Brennan, Glanville to reunite in UFL

April 18th, 2011

Part of the old band is getting back together … in Hartford, Conn.

Quarterback Colt Brennan is set to join coach Jerry Glanville with the Hartford Colonials of the United Football League, Colt’s father, Terry, said this morning in a phone interview. Colt Brennan and Glanville were together in 2005 and 2006 at the University of Hawaii when Glanville was defensive coordinator and Brennan was a sophomore and junior.

Brennan and Glanville were both at an SMU practice last week. That’s where June Jones, who was their head coach at UH, is now the head coach. “It was good for Colt to see June, Dan Morrison and his other coaches from Hawaii,” Terry Brennan said.

Glanville was recently named the Colonials head coach. Hartford went 3-5 last season. Former NFL quarterback Josh McCown started for Hartford last year and is the only QB on its protected roster.

Brennan was seriously injured in a car accident on the Big Island last November, but has since recovered and vowed to give pro football another shot.

“He’s in good shape, been working out in Arizona the past two months,” Terry Brennan said. “He’s put on some weight.”

Colt Brennan finished third in the Heisman Trophy voting after leading UH to the Sugar Bowl in 2007. He was drafted in the sixth round in 2008 by the Washington Redskins, but did not play a regular-season down and was released last year. He had a preseason tryout with the Oakland Raiders but did not stick.

In 2009, a panel of Hawaii sports reporters and former UH football coaches put together by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin voted Brennan the No. 1 player in UH football history.

95 Responses to “Brennan, Glanville to reunite in UFL”

  1. waitaminute:

    Huh? How could this be true? According to the Cult he would be hoisting a Superbowl trophy by now after smashing all of Marino’s, Brady’s, and Manning’s records! They also said, “the Redskins would regret the day he’s released!”. Then Oakland would….then the Texans would. Hahahaha. Now he’s begging Jerry Glanville for a spot in the UFL. Hilarious.

  2. bni:

    UFL? Well, can’t say I didn’t see this coming. He’s just too small, too frail, and too cocky for the NFL. Plus his mechanics SUCK.

  3. Howie from Maui:

    Well, I hope he makes the team first, then competes for a starting job, and when he finally gets on the field does enough to impress another tryout with an NFL team. I’ve watched some of the UFL games and they don’t look too bad. Remember, the AFL was once a second class league to the NFL.

  4. Mr. B:

    Colt will never play in the NFL. Every season that he doesn’t play in the NFL, there’s a new crop of young and talented QB’s that come out of college. Colt’s success was due to Hawaii’s offensive system. Yes, folks, Colt WAS a SYSTEMS quarterback. So was Timmy, and so was Rolo. That is why both are not in the NFL either. Anybody can throw a 5 yard pass to Chad Owens, Devone Bess, or Grice-Mullins, and let them do all the work by running 50-yards, and turn your little pass into a “whopping” 55-yard gain in the statistic books.

    It was during the Georgia game when I knew that Colt did not have a chance in the NFL. When his back was against the wall, and his team needed him the most, what did he do? He threw a towel over his head, sat on the bench, and cried – literally. He cried!

    Garrett Gabriel used to take a BEATING almost every single week. He used to get booed and criticized, yet he never folded and crumpled like Colt. Colt’s done.

  5. sipper:

    Aloha fellow UH fans,

    Why exactly is Colt still news or even relevant? We have other UH winners, i.e. Devone Bess, actually DOING things in the NFL. Colt is so “yesterday’s news” and is so far off the NFL radar it’s pathetic. He flopped horribly at the big-boy level, get over it people! Hopefully his manical he-never-got-a-chance-to-prove-himself-in-the-nfl crowd will follow him to the UFL and embarass themselves further there. Ma ahlo.


  6. eszoom:

    why all the colt haters? he did good things for uh. in 2006-07 didn’t you cheer for him too? i thought we were all uh fans. what ever he chooses to do let him try, that’s his dream. good luck to him. everybody take it easy.

  7. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    After all Colt’s done for the the UH program and all of his accomplishments at UH, I think he deserves every chance to play. The NFL doesn’t always get it right.

