Colt on campus

January 5th, 2012

Colt Brennan was on the University of Hawaii campus today (Thursday). The former Warriors star quarterback who was third in the Heisman race in 2007 said he plans to spend the spring here working out in hopes of making it to an NFL camp this year.

“One more shot at the NFL. If not, I can’t keep passing on the CFL,” said Brennan, who is now 28.

He said he is fine physically, having recovered from injuries incurred in a serious car accident on the Big Island in late 2010.

Brennan said he’s just visiting this week and was looking into registering for some graduate classes. He expects to return in a couple of weeks and begin working out. He mentioned possibly doing so with Chad Ikei, the noted trainer who has moved his operation home to Hawaii from Arizona.

“I’ve still got stuff in storage back east (in Washington, from his time with the Redskins from 2008 to 2010),” he said. “I need to get it before someone Storage Wars me.”

198 Responses to “Colt on campus”

  1. smiley:

    GIVE IT UP COLT. The NFL doesn’t want you. You’ve already failed three times…..skins….raiders….texans and the UFL. Hahahaj

  2. mahaloluv:

    Seriously Colt, stop the waiting, it’s foolish. Go to the CFL, nobody in the NFL cares about you or even knows you exist. Glad to hear you’ve recovered, now get your butt up north!

  3. Howie from Maui:

    Glad to hear that he’s still pursuing his dream career. Have to either do it or get it out of your system… don’t want the “what if” coming back later in life. Will be watching for him somewhere on an NFL camp roster. Both QBs he beat out from the Redskins were on NFL rosters these past couple of years, so he has a good chance.

  4. mauifarmdog:

    Gotta agree with mahaloluv. Go north and get some Canadian love. Get on the field and show them what you got…like Chad Owens.

  5. liliana808:

    Colt needs to realize his ticket to the NFL is through the CFL or UFL. He didn’t get ONE CALL during a rash of NFL injuries and he expects a camp invite next year? Seriously Colt, are you delusional? Dude hasn’t thrown a meaningful pass since his Sugar Bowl embarrassment. Please get on the field in the UFL or CFL and show them you still have it bruddah. Otherwise you are going to waste another season sitting on daddies couch when you could be getting some reps in another league.

  6. 808crusader:

    Good luck Colt. Don’t listen to these fools. Remember if Tim Teblow can make it, you can make it.

  7. Grant:

    Good luck Colt. Follow your dreams. Give the NFL one more shot because you never know. Even if you don’t make it, at least you will not have regrets. Train hard for this opportunity and weigh your options so that you can make the best decision possible. Seek wise counsel–but don’t take June Jones’ advice too seriously. Go for it!

  8. kev-1:

    I am the hugest Colt fan I know. My wife tells me I have a man crush on him. Even I think it is foolish to have passed on the CFL. It sounds a bit like an inflated ego to say “I can’t keep passing on the CFL.” He should be selling himself by playing there, like Chad Owens.

    Regardless, I am still a huge fan and still think he has the talent. How much that may have eroded over the years from not playing remains to be seen.

    Good luck Colt in whatever you do.

  9. kev-1:

    Dave . . . I read somewhere that the NFL will be hosting additional combines for athletes who may have been out of football or under the radar type players. Is that something that Colt would be allowed to participate in? Just wondering if you heard anything about that.

  10. 808er:

    “I can’t keep passing on the CFL”???? Did you just say that? Don’t be an idiot Colt. There isn’t a team up there that owns your rights and Rep1 sports TOLLNER group (your agent) said no professional league, aside from the UFL asked about you last year and a half. Dude, you aren’t that good where you can stroll into the CFL and have a position waiting on you. You better lose that cocky entitlement attitude otherwise you’ll only be playing football on the playstation. How about taking your attitude down a notch because you are a complete NOBODY right now in the eyes of the NFL. I’m wishing you well, but you’re losing me bruddah.

  11. bleedgreen:

    Time to head north.

  12. Chris Hart:

    Toronto Argonauts are having a tryout in Honolulu next week at Roosevelt – What a great opportunity! Chad Owens is in town to help promote it – I wonder if Colt is aware? We talked to the Toronto OC today and he said he would love to see Colt tryout!

  13. Chris Hart:

    They are especialy looking for Left Tackles, DBs and QBs…

  14. Chris Fart:

    Woooooo doggie!

