UH football coach: Comparing the final 3

December 20th, 2011

Norm Chow, 65, Utah offensive coordinator
Perceived positives: Credentials with Xs and Os, experience with winning programs and top-level players, including national championships and Heisman Trophy winners, local ties.
Perceived negatives: Age, lack of head coaching experience.

Dirk Koetter, 52, Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator
Perceived positives: Age, experience as Boise State and Arizona State head coach.
Perceived negatives: Crimes by players he recruited to ASU, lack of local ties (stepping stone job?)

Brian Norwood, 46, Baylor assistant head coach
Perceived positives: Age, varied experiences at several major programs including Baylor, Penn State, Navy, Arizona; local ties including playing at Radford and UH, communication skills and character.
Perceived negatives: Lack of head-coaching experience, candidate to replace Joe Paterno as Penn State head coach.

10 Responses to “UH football coach: Comparing the final 3”

  1. Paco:

    Dave – whats the word on why Akina is not a finalist?

  2. dreardon:

    I really liked Akina as a candidate, especially because of his experience as a coach on both sides of the ball. I have an idea of why he didn’t make it as a finalist, but need to get it from more than one source before I share it. It’s nothing super negative, but I want to confirm it before sharing.

  3. Luki:

    Chow knows the WAC and Mountain West well and has a resume that speaks for itself, Norwood’s youth, high character, and isle connections would feel like a comfortable choice too. I think we would be on a good path with these two…

  4. dreardon:

    Bobby Curran reported at the end of his show that a source has told him it’s Norm Chow. Bobby is cautious in this type of reporting, so I believe there to be credence. One of my alpha sources close to this just said, “not yet.” But it’s looking like Chow.

  5. dreardon:

    Confirmed. http://www.staradvertiser.com/sports/breaking/NORM_CHOW_SELECTED_AS_NEXT_UH_FOOTBALL_COACH.html?id=135942508

  6. zzzzzz:

    Do you think he’ll change the offense, or keep any of the current assistant coaches?

  7. hawaiifan09:

    i hope he brings in his own staff…keeping the old staff will keep everything old and nothing else will change

  8. krump1_AKA_protector:

    ‘hawaiifan09′ on #7,

    So, leading the nation in Passing and Total Offense last year and perennially being a Top 5 Passing team and Top 10 in Offense at a minimum…it all “gets old” for you?? Last year, the D led the nation in turnovers. Did you even know that? I know you don’t go to the games and you’re certainly not a true or discriminating fan. Do you listen to the games occasionally or do you just read the sports blogs about what happened in the games?

  9. James @ Hawaii:

    I’m with ‘hawaiifan09′. I want to see new staff to make it better!

  10. jhb3043:

    i’d like for Norm to keep some of the Run & Shoot concepts, especially since thats the Offense that our current RBs, QBs, and WRs were recruited to play in

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