    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, but I don’t think you guys are being very fair to Colt. At least respect the sacrifices he made as a Warrior..

  8. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thanks eszoom!

  9. dreardon:

    Just to be clear, all opinions are welcome here; that’s what generates good, open discussion and debate. You don’t have to be a Colt Brennan “lover” or “hater.” Just keep it clean and try to continue being civil with each other.

  10. Mr. B:

    I really don’t get it when people say, “After all that Colt has done for UH…” UH also did A LOT for Colt – like give him an opportunity to play football. He had that incident at Colorado that made him questionable. Not only did June Jones give him a second chance, but he provided Colt with an offensive system that would fit him perfectly. UH also provided him with an education, which, I am happy to say that, unlike many D1 football players, Colt took advantage of his scholarship and earned his diploma. UH and the people of Hawaii owe Colt nothing. And Colt doesn’t owe us anything either.

    Colt should seriously think about going into coaching. He should coach under June Jones. I think Colt would make a great coach. His knowledge of the run-and-shoot is second to none. Guys like June, Kenny Niumatalolo, Paul Johnson, etc. are earning very good salaries as college football coaches.

  11. Mr. B:

    One more thing – during the spectacular “Colt years” at UH, I always gave most of the credit to his offensive line. They provided him with EXCELLENT pass protection. His excellent offensive line, coupled with the fact that the offensive system was based on getting rid of the ball quickly, was the main reason why Colt had so much success. He rarely had to run for his life (except against Georgia). Colt also had some tremedously talented receivers. He was surrounded by talent.

    If Garrett Gabriel or Michael Carter had Colt’s offensive line, receivers, and June’s offensive system, they would have also put up HUGE numbers. Give credit where credit is due – to June Jones. June’s offensive system can make an average QB look like a superstar. Timmy, Rolo, and Colt are proof of that.

  12. H20:

    He didn’t have to stay for his senior season, giving us the greatest year in UH football history. If people are not grateful and always supportive of him for that I question if they are truly fans to begin with. Fair weather at best

  13. Okole Maluna:

    No doubt Colt will make a great coach Mr. B but he still wants to play in the Pro ranks.

    before going into coaching, all he need is a second chance again in the Pro career.

    Colt will hit all those 5 yard passes he only needs 2 downs!

    Good Luck to all Warrior hopefuls in upcoming 2011 NFL Draft next week.

    Go Warriors!

  14. Hawaii Grown:

    If Jason Gesser could not make it in the NFL, it is hard to see how any quarterback out of Hawai`i will. Gesser had more pro-type tools than any of the “system” QBs from UH, but only got as far as the World League. Sad.

  15. kev-1:

    I wonder if its jealousy that fuels the Colt hate, or just ignorance? I actually agree with many of the points being made . . . Colt’s a bit small, UH has done a lot for Colt, his o-line and recievers were talented too. But why not just say “congratulations Colt, good luck?” If you really don’t care for Colt Brennan, why waste your time being so negative about positive news for him.

    To each his own I guess.

    Good Luck Colt! Hope all goes well with the UFL.

  16. kev-1:

    I left out the positives about Colt on purpose. We all know what they are.

  17. p@pple:

    Colt has so many flaws, professional and personal, that have prevented any further advancement in the NFL. It’s all Colt’s fault. He’s where he deserves to be.

  18. MAUIbreadmilk:

    Aloha. There are many reasons why Colt failed in the NFL. I attended over 20 Redskins training camp practice sessions as the casual Redskin fan, and these stood out:

    1. While the 3rd and 4th string “fringe” players stayed after practices with the coaches, Colt was always horse-playing with the vets and established players. On the sidelines, as other QB’s are looking at charts and plays, he’s grab-arseing with Cooley and Hall. You could tell JC and Todd Collins were disappointed in his commitment. While the other fringe players worked with the QB coaches and WR’s after practice despite long odds to make the team; Colt was MIA . Colt seemed to have this feeling of entitlement, and a lot of us pointed it out. Zorn even wanted to release Colt early in camp 09:…ts-player_news/

    2. He was way too cocky for someone who hadn’t accomplished ANYTHING, and that turned off a lot of his team mates and coaches. He needs to get his attitude in check. He was big man on campus at UH, but a nobody now. The sooner he realizes it, the better. See link above.