  15. krump1_AKA_protector:

    Colt, if you’re reading this, keep going for your dream and don’t listen to the losers who are always trying to push you into premature retirement ! I salute you for returning for your Senior year, but I had hoped you would leave after your Junior year because you were being assessed as going in the 1st 2 rounds and you would’ve got a legitimate shot. I put you right up there with Ryan and above Flacco, Sanchez, Leinart and Tebow who each haver had more than a fair opportunity. Still hoping you’ll get a shot somewhere. I agree with others who say you should go North !

  16. bdigly:

    Colt if you are reading these comments, PLEASE don’t pass up on the CFL if you get a shot. Get in some reps and turn some NFL owners heads up North when they hear about you lighting it up up there. Im a big fan and even invested a lot believing you would make it in the NFL but fate didnt give you a fair shot. (aka foolish head coaches)… Show everyone you still got it and i believe fate with finally open that door for you. Aim a little lower and use it as stepping stones to your ultimate goal. Goooo Colt!!!!

  17. Pulledpork:

    Colt, take JJ’s advice and go play for the CFL. You have talent, but NFL coaches are not going to give you a shot unless you show them you can be productive out on the field, and that you can stay healthy.

  18. UHCiliiannaGirl:

    Colt, I’m begging babe, try out for the CFL. You are nothing in the eyes of the NFL and all you are doing is making your football clock tick with another wasted year. If the phone isn’t ringing Colt, it’s probably the NFL Colt. AND STOP WEARING THAT STUPID FLAT BILLED HAT AND BAGGY PANTS, you’ll be 29 soon. Please look the part. Mahalo

  19. audion:

    Lol. Colt Brennan is still relevant? And he still has pipe dreams of the NFL? Dude washed out of the NFL a couple times already and couldn’t even make it in the UFL last year. What a joke.

  20. 808forlife:

    YAY. Another year of not seeing Colt on the field. You are wasting your time with the NFL. Oh well, another UH flop due to overestimated talent. THANKS ALOT JJ FOR YOUR STUPID OVER HYPING OF COLT AND INFLATING HIS EGO. Go to the CFL Colt, PLEASE. I want to see you actually play!

  21. Utufetu:

    Amazing, some of these posts…these are the same folks that were on the Colt bandwagon in 2006-2007, and now rip him to feel better about their pathetic lives. CB contributed to one of the truly special moments in Hawaii sports history. He risked everything by coming back for his senior year and took a fall. Sugar Bowl and injuries prompted pundents and so called experts to drop his stock and he never got a serious look from the NFL. That’s just how fickle the process is. What ever the reason, be it overlooked, or just couldn’t cut it, I appreciate what he did for UH. Best of wishes in your future plans, CB. Mahalo!

  22. kapoleidude:

    I dont know why all u guys gotta dog a guy for going after his dreams. He had some hard luck, but still trying, how would you like it if someone told you how to live your life??!! If the guy wants to give it one more go for the NFL, awesome…best of luck to him, if it doesnt work out, then he gonna try CFL. I believe he is good enough to land somewhere, either NFL or CFL. For those of you who dont agree with that, just look around the NFL and see who are some guys playing in the league. Matt Moore, TJ Yates, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh McCown, Caleb Hanie, John Skelton..the list goes on and on. Many of these guys are nobodys, but proved that can get on the field. They may not be the superstars, but shows that anything is possible, with a little luck and landing with the right team. Support our former players, instead of dogging them!!

  23. jhb3043:

    go Colt!

    forget all the haters!!!

  24. jhb3043:

    “Toronto Argonauts are having a tryout in Honolulu next week at Roosevelt – What a great opportunity! Chad Owens is in town to help promote it – I wonder if Colt is aware? We talked to the Toronto OC today and he said he would love to see Colt tryout!”

    interesting! Colt should give it a shot if he’s still here at that time!!

  25. Manu Josiah:

    I admire Colt Brennan for his commitment to playing in the NFL. A lessor person, and there are many posting on here, would give up. Not you. Good for you. You are an inspiration to many young people, regardless if they are involved with athletics or have other aspirations, to not give up on your dreams and settle for something less. We live in a society of “instant gratification” meaning that if you don’t succeed right away you are a “failure”. Many folks, and I’m sure there are many posting here, who are miserable at their jobs because they settled for whatever they could get instead of working through adversity to attain personal success. Don’t listen to the folks who have given up on their lives and want you to be like them. Keep working towards your dream. Read the story of the alamihi crab and you will understand my point here.

  26. madeinhawaii:

    Good Luck, Colt!

