One year on the job for Donovan

March 24th, 2009

UH athletic director Jim Donovan officially started on the job exactly one year ago.

Many teams continue to rebuild, several coaches are on the hot seat, and budgetary challenges continue.

Also, prices have been lowered for fans to attend games and buy food at UH events, and a potentially profitable new basketball tournament, the Diamond Head Classic, has been announced.

How do you feel Donovan’s handled things so far?

–By Dave Reardon

4 Responses to “One year on the job for Donovan”

  1. Warrior Dave:

    I feel that Jim has done a very good job. As AD, he appears to be very approachable to the media and fans. Kudo’s for lowering prices on both tickets and food.

    I agree that he’s got some tough decisions to make regarding Bolla and Nash. But the process is moving along and that’s a good sign. I like that he is pursing the “with cause” angle because I’m tired of having to pay for poor performance. It’s also nice that he is realistic and will give Nash the additional year he deserves before making a final decision. It’s a win-win for both sides that I agree with.

  2. hotwheels:

    imho, I really like him as a person, very nice guy, but as an AD he has not showed me anything so far. i give him a C- if we’re talking about letter grades.

  3. Wayne O.:

    For Donavan, the honeymoon is over. He’s got a lot of problems w/ the athletic program and I feel that he’s moving too slow. Case in point, the recommendation to increase student fees. Two, making decisions on coaching changes which I feel need to be made.
    Three, the Bolla fiasco. Four, football scheduling in the future. In the meantime, recruiting is going on or the lack of. UH teams record has been terrible and I feel the UH sports program has taken a big step backward on the field and at the gate. Just my observation but I think he’s on Hawaiian time if you know what I’m saying. There doesn’t feel like there is a sense of urgency.

  4. needs:

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