Kobe Bryant: Wrong. Josh Hamilton: Wrong. And that’s life.

April 13th, 2011

The heat of battle.

That’s where we often place the blame for a lot of the things that come out of our mouths.

So when Kobe Bryant insults an official with a vulgar word modifying a slur offensive to homosexuals, some want to excuse it, no questions asked.

And when Josh Hamilton throws his third base coach under the bus for his part in a play in which Hamilton is injured, some want to place all the blame on the relatively anonymous coach rather than the superstar.

Intensity and passion combined with pressure sometimes leads to raw emotion that manifests itself in negative utterances or rants that are regretted, sometimes as they are being spewed. It’s part of the human condition for all but the calmest souls, especially people with high-stress jobs. And when every move is watched by millions …

Not an excuse; they’re wrong. And they’re public figures viewed by many youngsters as role models, and are supposed to do better.

But this is also part of what makes them human.

7 Responses to “Kobe Bryant: Wrong. Josh Hamilton: Wrong. And that’s life.”

  1. kev-1:

    bottom line . . . if I used the same slur against a co-worker in front of my boss and other peers, as Kobe did (not to mention on tv), I may be looking for a new job right now. Sick of the double standard. You think that some of these multi-millionaires would pay for ediquette classes.

  2. el guapo:

    Reardon, how can you even put what Hamilton said in the same class with what Kobe said? Hamilton got hurt and is out for 6-8 week, while Kobe said what he did cause he was habut and a spoiled brat. Texas’ 3rd base coach, Dave Anderson, was an infielder for 10 seasons in the bigs and has played and coached for the last 30 years. He took an awful chance sending Hamilton on a foul pop-up in the 1st inning, already up 1-0, and with the 5th batter coming up. Given the situation, it was an extremely bad decision.
    Baserunners are taught to listen to the base coaches. If Hamilton had not run, he would have been reprimanded for not following his coaches instructions.


    Hamilton is a great story, the guy who overcame drug addiction to star in the major leagues. But he’s also a guy who has played just one full season uninterrupted by injury in five years in the big leagues. Hamilton is a great talent with an aggressive playing style and injuries come with the territory. If Hamilton would have decided not to listen to his third base coach Dave Anderson, Hamilton who in 2010 batted .352, hit 32 homeruns, had 100 runs batted in and scored 95 runs and he won this thing called the 2010 AL MVP would not have been reprimanded for questioning a base running play in the 1st inning of the eleventh game of the season.
    And then there is Kobe Bryant who is a narcissistic, ill-tempered, immature, snitch who sold out his teammate shaq saying to them “can’t I just give her some money like shaq does to all his girls “while shaq was married, during the interrogation to Colorado police during his Colorado escapade over sexual assault charges later dropped and is the reason the Lakers did not beat the pistons in the 2004 NBA finals.
    So what’s new he pops off at the mouth towards an NBA official and T.N.T. caught it and lip readers could decipher what he said. Kobe gets fined $ 100,000 for dropping the f@-bomb and the irony is if it wasn’t Kobe there would have been no cameras on him to catch him saying a slur that is problem said countless times during a game. Kobe does have 5 NBA world championship rings 2 NBA MVP awards, 1 NBA MVP, 13x All-star, 8x NBA first team,8x Defensive first team,4x All-star game MVP,2008 Olympic Gold Medalist and was named the2000’s player of the decade. So it goes to show you an athlete can behave how they choose good or bad and if you’re winning who cares. PURPLE AND GOLD 4 LIFE I LOVE L.A.


    My fault meant to say police instead of them when talking about Kobe/Shaq situation. Also it is 2 Finals MVP and 1 NBA MVP sorry about the screw up.

  5. Dave Reardon:

    Thanks for the comments folks. El Guapo, one of the points is that we all (or most of us) say stupid things under pressure. They take various shapes and forms. And if you’re a big-time athlete like Hamilton or Bryant on center stage, those ill-timed words take on bigger impact.

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