    3. He was way out of shape last off season and tried to overcome that by working with McNabb during “hell week”, only to get released a few day later. Unlike college, at the NFL level, you have to have a 365 day attitude towards fitness and professionalism.

    4. Sure, he’s listed as 6-2/6-3, but the guy is a waif and isn’t physically strong. He needs at least 20 more pounds and needs to work harder on conditioning/weight room. Even in the yellow practice jerseys, he would cower when pressure came from the sides of the pocket. Plus his wacky release makes his frail stance even smaller.

    5. Sure, he was accurate in the WAC, but the NFL is 1000x faster and the players are 1000x bigger. He simply cannot get “away” with it in the big leagues. Don’t be fooled by the HOF game, those Indy Colts players are civilians like you and me right now.

    6. His arm is WAY weak for the NFL game, dude could not throw a sideline out pattern to save his life in camp.

    7. He needs to learn how to take snaps UNDER center; he just looks so uncomfortable doing it right now.

    8. He, and his fans, needs to realize that the reasons why he’s failed in Washington, Oakland, and his little tryout with the Texans: it isn’t his WAC history, it isn’t that “nobody wants to give him a chance”, it’s because he hasn’t proven that he deserves to have a shot. Two training camps and the Texan tryout would equal = “given a shot”. Plus, getting the chances at UH and the NFL after his Colorado incident = “given a shot”.

    9. Finally, LOOK THE PART of a professional QB. Stop wearing your flat-billed hat sideways on the sideline with your shorts half-way down your backside. He could have learned the professional QB acumen from established vets Jason Campbell and Todd Collins but instead he went the DeAngelo Hall route. Nobody will take him seriously if he walks around like he just stepped out of a “Laguna Beach Honda Civic with a body-kit high school parking lot”. Remember Colt, you are a nobody in the NFL. You need to impress with character and professionalism.

    Look, I don’t hate him, I honestly wish him the best. Colt has a lot going for him, he’s personable, “looks” the part, and has a lot of intangibles that the NFL looks for in a QB. He was also a pretty cool dude, the fans liked him because while some of the Skin’s would walk by us, Colt would usually stop to sign a mini-helmet or jersey. That’s the kind of stuff that endeared him to the fans. The problem for Colt is the physical aspect of the game. The dude cannot stay healthy, and now with that accident, the prospects are way grim. Colt is SO far off the NFL radar it isn’t funny. The only reason why he was mentioned in the SI article above is because Colt was SUPPOSED to be at UH pro day but couldn’t due to lockout rules. If he wasn’t supposed to be there the writer wouldn’t have give a thought to his status. It’s obvious Colt’s NFL prospects are sitting at slim to none. Colt needs tape time for a shot, and the best way to get it is through the UFL or CFL. Seriously Colt, if you want to continue any resemblance of a football career, get your agent on the phone with one of the lesser leagues and get your face out there. Good luck Colt.

  19. Warrior Dave:

    So sad ro see the Colt Hater(s). Makes me laugh to read your comments. Yes, UH did give him a second chance but he decided to come back for his senior season to lead us to the BCS bowl.

    Jim Zorn was not a good fit because he wanted to give Campbell every chance to prove himself and everyone suffered.

  20. Mr. B:

    I agree with Hawaii Grown – Gesser was a damn good college QB. A bit undersized, but the kid was as tough as nails! In the PAC-10, WSU is almost always the underdog – for many reasons, yet Gesser and his teammates made the Cougars into a very, very competitive football team.

    I’m no Colt “hater”. I’m like Dave Reardon – I “say it like it is” without mincing words. That’s why I respect and value Reardon’s opinion so much. He ain’t kissing the butt of UH administrators, AD, or coaches. If UH sports deserves criticism, Reardon will give it to them. If they deserve praise, he will give that out as well.

    I can’t say the same for Curran and Kekaula.

  21. citibank:

    June Jones: “Mr. Glanville, please PLEASE give Colt a job just so I can continue to justify the ludicrious claim that he was the best QB in the country, even better than Tebow!!!”

