Time for a change?

November 6th, 2011

The University of Hawaii football team — or any team for that matter — isn’t supposed to lose a game it is winning 28-7 at home at halftime.

My column today focuses on this being simply unacceptable.

Coach Greg McMackin says to blame him. The question now is if this loss — combined with those at UNLV and San Jose State, games where UH was also favored to win — constitute enough grounds for a coaching change. The Warriors are 5-4 and could still win two of their final four games and reach the Hawaii Bowl. But many predicted that this team would win the WAC championship and that is now out of the question.

McMackin’s overall record in his fourth season is still over .500. But is that good enough to keep him on as head coach with a year left on a contract that pays him more than $1 million annually?

But there is no discounted buyout provision. So if McMackin were fired, he’d have to be paid whatever remains to the end of the contract.

If the money is somehow raised for him to be replaced … When, by who, and how much to pay the new coach?

Weigh-in. I’ll share more of my thoughts in tomorrow’s column and perhaps here today.