  27. wes:

    I am a huge Colt fan too but wish he just plays somewhere. I also think his best shot at this stage appears to be the CFL. Maybe he should be at the CFL combine to be held at Roosevelt HS Chad Owens talked about last night on KHON2.

  28. wes:

    Hey Dave, Your opinion/thoughts as to why we lost the player from CA to Boise State? I would think having Norm Chow as HC would actually help not hurt us.

  29. kev-1:

    Defensive uncertainty because of the coaching change is what lost the kid. Don’t forget, we have a head coach and two assistants, but that’s it. No defensive coordinator, no defensive position coaches (with the exception of Powell) and no defensive system for the kid to see where he fits in. Not to mention the fact that it was Boise who made the offer. Honestly, if you were a football standout from the mainland (with football on you mind and in your future, not beaches and women in bikinis) and had offers from Hawaii and Boise, wouldn’t Boise be hard to pass up on?

  30. monte:

    Colt, you have been a failure in the NFL already. STOP IT. You’ve embarassed us on the islands by perpetuating the “small, weak, spread-offense WAC QB will never make in the NFL” stereotype. Accept the fact that you will never play with the big boys. I’m thinking you should try out for the Lingerie Football League.

  31. Hero not hater:

    Although the chances of Colt making the NFL are slim, at least he’s trying.

    It is much better to look foolish while trying to achieve your dreams then it is to look cool while criticizing others.

  32. kev-1:

    What do people gain from bashing a guy who goes after his dream? How the hell does it embarass people in Hawaii? Leave the guy alone. While I think he should play in the CFL to prove himself first (if he even still has it), I see no reason why people feel the need to insult him so often.

  33. Derrick:

    Never give up on your dreams…only you can make it happen!

  34. tommui:

    Follow your dream but show them what you are capable of in the Toronto tryouts – after all, it isn’t as if you are committed to them.

    It is a good place to demonstrate your skills.

    Whatever you do, we’ll be behind you in all your future endeavors.

  35. kvlogic:

    Colt, open a bar by UH, already, and call it good while people here still think you were somebody. CFL. NFL. You’re done. Get a job and move on.

  36. Curt:

    Colt, pursue dreams! We’re behind you 110%.

  37. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    Please Colt – go to the Toronto tryouts. I heard the discussion on 1420 yesterday afternoon about the event.

    Perhaps your team will play in the Aloha Stadium.

  38. GA Warrior:

    Hey Monte, why dont you shut up and stop downing the man. It is amazing how so many of you people forget the loyality he showed to us, the islands, and the university of Hawaii by coming back instead of running to the nfl. Colt, keep working for the dream and dont let these stupid idiots who probably havent gotten off the coach in years get you down. We support ya and wish you good luck. Go be a star in the CFL, get noticed again, and fulfill your dream.

  39. MYlips:

    Colt, seriously. Enough is enough with your NFL fiasco. Try out for the CFL or quit all together……it’s getting old bruddah.

  40. MCB:

    Colt – don’t listen to the haters. you gave us ours. now go get yours.

  41. osmund:

    Colt – don’t listen to the lovers (that is the reason you are in your position, i.e. “couch QB at your parent’s house”. Listen to the realists, to include NFL experts and JJ. CFL is your longshot roundabout way back to then NFL, although your chances at the NFL are less than .01%. Still love you man and all you did for us at UH.

  42. UHwarrior:

    I honestly think Colt failing miserably in the NFL is karma….for sexually assaulting that coed in Colorado and for the mysterious and shady accident that paralyzed Theresa Wang. I used to love you Colt, now, you’re old news. We have other UHer’s playing well in the NFL.

  43. kev-1:

    UHwarrior . . . what an a$$ you are for throwing that low blow about Dr. Wang at Colt. He wasn’t even driving the car, and I am sure he has to deal with emotions about that everyday. Shame on you.

  44. RealMASS*ole:

    Why is this news? Talk about falling off the face of the football planet. I forgot all about Colt after he embarrassed us and UH in the Sugar Bowl. You’d figure he’d be realistic after washing out 3 times in the NFL already, I guess that car accident messed him up mentally. Nobody wants this bust lol.

    Go warriors!

  45. madeinhawaii:

    All these guys insulting Colt calling him a loser, bust, and such. I assume they all succeeded in the NFL, themselves? Held a number of NCAA records, too?

