NFL Unlocked … Rhetorical (?) Questions

April 25th, 2011

A judge has ruled that the NFL must allow players to return to work. This looks like a significant milestone toward avoiding a late start to the season this fall.

But the owners are appealing, and the ruling doesn’t bring the two sides closer in the collective bargaining agreement.


Plenty of reaction pro and con to Monday’s column. Reader Donald Blaser writes with some questions about the pink uniforms the University of Hawaii baseball team wore in the Valparaiso series.

Thanks for today’s column; I’ve been waiting for someone to say something.  Lie you, I tuned in to the game a little late and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Perhaps you can do a follow-up and report on:

1. How much did the UH get paid?

2. What happens to this shirts and sox?  Collectors’ items?  A public bonfire?

3. What will the Athletic Department sell next?

4. Since they must raise money for the football coach’s million dollar salary, how about pink jerseys for the football team?  (Maybe recycle the baseball uniforms.)

All sorts of possibilities; I’m sure you and your readers can come up with more!  How about a contest?

8 Responses to “NFL Unlocked … Rhetorical (?) Questions”

  1. dreardon:

    Here’s a pretty good explainer of the NFL situation:

  2. kev-1:

    I didn’t mind seeing them in pink initially, but two days in a row (didn’t get to see the third game . . . did they wear them for that game too?)? Over-kill is right. Thanks for having the stones to put it in print DR.

  3. dreardon:

    Yes, the third game, too.

  4. Warrior Dave:

    The uni’s for both men and women teams were butt ugly. Too baggy and the shade of pink was terrible. BUT, I don’t think the uni’s were the reason for them losing.

    2010 was a dream season for the Wahine and Bows, much like football’s 2007 undefeated regular season. The Wahine remain a mystery as their offense is non-exsistant and I think the boys were over-confidence. Valpo has a poor record but they did have a string of victories coming in.

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