    Jerry Glanville: “Sheesh June, okay……now stop crying”

    Colt: “Thanks June for the hookup…..wait, the UFL????????”

    June: “Yeah, that’s where you BARELY belong”

  22. kev-1:

    Out come the haters!

  23. Warriorz:

    UFL? Seriously? Well, another WAC/spread-offense QB bites the dust! Thanks Colt for proving all the sceptics wrong (sarcasm alert!).

    He may not even make that team unless Josh McCown doesn’t come back. Plus they have Perriloux if I’m not mistaken. Jerry Glanville must feel so sorry for Colt and is giving him a glimmer of hope. All those NFL injuries last year and he didn’t get one chance. He’s done in the NFL. D O N E! Too bad, I had high hopes for the kid.

    I hope Colt saved the little money he made in the NFL and is ready to put his UH diploma to work because post-college football doesn’t seem to be his thing.

    UFL, what a joke.

    Good luck Colt (you’re gonna need it bruddah).


  24. Colt45:

    My oh my, well I guess I was unfortunately wrong. The NFL just isn’t going to happen for my man. I think that chapter is closed. :(

    Hopefully he puts on a show in front of all 2,000 fans that show up for the game, and the 10,000 that watch it on what ever channel they broadcast on. Who knows, Hartford hasn’t had a sports team since the Whalers left the NHL a while back, maybe Colt will give them something to cheer about! Of course he has to make the team first which I’m sure he will do. Go Colt!

  25. Just an opinion:

    I think Colt was a very good quaterback, but as some of you have already stated, I think Colt’s cocky attitude was part of his downfall. You are only as good as the sum of the parts and nothing should ever go to your head, don’t care who you are. Even the Man upstairs is humble…

  26. TDColt:

    Go Colt!

  27. lifecoach:

    The Redskins over-reached for him drafting him in the 6th round anyhow, he really should have went undrafted. After the Geogia game, it should have been obvious he isn’t physically or mentally built for the NFL. The Redskins circus and loose atmosphere turned into an enabler for Colt and he became too comfortable and cocky. MAUIBREADmilk above outlined it perfectly. But anyhow:

    I still say the Raiders screwed him by renting him for a month and kicking him to the curb like a pile of garbage. NOT COOL.

    That Texans tryout wasn’t even a tryout, he came in so their actual QB’s didn’t have to throw to the WR’s they were trying out……waste of time on Colt’s part.

    If Colt is thinking about parlaying this opportunity as a chance to get back into the NFL, I think he’s sadly misguided. I like Colt, too bad he turned out the way he did after he left the Warriors. Just my opinion.

  28. Graham:

    No way he deserves this kind of treatment. He lead our team to our first and only BCS game and put us on the map nationally. He has a chance to mature alittle bit and prove he can play. I do not know how he is playing now but give him the benefit of the doubt. Good luck Colt Most of Warrior nation believes you can still play.

  29. smiley:

    Thanks Colt for making me look like a retard on! WHAT WAS I THINKING? All you had to do was make ONE NFL roster since you were released. UGH….ARGHHHHH!!!!!

  30. kev-1:

    I don’t get it. Specifically, can someone please tell me what Colt has done to deserve all of the people bad mouthing him? I don’t claim that he is Joe Montana, like some Culters do, but I do think he is/was extremely talented and accurate. There is just a lot of animosity toward him, and I don’t get why.

    The kid got drafted to the wrong team. It didn’t work out and he has been somewhat injury prone since. The Raiders did screw him, Lifecoach is right about that. But how can people get on him for not making a roster? Size and injuries scare NFL teams off like STD’s. Yet there are some that insist that it is some personal flaw of Colt’s that he’s not on an NFL team. That’s just wrong.

  31. travelhawaii:

    Realists knew: Colt just wasn’t NFL material. He wasn’t as good as us UH’ers hyped him up to be. He also isn’t a loser like some of these posts indicate. He tried the NFL, and failed bad, just like many others. It was fun following you as you tried your hardest Colt, but it’s about time to point our love at successful players like Bess, etc. Thanks for the memories Colt and good luck w/Jerry in Hartford CT!

