Kekaula’s move creates radio opening

July 19th, 2011

Now that Robert Kekaula is the new TV play-by-play voice for University of Hawaii football, that answer creates a question: Who takes Kekaula’s place as radio color analyst? The answer, in some cases, could be … Robert Kekaula. ESPN will be taking some of the TV games, and KKEA could try to retain him for those games to continue his longtime role as radio analyst with play-by-play man Bobby Curran.

Anyway, any thoughts on who replaces Kekaula when he moves to TV?

27 Responses to “Kekaula’s move creates radio opening”

  1. lopati15:

    Gary Dickman.

  2. krump1:

    I thought Dickman’s forte was basketball? What about Russell Yamanoha or Shawn Ching?

  3. pakegolf:

    I liked Shawn when he was on radio before.

  4. Warrior Dave:

    Should be Shawn but does Kanoa Leahey do color? Thought he was a shoo in for the play by play.

  5. Jon:

    Anyone but Dickman! No Larry Price either!!!!

    It will be very interesting to see Kekaula do play by play. I thought he was a very talented Color Analyst. I would have loved to see him do Color on TV with Kanoa Leahey doing play by play.

    Hernandez has been good on the High School games I’ve seen. I have no idea about Ilaoa except to say that former players sometimes do not do well. Veneri is ok but Vaioleti was not a good color analyst at all.

    Any word on Basketball?

  6. coachcouch:

    Unreal how they chose Kekaula to do play by play. At least makes more sense than him being the color guy. How can you have a color guy giving insight WHEN HE DIDNʻT EVEN PLAY FOOTBALL? Telling us about trenches and toughness and technique – what a farse that was.

    Kanoa Leahey is head and shoulders above everyone locally for play by play. Canʻt believe he wasnʻt chosen. At least give him the radio spot.

    Ching has skills too.

    Dickman not prepared. Mumbles too much.

  7. wes:

    My vote goes to Kanoa. Hmmm, actually I thought he should be our play by play voice on TV.

  8. Mac Nugget:

    What ever happen to John Veneri?

  9. zzzzzz:

    Didn’t Veneri move to sales and marketing at KHON? That opened up the weekend slot that Rob DeMello now fills.

  10. jhb3043:

    will miss hearing Robert on the radio broadcasts. really liked how he sees things away from the ball.

  11. Dave Reardon:

    10. Just talked to Robert … he said that will be his biggest adjustment; watching the ball instead of the entire field.

  12. touchthestick?:

    Rob DeMello. He “puts da slippahs on da hands” and analyzes in a knowledgeable and lively way.

  13. wade:

    the best and mostly unknown local talent out there is “da reverend” felipe…his high school play by play is way better than bob curren’s uh games. uh football fans deserve high quality and fresh young eyes that can correctly spot the players on the field (curren is always lost until kekaula makes the call when a player is down). if radio fans watched the game and listened to the radio broadcast, you can easily see how terrible bob curren is at calling the play. bob curren is just a little better than laden panis, who really sucks at calling games.

  14. Joe:

    Mel Cabang?

  15. kev-1:

    Why doesn’t Kanoa Leahey’s name come up more often? I kinda wanted the torch passed to him. But I like Kekaula’s candor and enthusiasm. I just don’t see where Ilaoa fits in here. Does he have any broadcasting experience? And I’m not sold on Hernandes either. I’ve seen him do OC16 stuff, and he’s not the most dynamic of individuals. He does bring a coaches perspective to the booth. Still, a lot of experience was passed over to put Hernandes and Ilaoa with Kekaula. Don’t you think Dave?

  16. kev-1:

    Looking over some of the other posts, it appears some of you also agree with Kanoa. I would also add that I like Rob DeMello too. Great color guy.

  17. Dave Reardon:

    Kev, I agree experience was passed over. Nate has no experience, but he has personality, wit and obviously knowledge of the game. Robert believes Nate has plenty of potential. I think Darren is talented and he has paid some dues at OC-16 and Stadium Stars. I wrote tomorrow’s column about this surprising team.

  18. easybruddah:

    Kanoa should do the play-by-play and DeMello the color. Curran will be exposed now that his better half is not there to bail him out of all his mistakes and ignorance of the rules and basic strategies of football.

  19. kev-1:

    Thanks Dave. Great column today. It is a gamble for sure. If it works, right on. If not, Kekaula’s stint at his dream job may be brief.

  20. slenzi:

    Rob DeMello and Russ Francis bombed for a reason. I’m just sayin . . .

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