome back coach Tomey!
    Warriors goin to rock in the secondary!

    Coach Tomey was initially selected by Hawaii as HC from UCLA–in the Bruin organization he built his reputation as an up and coming defense specialist and STs were his pet peeve. I dont mind his age, as long as Tomey continues his passion for the game and is physically capable…. and he is indeed.
    Look, as an example, what Mouse has done to solidify and mentor Rolo. I agree with the poster that notes the age of Abercrombie as our recently elected governor–althougth, I would argue that Dick Tomey is of much sounder mind than the yellow cab hippie, lol.

  6. roysan16:

    The one thing that I see is that Coach Tomey will cultivate a better way of doing things. He will shake the tree. He’s tenacious. And he’s cut from the old school where practice makes perfect. I think once he catches wind of how little the team devotes in practicing special teams play, especially during spring camps, he will be shocked.Henceforth the reasoning that I think he’ll cultivate a better way of doing things, whereas I bet we’ll see the special team’s players having to go through more reps and shooting live ammo during practice times. I mean, that’s Coach Tomey’s signature.Another thing I will bet on is that in the same fashion you see skilled players in the off season practicing 7 on 7 drills, someday we’ll see special team players practicing along side with 11 on 11 drills of KR PR (and coverages). Coach Tomey brings a lot to the table, especially a reservoir of knowledge and respect , which is also captivating from a fan’s standpoint.I’m looking real forward to next season.

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