May 20th, 2011

As University of Hawaii sports on TV moves from KFVE  to Oceanic, we hope for a seamless transition facilitated by the capable, experienced technicians who have produced the telecasts more than a quarter of a century, along with the people and resources available at Oceanic.

In today’s column, I advocate keeping Jim Leahey and Pal Eldredge together for baseball, for the foreseeable future. I know many will disagree, especially since there are capable baseball guys available such as Howard Dashefsky, Markus Owens and Jack Wiers.

Time to sound off on who you’d like to see doing the various UH sports — play-by-play, color, sideline, specials — on TV starting next year.

10 Responses to “Voices”

  1. Paco:

    I actually agree with you for baseball. I’d love to have Jim and Pal continue to do baseball. I think they are perfect. I think Jim is getting too old to do the other sports where the action is faster. He seems to be missing a lot more as the years go on. For football I like Bobby Curran or Kanoa Leahey. Volleyball I like Scott Robbs. I like McLachlin doing color for volleyball. I really think Lori Santi is excellent in whatever she does. Not sure how he is calling game action, but Neil Everett would be nice to have also.

  2. kev-1:

    I like the idea of passing the torch to Kanoa Leahey. I agree that pops is suited for baseball. Maybe Kanoa and Dash for football? Definitely not old Coach Price. Watching high school football with him calling is painful (no offense).

  3. Manoa Mist:

    Baseball: Coach Pal and Jim
    Basketball: Kanoa and Artie
    Women’s Basketball: Josh Pacheco and Lori Santi
    Football: Kanoa and Colt Brennan
    Volleyball: I still like Jim for volleyball, ideally with McLachlin

  4. MV7:

    Colt Brennan for football? That’s out of left field. I like Yamanoha with Kanoa

  5. Dave Reardon:

    Colt would be a great sideline reporter to start out if he’s not playing for some reason this fall.

  6. al:

    football pops jim and robert kekaula.
    baseball pops jim and pal
    basketball kanoa/artie for men and for women, kanoa/a fresh face nani cockett?
    volleyball scott robbs/maclachlin
    softball dash and owens

  7. uh4eva:

    Please no Yamanoha. I like having Colt on the sidelines if he is not playing somewhere.
    Kanoa for football & basketball.

  8. rainbowbballer:

    Pops and Pal = baseball (da best team in the state)
    Kanoa/Artie = mens basketball (knowledgeable and in touch w/players. Kanoa ESPN experience already)
    Lori Santi/Nani Cockett = womens basketball (more players insights, playbyplay is the tricky part)
    Scott Robbs/Robin Ah Mow = womens and men volleyball ( Robin is already a mens coach, so she might be able to only do the womens color, Dash for mens volleyball
    Dash/Coach Nakamura(womens softball asst) = softball
    Kanoa/Ching = football (playbyplay should be smooth but is more important in Basketball)
    actually the Bobby Curren/Robert Kekaula would be the best choice buy they are the best RADIO team in the state. When you cant see for yourself, you need the best!(radio)

  9. slenzi:

    Jim Leahey and Pal Eldredge are the best team ever; fans enjoy them because they love the game and love the Bows!

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