Aloha, Pro Bowl?

June 10th, 2011

By now, you’ve probably read or heard about Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s comments made Thursday regarding the Pro Bowl.

My question now: How does NFL commissioner Roger Goodell react (if at all)? As I wrote around the time of the last Pro Bowl, he’s got bigger mahi to fry.

And: Does this make negotiations for Hawaii to host the game beyond 2012 difficult or impossible? … Or, does it give Hawaii a chance to decrease the $4 million annual hosting fee?

It comes down to who needs who more, and if the players — who always say they’re all for keeping the game in Hawaii — get a vote in it.

17 Responses to “Aloha, Pro Bowl?”

  1. Warrior Dave:

    For someone who’s been in politics for most of his adult life’ he needs lessons help from a publicist. He could have stated his position less harsh and made the public happy he was restoring some programs for children and let Goodell know how much of a strain the 4 Million is to the State.

  2. claud sutcliffe:

    good argument, Warrior Dave!
    and the Pro Bowl is probably worth supporting, given the TV exposure to
    the beauty of Hawaii in the cold of winter
    still, we shouldn’t be cutting education!

  3. puuloke:

    Our governor has all the tact, diplomacy, and savoir-faire as a pig at a feeding trough. This is the Abercrombie of old who insulted at will, threatened at leisure, and confronted for excitement. He hasn’t changed, and the sad part is he fooled a large majority of Hawaii voters. Anybody notice that he never mentioned de-funding the Pro Bowl, taxing pensions, or raiding special funds during his campaign? Now, I wear my Mufi shirt with even more pride. I call it my “No Blame Me” sign.

  4. Bb:

    He fooled me.

    I remember seeing the gov attend the USF/UH basketball game. I can only imagine what type of reaction he would get if he were to step into the arena or stadium now.

  5. Ted:

    told all to watch out for him !

    puuloke was right !

    What have we done ?

  6. 4UHFAN:

    Congratulations Hawaii: You got what you voted for!

  7. bigislandkurt:

    Warrior Dave is spot on. I’m sure Niel would approach it differently if he had the opportunity.


  8. hawaiianhogster:

    The words were harsh but true. They watered down the Pro Bowl then took it away from Hawaii. Now they want to continue charging us the same price for a lower tier product? I think not. If businesses are so concerned why don’t they pay for it since they benefit the most from it? It’s time to use our tax dollars for what we need to take care of the most. Then when the economy is better they can throw it into things like the Pro Bowl. Until then the local businesses should fork over all the money, period! They will get it back then some. This is the only thing I agree with when it comes to Abercromie. Vote him out of office.

  9. Robin:

    I wonder how many tourists would come if the NFL didn’t have the open practices and kept the players sequestered during the week? THE GAME ITSELF IS SOOOOOO LAME! Half-speed and scrimmage intensity AT BEST. Hustling and tackling at its worst. And all that BS about the difference in the winners and losers share, when its peanuts for virtually all of them. I’m sure the players have been reminded not to mock the fierce competition, or lack of it, and been advised not to leave during the game like Troy Aikman did. In a way, it reinforces the image that REAL HIGH STAKES major sporting events aren’t meant for laid back Hawaii, only exhibition games and stuff like the Superstars competitions on occasion. Of course we do get some good gymnastics and Veterans games and such. I’ve been to the 1st Pro Bowl, as a 7th grader, and the 49er-Charger exhibition in 76′. No way I’d pay what they are charging now to see the players quarter-step it. Host a REGULAR SEASON game..its been done in MLB: Padres/Cardinals series a decade or so ago at Aloha. Its been done elsewhere for NBA (Tokyo, Suns/Jazz 90′) and NFL (Tokyo, Mexico City, London). Of course these are “international” mega cities, but with the exception of Mexico City, much farther away. I’d pay NFL ticket prices + some $$ more to see 2 NFL teams in a REGULAR season matchup at Aloha.

  10. mctruck:

    ditto, #9

  11. Robin:

    Correction: NFL regular season overseas was in Mexico City and London…Tokyo games were still just preseason.

  12. paul:

    Open mouth insert foot!!Basic Business 101…In order to make mnoey you have to spend money.Thanks Neil you may have cost the State of Hawaii the Pro Bowl!!!

  13. Steven,T,Baker,:

    Nice site, the world series will be intense this year!

  14. Oralee Vanluven:

    man, u r a legend!
    Thx from KSA

  15. cancer:

    Are you a Pro blogger?

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    Warrior Dave is spot on. I’m sure Niel would approach it differently if he had the opportunity.

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