Spring practice notes, other bits of tid

March 30th, 2009

“Lots of people ask me about being a senior and being a leader now. I can’t make that claim, not yet. You don’t just come out and say, ‘I’m a leader now,’ even if you’re a senior. I have to show I’m a leader by setting an example by doing the right things.”

–Senior receiver Malcolm Lane, after today’s first spring practice for University of Hawaii football.


Starting quarterback Greg Alexander looks like he’s in really good shape. Walk-on Bryant Moniz, a sophomore transfer from Fresno City College and Leilehua High School, threw the ball well.


Offensive line coach Gordy Shaw has a no-nonsense air about him, but also has a professional demeanor and does not seem like the type to scream to hear himself scream. The other newcomer to the staff, special teams coordinator Chris Tormey, ditto — but we already knew that through watching him interact with Nevada players.


Mel Kiper called Derek Inouchi, the UH sports media relations director today, asking about David Veikune and Ryan Mouton.


UH baseball deserves a big crowd for its WAC opener against San Jose State on Friday. I hope they get it, and I hope the ticket office is ready for them.


Should Calipari go to Kentucky or stay at Memphis? Depends on the thickness of his skin, I’d say.


–By Dave Reardon

8 Responses to “Spring practice notes, other bits of tid”

  1. Gary Mizushima:

    Howzit David, My name is Gary Mizushima (Roy’s younger brother from HMSA). Anyway just wanted to drop you a note what i saw the other day. Last Saturday I was walking through Rainbow’s drive in parking lot to order some lunch. A head of me I notice a guy bending down picking up some napkins flying in the wind. When i got to the window I took a look at the guy and it was San Jose State Football coach Dick Tomey. I hope you can mentioned this in your column one day to show what kind of classy guy Coach Tomey is. Any keep up the good work and see you later. Gary Mizushima

  2. dreardon:

    Thanks Gary. Although he hasn’t coached here since the 1980s, Dick Tomey still considers Hawaii home and has a house here. He’s a tough coach and a good person.

  3. mel padello:

    hi dave….just wandering…what happened to the Iolani qb a few years ago,,think his name was kiran kepoo…is he still playing…what happened to him…also..who r the qb’s this year besides Alexander……


  4. letsgowarriors:

    kiran supposed to be transferring to a school in so cal. not sure what school though.

    used to work at hmsa, played mountanball for roy.

  5. nani:

    Coach Tomey was and still is a very classy person…Dave whatever happened to Kainoa LaCount and will he be a big factor this year if he plays? Thanks.

  6. letsgowarriors:

    kainoa lacount still needs to finish up school work. he has to walkon in the fall if he ends up qualifying is what im hearing.

  7. dreardon:

    letsgowarriors is correct on both items, according to the info I have. LaCount could be a factor because of his great size and quick feet, but missing the spring hurts him.

    The other QBs are Brent Rausch, Shane Austin, Steele Jantz, Bryce K., Bryant Moniz. I think that’s it. Inoke Funaki is working out a RB and maybe at slot this spring. If he’s uncomfortable with that he may move back to QB in the fall.

  8. webaddress:

    Im having a little problem. I cant get my reader to pickup your feed, Im using msn reader by the way.

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