  46. cleansportscar:

    Todd McShay and Mel Kiper were on CFB live the other day discussing Case Keenum. McShay said he’ll be “just like that “Cole” (didn’t say Colt) Brennan guy from Hawaii” when he gets to the NFL….Kiper said “he’ll be bad, but not that bad….Colt was never going to make it…blah blah blah” and laughed. What does that tell you? Colt is yesterday’s news and his career is on life-support. Oh well, I love what he did for us.

  47. roygbivfan:

    unfortunately, colt took june’s assessment of his talents too seriously. “best qb in the country”…”will be drafted in the first round” (taken together, both imply that june thought colt would be the first qb drafted). colt, june was only defending you to validate his run and shoot system and his offensive genius. it was self-serving as self-serving gets. too bad he dragged you into his narcissistic world.

  48. slenzi:

    Colt followed his heart and gave Hawaii fans the best two years of their lives, EVER! I will always hold Colt in high regard for that sacrifice. Coming off the whooping of Arizona State in the Hawaii Bowl was his time to go NFL but he respected us all too much to leave. Now it appears there is little respect left in town for Colt, in fact some down right rude stuff posted here that makes me feel shame to be a Hawaii fan. It looks like Colt has given his agent specific direction to try the NFL one more time. Between Colt’s auto accident and the NFL lockout, how could anyone think he’d get a look last year. Its a New Year, and I hope Colt gets a shot to play in the league of his choice. Warren Moon is always in town for the Pro Bowl, throwing his famous pro bowl parties, maybe Colt could spend a little time with him. God Bless you Colt; thanks for bringing Hawaii into national prominence and national spotlight in such a positive manner, all our best wishes are with you. You will always be Ohana here.

  49. ohanaspirit:

    This is huge news! Not. The words NFL washout and bust come to mind when I think of Colt. I wish he would go to the CFL so we know he’s still somewhat serviceable. At this rate, he’ll be selling Whoppers at the drive thru because the NFL don’t want him because he isn’t good enough to make it.

  50. slenzi:

    Now that my friends is what you call the true ohana spirit. Wow if ever a misleading nom de plume.

  51. Herbertwilly:

    I love the guy and what he brought to us (mahalo) but…..c’mon, let’s be honest here! PREFACE: JUNE JONES SCREWED HIM BY CALLING HIM THE BEST QB IN THE COUNTRY AND THAT HE SHOULD BE DRAFTED NUMBER 1 AND THAT HE’S “MUCH” BETTER THAN TEBOW, WHAT A FREAKIN’ STUPID IDIOTIC THING TO SAY JUNE, CONGRATS ON GETTING COLT OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT. STUPID RETARD. Anyhow, Colt Brennan has too many flaws to make it in the NFL. For one, his mechanics are terrible, actually, horrible. Two, he’s lazy at practice and in the gym. Three, he listened to his own press clippings and that idiot June Jones (who inflated Colt’s head) and came into the NFL too cocky and entitled. Four, he still dresses like an idiot that just came from a Laguna Beach (grow up Colton) high-school. Five, he injures himself tying his shoes in the morning. Six, he played in the WAC against nobodies, thus inflating his stats that most poeple know are hollow, just like Chang’s, Harrell’s, Keenum’s, etc (nobody takes these guys seriously). Seven, he’s about the same size and strength of a pre-teen. The list goes on. The realists and experts realize all this as it’s obvious. Don’t coin someone a hater because they see the obvious that others can’t. Colt will succeed at something, but unfortunately it won’t be as a QB in the NFL! We’ll be saying the same for Moniz in about a year or two as well. It doesn’t hurt to face the facts at times.

  52. vailima:

    I will be a fan of the CFL team that lands him…I also think he should go straight to CFL if he keeps getting offers.

  53. briandodson:

    If Colt was smart, he’d go to the CFL if given the chance. But he hasn’t proven to be very smart with his choices so I’m not surprised he’s in his position. Ho’omaika’i ‘ana Colt, your decision will cost you another season of football inactivity, you are not as good as you think you are. Hau’oli Makahiki Hou everyone. Brian

  54. Purple:

    Good luck Colt. I hope you can make it in the NFL.

  55. Anahola-Kamalomalo:

    If colt doesn’t go to the CFL he should change his name to dolt brennan. how can he afford to be so choosy in his position? he isn’t really that good so he isn’t going to play in the NFL, that is quite obvious. somebody advise this guy a little better.

  56. darealsmiley:

    As a fan who just wants to see you play would say go to CFL. But thats the selfish me. Go chase your dreams Colt. Look at the Redskins and Grossman. hahhahaaha We still believe!

