Chow Time

December 20th, 2011

I have to apologize to our headline writers for stealing the obvious choice.
My first reaction to the selection of Norm Chow as the University of Hawaii’s new head football coach?
Two words.
Big Time.
If you don’t believe it, check his record.
If you think he’s too old, maybe you’d rather have the winner of a frat house Madden tournament as head coach.
This is a job that requires maturity. And I believe Chow is a young 65.
I think Chow is a big-enough name with credibility to bring excitement back to UH football.

12 Responses to “Chow Time”

  1. Luki:

    Jim McMahon, Steve Young, Ty Detmer, Carson Palmer, Matt Leinert, Philip Rivers…Hope the run-n-shoot is completely shelved though…Would be cool to see a tight end in the offense again…

  2. slenzi:

    Right now, our new Coach Chow may have to run the team with what has been left over from Mac. But there are a lot of variations from the run-n-shoot and Coach Chow has run the pistol before. Look to the USC years for where he wants to go, but look at last year with Utah as to what may be possible. Eyes on the prize: get to the Hawaii Bowl, win the Conference, rinse repeat.

  3. Aloha Friday:

    Awesome! We finally will get great food specials when the Warriors win. Instead of 2 for 1Big “Mac” specials, we’ll have 2 for 1 “Chow” Fun specials. Whose going to be the first to offer this out…
    Come ‘on, “On On” Restaurant!!!!

  4. Aloha Friday:

    I hope Chow brings in a new OC & DC. It would be nice if he kept Rolo, Aranda, Tuioti and Miano as assistants to the new regime. They would benefit greatly learning from a genius, like Chow, and his subordinates.

  5. jkjones:

    Coordinators are selected bc of their knowledge and expertise with a particular system on one side of the ball. So, their salaries run higher. Why would we pay a coordinator to learn from Chow?
    Whoever is hired as coordinators should be able to pass the skills test and pull their weight–that includes Rolo and Aranda. Unless, they are hired as position coaches.

  6. Steve P:

    Chow has a highly recognizable name in college football. Besides having a winning background his recruiting on the strength of his name alone should stock the depleted shelves of the football team.

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  10. Emmie Arcuo:

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  11. CustomerCare:

    Lol , I wish good luck to chow :D

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