  32. UHnCT:

    Yes! I live in CT, right in Hartford! So there’s a chance I’ll get to see Colt this year? My problem is I don’t think he’s good enough to start if Josh McCown comes back! I hope he makes the team, but that isn’t a given either! Go Colt, hopefully you’ve fixed your wacky throwing motion and straightened up your attitude! Aloha from CT. :)

  33. Glsger:

    lol @ “the gunslinger”

  34. Warrior Dave:

    Cocky attitude? I just don’t see it. If McCown was any good, the team would have been much b than 3 & 5.

  35. EAGLE:

    More opinions:

    Good synopsis by MAUIbreadmilk: [Thanks!] wasn’t there, so don’t know how accurate or true, but it matches the observations and reads i found over those time frames;

    COLT looked like a decent scramble QB (he DID run for his life his soph year when he didn’t know how to run the offense; AND he led the NFL “Pre-Season” stats his first year when he was probably ‘winging it’ again to the chagrin of the “by-the-book” Zorn-type coach-QBs (it was almost like having success doing something different from the step-by-step cookbook formula equals “failure” or ‘less repeatability’(?); So we shouldn’t be surprised that Colt was successful in a more do-it-your own way system like June’s (or now maybe Jerry Glanville’s);

    No Question what they (NFL “System Coaches”) wanted and Colt did or didn’t produce didn’t mesh — and THAT was part of Colt’s job — Give ‘ Em What they want and what they’re looking for and more;

    To PERSEVERE AND Take those additional shots (however remote) IS WHAT Success IS ABOUT; WHO Actually Knows but IF Colt does have some success (under Glanville at least he has another coach who’s a believer or willing to give ‘a chance’) — UFL, CFL WFL (– Colt wouldn’t be the First or LAST to resurrect himself through a lower pro league as opposed to apprenticeship in even lower, college leagues — MANY or Most Pro Teams would dust most College Teams);

  36. EAGLE:

    …AND maybe a Good Definition of “LOSERS” are all those who focus on the 90 to 99 % who don’t make it in The Big Show…

    AND Throw Negs at them for EARNING their way into that position/ opportunity (and not quite making it otherwise or yet…)

    and more than likely most of them ‘jabberin negatives cannot talk from their own personal success experiences; otherwise why would they be focusing on all the Negs …

    YOU ARE (and YOU BECOME) What You Think About (and Focus on) …

    [i recognize all opinions are "Welcome" -- prefer good ones ...
    and maybe we can all improve in the process ... and that might be a better place ]

  37. football fan:

    ufl a joke?? it sounds to me alot of you people who claim to be football fans, talking crap about a good football league that sent 100 players to the NFL in only two years of exsitiance if you had any football knowledge you would know the UFL will make the NFL even better, but wait you watch college football the lowest level of football on tv but the UFL is a joke, put your UH squad on a UFL field, your warriors would be run out of the stadium by halftime. give the league a chance watch a couple of games before you knock it otherwise you guys sound very ignorant.

  38. Graham:

    Does anyone know what offense jerry is going to run

  39. Mr. B:


    I don’t think people “hate” Colt. I just think that many of us remember when people (including June Jones) talked about Colt like he was the next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. June said publically that “Colt was better than Tebow.” Tebow is in the NFL. Colt is in the UFL.

    There were also a lot of people, including myself, who were not drinking Colt Kool Aid, and who recognized that Colt was a product of a wonderful offensive system. We were not blinded by the passing yards. We knew that much of Colt’s “passing yards” were a result of spectacular “runs after the catches” by Bess, Grice-Mullins, and Rivers. Many members of the “Colt Cult” called him the best QB in the country, which is laughable.

    I’ve been watching UH football since 1979 – NOT ONCE did I see a UH QB go to the bench and cry when he faced adversity. I’ve seen Raphael Cherry, Michael Carter, Garret Gabriel, etc. take POUNDINGS, but they never gave up, and they never quit on their teammates.

  40. kev-1:

    Colt played at UH, Tebow played at Florida. Nuff said about that argument. And are you suggesting that Colt quit on his teammates? I have been watching UH football for a long time too, and can’t recall any QB taking the kind of POUNDING that Colt took against Georgia.