  57. Raza:

    How quickly so called uh fans can turn on you! Other true fans appreciate what you did at uh and wish you well. Don’t worry these fake fans will quickly turn the negatively to the Norm Chow regime if they don’t when the a bowl game.

  58. UHWarriorfan:

    Cute story. Colt has a great season for us, makes a minor blip on the national map for Hawaii while in college, goes to the NFL, busts, and now he’s floating around the islands. So what? Dude is in the protective custody program because nobody knows what’s going on with him. I just farted, that is bigger news than this.

  59. SeanIndy:

    I don’t want to make excuses for Colt, but, some people are just meant to play football-regardless of film time, practice, etc… I saw to often players who had the “physical” stats to play, but no heart. All that size, strength, and cone running, but couldn’t win a game. Colt may not have the stats, throwing mechanics, etc… that looks good on paper, but he WINS GAMES! Apparently Drew Brees is too small, too weak, and all that except it looks like he is on his way to another super bowl. Colt can play. He wants to play. Until someone looks past the clipboard and watches game film, then he might have a chance. Also, his agent is really lame. The only job they have is to find a spot for their clients. They haven’t done that. Colt ought to drop them…

  60. roygbivfan:


    apparently you did not read the article very well. colt said, “I can’t keep passing on the CFL,”, which to me implies that he has had contact (maybe even offers) with canadian teams. so his agent IS doing his job, it’s COLT that’s holding up his own pro career. colt can thank june for blowing so much smoke up his arse about being “the best qb in the country” and for making colt think he has nfl-caliber talent.

    just remember when you say he wins games, you’re referring to college games. i think that’s what many colt supporters can’t get through their fanatical minds. he was a great college qb, it’s obvious, but it’s not a sufficient nor necessary condition to make it to the nfl.

  61. Moniz'sOhana!:

    Unfortunately roygbivfan is correct :( You need more than “moxie”, the “it” factor (I think people forget to put the “sh” in front of that), and “win games” in the JV-level WAC to make it to the NFL. I loved Colt, but the bruddah isn’t NFL material. He’s stooooopid for passing up the CFL.

  62. Ceshes:

    They said it best during the Pats/Broncos game, you don’t “bring it” during games in the NFL, either you’re good or your not. Colt Brennan isn’t good enough, he stinks bad…I HATE SAYING THAT.

  63. Tamasamoa:

    Colt if youre reading this, since the accident I wondered at times what happen to you, but its good to hear that youre still following your dream, and I think youre a smart guy as to what to do, God Bless you bra and if anytime you think of coming to NY and need a place to stay let us know

  64. Tamasamoa:

    to critic or voice your opinion is what you people do – hopefully he’ll make some changes for the better – but for those of you who are putting Colt down, you mind as well dont say it because you are losing it as if you we’rent there. You cant tell me you did not appreciate what Colt and his teammates did for the rest of us in Hawaii and all people with Hawaii ties around the world. Colt and the 07 Warriors gave hawaii the best and the highest accomplishment in the history of UH football ever!!!You should be ashame of yourself suckers!!!

  65. mo808:

    I think Colt needs to have his head checked if he still thinks he can play in the NFL. Somebody protect this guy from himself because he’s going to get his little butt killed. He isn’t cut out for the NFL, he’s too small, weak, and dumb. Did see him at Tikis and he was in good spirits though, so that is good. He needs to open his own bar and move on with his life in the islands.

  66. tanie hotele:

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  67. darealsmiley:

    Love you Colt Brennan, but this can be summed up with: Sugar Bowl FAIL Redskins FAIL Raiders FAIL Texans FAIL Colonials FAIL. What’s left? Whatever it is, probably FAIL.

  68. levelheadedhawaiian:

    Give it up Colt….it’s almost becoming a running joke watching you hop around from team to team and all your UH groupies crying about conspiracies as to why you aren’t “slinging” it. hahahahahahaha

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  72. moxieit808:

    Where is this loser at anyhow? Colt BLOWS. lol


    Damn, Colt really embarrassed himself. Colt Brennan is the only QB ever cut in three leagues, the NFL, UFL and CFL. Shame on you Colt.

  74. johnnyguitarwatson:

    My goodness I bumped into Colt two weeks ago at the atogwe 7-11, what a DOUCHEBAG. Fat and out of shape… wonder he busted in the NFL, errrrr….UFL….dang….and CFL.! x100

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