Taking chances

March 17th, 2011

I like to pick upsets in NCAA brackets, especially in the first round. In our office pool, you get points corresponding to the seeding of the team multiplied by the round. That means if you think the committee under-seeded a team, you should probably pick that team to win. It’s a risk and reward thing.

Of course, this could seriously mess up your brackets if you’re wrong. But, as we saw Thursday, it’ll mess you up just as bad if you DON’T pick the upset and a team you picked to go to the final four gets knocked out (we saw this happen to a lot of people with Louisville and a few with St. John’s.

In my upset picks Thursday, I was right on Richmond and Gonzaga. I was wrong on Utah State, Belmont, Penn State and Michigan State. And I missed out on Morehead State. Ended up with 11 out of 16 right, so I’m probably toast already — unless my big play of having Oakland win in the first and second rounds before losing to Duke comes through, then I might be back in the game. I like Oakland because it’s battle-tested against tough big-conference opponents, including a win against Tennessee. It played six other teams that are in the Dance.

Is anybody else on board with Oakland or am I crazy to pick them over Texas and then Arizona or Memphis?

6 Responses to “Taking chances”

  1. Ryan Adverderada:


    You are certifiable for picking Oakland to make it to the Sweet 16! Although they have a shot if they can get past Texas!

    My bracket is ruined unless UConn and BYU meet for the championship!

  2. Bigislandkurt:

    I’m rollin’ with Oakland to defeat da longhorns!


  3. Dave Reardon:

    They didn’t play any D in the first half, but if they can hit some more 3s. …

  4. Dave Reardon:

    oh well … it was worth a shot.

  5. susan mayer:

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  6. Twomon USB for PC:

    I’m rollin’ with Oakland to defeat da longhorns!

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