    Colt never annointed himself the greates QB. Granted many of his fans did, and his coach probably overhyped him, but you can’t hold that against him personally. And when I say “hate” I don’t mean people literally hate him. I am just surprised at how many people spend time putting someone down. Isn’t that just as bad as those that over-hype him?

  41. roygbivfan:

    june jones has always said that his run and shoot offensive system gives teams with less physically gifted players a chance to compete with more talented teams. how many offensive skill players from june jones’ teams have lasted more than 2 seasons with nfl teams? ashley lelie and davone bess. it could be argued that lelie really didn’t pan out to be any where near pro bowl material. bess is by far the most accomplished. so why didn’t others make it? they were less physically gifted to make it to the next level. great college players but not nfl caliber talent. colt is simply one of them.

    he’s chasing his dream, can’t knock him for that.

  42. LoveLarry:

    Colt, well you tried bruddah! I knew there was a 99.99% chance you’d never make it in the NFL, but you know what? Still love you.

    There are just so many things wrong with you that the NFL frowns upon….and you don’t have the best morals or character….but you know what? Still love you.

    Best of luck in the FUL….errr…..LFU….errrr…..UFL or whatever league that is!

  43. Mr. B:


    You’ve been watching UH football for a long time? And you’re telling me that you don’t remember Raphael Cherry and Michael Carter taking big hits?? And please tell me that you didn’t forget Gabriel having to constantly scramble for his life. And, of all UH QB’s, Gabriel, by far, faced the worst public criticism of all. Fans blamed him for EVERYTHING! It was only when Gabriel led the Warriors in clobbering BYU, in 1989, did people get behind him. If Garret Gabriel played in June’s system, he would have been a superstar. Same with Jason Gesser.

    Give credit where credit is due. June Jones is an offensive mastermind. Simple as that. He’ll take a very average QB, and make him look like a Heisman Trophy candidate. When it comes to offense, June is THAT GOOD.

  44. Dave Reardon:

    Update: Stephen Tsai talked to Colt Brennan today. Brennan said he could still go to an NFL team if one picks him up prior to the UFL season. Hartford has his rights, and Brennan said he’s excited about playing for Jerry Glanville if an NFL job doesn’t materialize.

  45. kaeo:

    To Mr. B. . . you say that once you saw the Georgia game, you put that on colt? I put that on a couple of other things too. . . 1) Georgia was an awesome team that year, if there was a playoff they would’ve made some noise in the championship picture. 2) Offensive line not being able to adjust to the speed of Georgia and an o-line coach ignorant enough not to correct a young Estes at center that he was giving away his snap signals with consistent head, “left to right and up and down– snap” movement. 3) A Coach who did not change his schemes to better protect his quarterback and 4) A Head Coach that had already decided to go to greener pastures.

  46. kaeo:

    @ Mr. B, btw, I do agree with your assessment of being to frail, and yes, I was a fan of Carter and Gabriel– Cherry too

  47. kaeo:

    @ Mr. B, btw, I do agree with your assessment of being to frail, and yes, I was a fan of Carter and Gabriel– Cherry and even Frietas too, btw, my man John Hao, took a lot of gas during those lean Von Appen Years.

  48. hawaiianhogster:

    These haters are not UH fans. They are mainland MORONS! They know nothing. Do nothing. See nothing. Feel nothing. Are nothing. Anybody who talks stink about any player that played for UH is definately not a real fan of UH sports, the University, Hawaii, or its fans. They have no pride. No Aloha. No soul.

    Colt Brennan will prove you naysayers wrong. Life is too short to sit on a bench or wait for the NFL to get their act together. You have to start somewhere. Research the players that did the same thing and made it as a starter in the NFL. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and think positively.

    I got your back Colt!

  49. hawaiianhogster:

    As far as the Georgia game goes. The experts called Georgia the best team in the country that should be playing for the national championship. They said they would win that game too. Any QB that doesn’t have the protection they need to throw the ball always fall apart. I haven’t seen any pocket QB able to do well in college when being rushed every down and hit hard. No counting the running QB’s either. Hey, they had to run instead of throwing the ball.

