Graunke to play in Germany

March 22nd, 2011

Where Are They Now Department:

Sounds like former Hawaii quarterback Tyler Graunke is getting a great opportunity — pro football-wise, as well as culturally. Graunke has signed with the Dresden Monarchs of the German Football League. Graunke said he enters camp next month as the No. 1 quarterback for the Monarchs, who went 6-6 last year and lost in the league semifinals.

“I’m very excited,” Graunke said Tuesday. “I got a call Friday and we finalized paperwork today. I’m at least two-thirds German, and I’ve never been to Europe.”

He had just been released by the Green Bay Blizzard of the Indoor Football League after not playing in the Blizzard’s first three games.

Graunke said he’ll be paid $1,400 a month, plus most living expenses will be covered. “House, car, cell phone, health insurance, dental and most of my meals,” Graunke said.

It’s good to see Graunke get such an interesting opportunity. Sometimes folks forget what a key component he was to the 2007 undefeated regular season for UH. He quarterbacked two wins when Colt Brennan was injured, including the stirring come-from-behind victory at Nevada.

Simply put, without Tyler Graunke there is no undefeated regular season and there is no BCS game for Hawaii. Remember, he also passed for the Warriors’ only touchdown in the Sugar Bowl against Georgia.

15 Responses to “Graunke to play in Germany”

  1. lopati15:

    awesome. they should make an IFL in Asia. Philippines would make an awesome team and kick everyones buttocks.

  2. Jon:

    Good for Graunke, sounds like a lot of fun for him. I recognize how important he was in the 2007 season however it’s hard to forget what a huge disappointment he was in 2008. I don’t know what his “issues” were but he blew a huge opportunity to help the team and himself that year. Good for him for getting things moving in the right direction.

  3. Warrior Dave:

    Congrats Tyler!

    Good luck and stay healthy.

  4. NYUH:

    Backups have always played a key role in Hawaii’s QB system and offensive strategy as a whole. Thanks for pointing to their importance and that opportunities await for them after graduation.

  5. Rearend:

    Maybe Colt can play there too ? the NFL is not happening for him and he’s not getting any younger .

  6. Mr. B:

    $1400/month is not a lot of money to be playing for – even with all living expenses paid for. The thing with football is that the risk for serious, life-long injury is so high. Graunke should apply for any State of Hawaii job. That way he can get paid for doing nothing.

  7. C.Mit:

    This young man is on his way to being something brand new. Only glimpses of which could be caught sight of in Hawaii. Auf weidersehn Tyler G.

  8. mr. g:

    Great deal! I have played in Europe and 1400 is alot of money over there, cuz soccer is more important in Europe, it gets all the attention.

    You will have alot of fun!

  9. troy:

    Tylers issues where his an no one elses… but being there with him 1st hand and many talks he is ready to play an means business… I have no doubts that he is going places straight to the top.. his mental clarity an focus are stronger than ever…. the sky is the limit with this wonderful young man.

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