Shane Brostek: “All options are open”

January 20th, 2012

I spoke Friday afternoon with HPA offensive lineman Shane Brostek, one of the most highly-regarded prospects in the state this year. He is the son of ‘Iolani legend, Washington standout and L.A. and St. Louis Ram Bern Brostek.

Shane will visit Hawaii next week. He has already visited Colorado, Oregon, UCLA and Washington.

He said people who claim he’s already decided on Oregon are just assuming.

“I don’t know why people think that,” he said. “I have no preference right now. All options are open.”

He said that includes Hawaii. New head coach Norm Chow, offensive line coach Keith Uperesa, quarterbacks coach Tommy Lee and tight ends coach Philip Rauscher visited Brostek on the Big Island earlier this week.

“It was cool,” he said. “They seem like they really want Hawaii players to play for UH.”

Brostek said Chow is the first UH coach to have offered him a scholarship.

38 Responses to “Shane Brostek: “All options are open””

  1. oldtimer808:

    How outstanding for our Hawaii coaches to make a serious effort to recruit our local boys. I’m happy that Shane is keeping his options open and hopefully stays home to help the Hawaii program move forward.

  2. hosssana:

    Please…please….Shane……please keep your options open and come to the conclusion that you will be in Coach Chow’s 1st recruiting class that can make a difference…..for yourself, team, and the State of Hawaii. You can set the trend and bring in other Island recruits…..this could lead to great things as you know very well that if you perform playing in the NFL like your dad it won’t be a problem as Hawaii has always been on the NFL radar with all the Hawaii players currently playing on NFL teams ……

  3. al:

    hey wait a minute didn’t that other guy claim to have offered every d1 prospect of hawaii a scholarship?


  4. al:

    i am thinking that shane brostek could be the next hawaii center in the nfl to go along with olin kreutz, dom raiola, samson satele, john estes, max unger.

  5. Pride.:

    #4 – Al, you forgot Bern Brostek and Jesse Sapolu.

  6. bleedgreen:

    I wonder what the previous coaching staff was thinking by not offering scholarships to players like Shane Brostek.

  7. sports for fun:

    #6 – They were probably thinking that those players had already made up their mind to go away. Isn’t assumptions a killer in any circumstance?

  8. misterfudge:

    Wasn’t it the Hawaii way to back off once a kid indicated that he wanted to go away and keep the door open if he wanted to return? I guess that’s why kid’s with an interest in going away never got the actual offer.

  9. Mikejones:

    Shane, come to UW like your dad…Go Dawgs!

  10. localbruddah91:

    Bruddah Shane – U Dub is where it’s at!! Look at that offense – 56 points in the Alamo Bowl!! And we ‘specially need OG’s up here!! You’re dad is still a legend around here – come 2 Seattle!! go daWgs!!

  11. purple paradise:

    Bern Brostek, Olin Kreutz, … Shane Brostek! Join the legendary family, come to Seattle, and shine!

    Go Dawgs!

  12. Manoa Mist:

    Hey, who let the Dawgs out?

  13. DawgsHouse!:

    Hope to see you in the purple and gold Shane! GO HUSKIES!!!!

  14. Kapahulu:

    If you intend to live in Hawaii, make a name for yourself in Hawaii. Join the Warriors and be a part of the foundation to building a better future for Athletics in Hawaii.
    Shane, we need you to stay in Hawaii and become a Warrior. All of Hawaii would be proud of you!

  15. BMVhusky:

    Shane. You’ll look da bomb in purple and gold playing big at the new Husky stadium. Winning PAC12 championships and Rose Bowls. Woof-Woof. Go Huskies!

  16. DawgFan:

    Shane- Your dad is still highly respected by all UW fans and is a legend at the college. Become a Dawg and continue to improve upon that legacy he left behind! GO HUSKIES!

  17. Bruddah in Kona:

    Shane, be your own man and don’t always live under your father’s shadow. Decide what is best for you, even if it may not be Hawai’i, but don’t make the mistake of choosing UDub just because dad went there, there will be too much comparisons made which will not be fair for either you or your dad.

  18. theDman:

    You cannot come from better football bloodlines than Shane does. Am I just imagining, but is he actually bigger than his father?

  19. oldtimer808:

    Shane if you are intelligent as I think you are don’t read these blogs and make your decision with a clear mind and to your heart’s desire.

  20. hon2255:

    Forget Seattle, RAIN RAIN AND MORE DEPRESSING RAIN, play for the 808, the only one in the state, you’ll always be remembered for playing here, Rainbow drive in is here in Kapahulu, not in Wash. WARRIORS ARE WAITING FOR YOUR ARRIVAL.

  21. Mike:

    I can understand why he’d prefer to play in the Pac 12. Far superior academics and much better exposure.

    UH is a mediocre school. He’ll probably end up at Washington or Oregon.

  22. oldtimer808:

    I don’t recall him saying he would prefer to play in the Pac 12. Assuming is not a good thing.

  23. UWDawg:

    I’m a dawg for life but have big respect for this kid for keeping Hawaii in the picture. I will follow him and root for him wherever he goes unless its Oregon. Then he’s dead to me.

  24. Donald:

    Yeah buddy, go to Washington where they scored 56 points in the Alamo. Unfortunately, the other team scored 75 lol. If you want to play real football and in real bowl games think about Oregon, but good luck wherever you decide to go to school.

  25. al:

    pride. …i was thinking active nfl’ers.

  26. hosssana:

    re: Mike….can you prove to me that UW is a far superior school academically than UH-Manoa…don’t go and make generalizations….why…did you flunk out so now you’re saying UW is better academically than UH-Manoa….every school has its positives and negatives… is UW better exposure….look at all the UH players in the NFL…look on the SF 49′ers and watch Isaac Sopoaga play nose or tackle defensively….i don’t see any UW players on that roster starting off…look around the NFL and you’ll see many UH players on the roster so there you go again making generalizations about better exposure…..unfortunately, when you flunked out you lost skills in research and objectivity……return to school and acquire skills that might better suit you in making intelligent comments…..cheers!

  27. huskies2010:

    @hosssana: Dashon Goldson – not only a 49ers starter from UW, but also a Pro Bowler. You’re not very good at this.

  28. Warrior:

    @ huskies2010 – touche lol….

  29. slenzi:

    Shane, play where it feels right; some place where you can feel the love. You know that there’s some special Chow cooking in Manoa now. I lived in Seatle area from 1983-87 and 1991-93. Both times we moved back to Hawaii.

  30. DawggyDawg:

    hurry up and pick UW already….all this indecisiveness is not manly..

  31. Oregon Ducks football recruiting update: Shane Brostek | Eugene OR DIRECTV Service:

    [...] believe he’s a lock to come to the Ducks. We’ll see about that as the latest is that he’s saying all options are open and he’s not made a commitment anywhere [...]

  32. Cali Warrior:

    Looks like another local boy is on the verge of changing scenery…..let’s get NC to bring this kid home too!!

  33. RoseBowlChamps:

    Shane –
    Eugene’s a great place to live while going to college. Oregon’s a great program, and a great school.
    But I couldn’t blame you for staying loyal to your home state. I probably would.
    As for those other Pac 12 schools…they’re all looking up at the Ducks.

  34. DawgsRBack:

    Huskies are Coming Back!!!! Come play in the brand new stadium at Husky Stadium. Would love to see you be part of the return to greatness.

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