  50. roysan16:


    This is it.

    Boot camp, baby.

    Take this opportunity and really apply yourself, prepare yourself like this is the final test.

    Come on 10 miles a day running.

    500 pushups and 500 situps.

    One hour a day passing.

    One hour a day looking at film.

    One hour a day MMA conditioning.

    One hour a day lifting weights.

    Proper meals and nutrition.

    No late nights. No sex.

    Focus, focus. Look ahead, not behind.

    Practrice Zen, yoga and humbleness.

    Cork your inner drive, competitivess and fighting spirit and release it during camp.

    Look deep inside.

    Fight. Fight. Fight.

    Hey, man, I wish you well Colt.

  51. hawaiianhogster:

    Colt is better than Tim Tebow. Haven’t you been watching Tim play? Have you heard the critics talk about Tim in a negative way? Had Colt been a first round draft pick we would’nt be talking about Colt going into the UFL.

    Tim Tebow gets the support he needs and Colt never did. Once Colt gets back in the NFL you will see just how much better he really is. As long as Colt stays healthy and improves.

    I’m not giving up on him.

  52. hawaiianhogster:

    football fan: ufl a joke?? it sounds to me alot of you people who claim to be football fans, talking crap about a good football league that sent 100 players to the NFL in only two years of exsitiance if you had any football knowledge you would know the UFL will make the NFL even better, but wait you watch college football the lowest level of football on tv but the UFL is a joke, put your UH squad on a UFL field, your warriors would be run out of the stadium by halftime. give the league a chance watch a couple of games before you knock it otherwise you guys sound very ignorant.

    I second that about their knowledge of real football. They don’t have any and it’s pahtetic!

  53. hawaiianhogster:

    # MAUIbreadmilk:
    April 18th, 2011 at 10:17 am

    Aloha. There are many reasons why Colt failed in the NFL. I attended over 20 Redskins training camp practice sessions as the casual Redskin fan, and these stood out:

    1. While the 3rd and 4th string “fringe” players stayed after practices with the coaches, Colt was always horse-playing with the vets and established players. On the sidelines, as other QB’s are looking at charts and plays, he’s grab-arseing with Cooley and Hall. You could tell JC and Todd Collins were disappointed in his commitment. While the other fringe players worked with the QB coaches and WR’s after practice despite long odds to make the team; Colt was MIA . Colt seemed to have this feeling of entitlement, and a lot of us pointed it out. Zorn even wanted to release Colt early in camp 09:…ts-player_news/

    There it is. The main problem so many young guys have when they enter the NFL. He isn’t used to fighting for respect like that. It just came to him at UH. If his attitude towards being professional, his work ethics and him being weak armed is his downfall, those are repairable. Some immediately and others will take time. If he realizes these downfalls and builds on that to correct them in a few years he may get that chance. It’s all up to him. The door has been opened for him and he better take advantage of it or never get another chance at the NFL.

  54. kev-1:

    Mr. B . . . I’ve come to the conclusion that you like to either hear what you want to hear, or just like to put words into other people’s mouths for the sake of your own argument. I made reference to the Georgia game saying that the beating on Colt was unlike any I have ever seen in a single game on a UH QB. I did not say that Gabriel and Carter or any other QB that has ever played for UH has never taken any hits.

    COMPLETELY different offense being run in Carter and Gabriels days. Can’t even compare. I DO NOT THINK COLT could have run those offenses as well as Gabriel or Carter. Just different types of athletes. AND I DO NOT THINK that Gabriel or Carter could have done what Colt did in JJ’s offense. Colt, although not the physical athlete that Carter or Gabriel was, was a far more accurate passer with better throwing instincts.

    If you read my words a bit more carefully along the way, you will see that I have tried to validate certain arguments that others have made, such as Colt being too small, being surrounded by great athletes, etc. But I refuse to accept the mean spirited bantor that people have resorted to in regards to an athlete pursuing his dream. I check DR’s message board daily, and there are never this many posts. It is interesting that when people have negative things to say about an athlete who has never wronged anyone on this board, they come out in the masses.

    You, among others refuse to validate or acknowledge anyone elses opinion and choose to continue the mean spirited bashing of Colt Brennan for no apparent reason. I’m pau.

  55. roysan16:



    Got my second wind. You’re not getting off easy.

    In addition to what I wrote in #50

    Pitch Zorn’s straightjacket away and throw the ball whatever way comes naturally to you.

    This is important. I think Glanville will go along with this idea.

    Also tell yourself that you are 6’3″ 219 and can throw an out pattern to the sidelines with perfection. .

    About the straightjacket…hmm…it might come in handy, ah never mind.

    Aloha, again. Best wishes.

  56. Hawai'ianBishop:

    @Dave Reardon

    “Update: Stephen Tsai talked to Colt Brennan today. Brennan said he could still go to an NFL team if one picks him up prior to the UFL season. Hartford has his rights, and Brennan said he’s excited about playing for Jerry Glanville if an NFL job doesn’t materialize.”

    ……Colt has a 0% shot of getting in the NFL this season. There were almost literally 40 NFL QB’s injured/put on IR last season and Colt didn’t get a sniff BEFORE his accident. He’s damaged goods and had his chances but let them waste away.


    ……better than Tebow? I’m as big of a Colt fan as there is, but c’mon bruddah. Don’t embarrass yourself and us rational Colt fans with comments like that. Colt has a million flaws that the NFL doesn’t want in a QB, mentally AND physically. We’re you part of that pathetic “Cult of Colt” by any chance? lol Join us non-mainland realists bro (i.e. Hawaiians), stop living in fantasy lands where Colt is firing TD’s in the NFL. Go to and compare Colt’s and Tebow’s stats, let me know what you find, ma halo.

    It’s time for people to STOP MAKING EXCUSES for Colt. He’s where he’s at due to his QB skills, he really isn’t built for the NFL.

    Let me guess, I’m a hater….or am I a realist? He had tryouts with 3 NFL teams and now he’s hoping to get in the UFL using June Jones and Glanville connections. Yeah, HBishop wins.

  57. krump1:

    I see many of the commenters who have slammed Colt as nothing more than haters and FAUX or fake UH fans. Anybody who was / is a true fan would have appreciated Colt and his contributions to the team. And as for someone glorifying Garrett Gabriel, let’s get some things straight. His claim to fame was the 2 scintillating blow-out wins over BYU, due in large part to the Defense, the superb play of the O-Line and the brilliant play of the receivers and RBswho caught every low or bad pass he threw to them. He was not even in the same category as Colt Brennan…not even close. By the way, in those same years, Gabriel was often held to less than a hundred yards when playing against UTEP, New Mexico and others. Colt delivered game in, game out. Gabriel was mediocre and average at best if you take out the 2 BYU games. Also if you were on campus at the same time, you would’ve caught Gabriel strutting around conceitedly as he seemed to really believe his own headlines. Colt was confident, but not conceited or arrogant like Gabriel.

  58. hayFIELD:

    UFL, sigh….how the (semi) mighty have fallen.

    This is so embarrassing for UH, our best shot to make an impact (aside from Bess) fell flat on his face in the NFL due to his attitude and poor work ethic. Sigh…. :(

    I’d love to see him straighten up in the UFL! Go Colt, I believe!

  59. Why Not:

    Love Colt and what he did for our stated and team. That being said, Bill Parcells has an old saying “You are what your record says you are”. This applies to Colt. “You are in pro-football where your jersey says you are” type thing. The window for CB to make it as a 3rd stringer, let alone starter, in the NFL is very, very small. People love to say how NFL teams get it wrong. This is true but not really on this side of the ledger. There are a lot of busts as young QB’s or players but rarely if ever does a NFL ready good player not get selected or groomed. In short, as I said, love CB but the reality is that’s not happening this year.

  60. HeathLed:

    As a UH fan, I get sick of hearing how Colt hasn’t been treated fair or “just needs a break”. Stop it, JUST STOP IT. I refuse to defend or make excuses for Colt from my beloved team who simply cannot, and will not, make it in the NFL. This isn’t a fantasy world where there is a conspiracy keeping him from succeeding in the NFL. Case closed. Mahalo.

  61. 5791zip:

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