What now for Wahine hoops?

March 7th, 2012

Dana Takahara-Dias is done after three years of 10, 11 and 11 wins. She stabilized the program off the court after the dysfunction of the previous regime, but not enough improvement on the floor. 32-58 including no postseason wins and a WAC record of 15-31 is not going to cut it.

Who is the next hire? Is Gavin Petersen a better candidate than he was three years ago because of his one year on the UH staff? Or does that tarnish his record since he’s on the staff of the coach who was fired?

Former Hawaii Pacific coach Jeff Harada has some advocates. He’s now an assistant at Navy.

24 Responses to “What now for Wahine hoops?”

  1. bowsfan:

    Not really sure how the sharing of Kalei on the basketball and volleyball will be with a new coach.

  2. marc:

    How about Nani Cockett? Everyone keeps saying that they want to find players like her, why not hire her?? Im not sure about her credentials…..but she has been around basketball her entire life, comes from a basketball family, why not?

  3. chrislee:

    Funny how the men’s golf program has done very poorly for the last 4 years, but that coach has not been fired.

  4. sharene:

    I do not like the headline of today’s paper saying she was “fired”. She wasn’t fired…her contract was not renewed. Of course that is semantics…but if she is a class act, and I agree she is, why not be accurate?

  5. bowsfan:

    I think revenue(pay to see) vs free UH sports are under the microscope to make money for UH. I can see why Bob Coolen wants to stay a free vs revenue(pay to see), that would be added pressure for him, I remember him stating that it didn’t work one year.

    Got renewal for Wahine volleyball the other day, you lucky if Wahine basketball even sends any renewals at all, I would like to know why the ticketing offfice can send Warrior basketball renewals but seems to always forget the Wahine basketball every year.

  6. hosssana:

    Re: Marc comments about hiring Nani Cockett!! Puhleez, give me a break!! Go take some gingko biloba and disappear. Hiring Nani Cockett!! What a joke!!

  7. Joshter:

    Almost as bad as people wanting Alika Smith, no D1 women’s coaching experience, hasn’t UH learned anything from DTD??
    Stop wanting homegrown heros, the only former bow with the credentials is Mark Campbell.

  8. Warrior Dave:

    Just because you can play the game well, doesn’t mean you can coach and more importantly, recruit. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird are good examples.

    BTW, great team win by UH mens basketball. I’m here and the place was a rocking!

  9. Aloha Friday:

    Bob Nash

  10. Londonbobby:

    Why only give her 3 years? Her recruits are only freshman and sophomores. Jim Donovan pulled the rug out before she really had a chance. Bah humbug!

  11. jkjones:

    dave, get off your tuff and ask Donovan what credentials he is seeking. most fans want to hear from the horses mouth.

  12. flying1431:

    What I don’t understand is that she was not given enough time to build a program. Any coach that comes in next will probably have a similar record over 3 years and so is Donovan gonna fire that person too? Will a new coach be hired every 3 years if the standard of winning is not met on a program that will be impossible to win in?

  13. bowsfan:

    Yeah, was thinking the same too, coach every 3 years. If this happens again in 3 years, how does that build the program up, if anything it will bring it down and no one will want to play for UH and other universities will use that to create doubt in recruits.

    Only 6 out of 19 sports have season tickets, to carry the whole athletic programs. Could we have a 7th with softball, I don’t know why softball have a choice to not be the 7th.

    Wahine basketball needs support from UH, ticketing office awful in season renewal mailings (both basketballs concurrent seasons) yet season ticket renewal not sent out at the same time. Wahine volleyball needs to wait for football for scheduling but never overlaps to create the most $$$, then I think Warriors basketball and then Wahine basketball, which makes the wahine basketball schedule late. $$$ will be difficult for the Wahine basketball to make, very different from Vince Goo’s time. Vince Goo’s time, no pac west basketball teams yet and high school basketball not concurrent. If I was a high school girl basketball player, I would have a hard time attending the game with commitment to school and practice. I believe once the pac west teams and girls basketball season changed, attendance decreased. The pac west teams have taken some of the recruits from UH too, even UH-Hilo’s competing and its part of the UH system too.

  14. dreardon:

    11. Relax. I did ask him. He’s not talking about it for the record yet.

  15. Dave Reardon:

    But here is a general comment he made to Ferd Lewis about firing coaches:

    “I don’t take the decision not to retain a coach lightly,” Donovan said recently. “It weighs on me very, very heavily and I look at a lot of aspects when making a decision; from competitive success to academic progress and graduation rate, the athletes they bring in and how athletes conduct themselves, the way the coach follows the rules and how they are a part of the athletic department. All those things. It is a lot of different things and I weigh them all.”

  16. jkjones:

    he’s not talking about it?
    that’s odd, dont you think?
    surely, he must have a sense of what is needed. we arent asking for names, just a notion of the qualities Donovan is pursuing.

  17. Basketball:

    I hear that Jeff Whitney who coached a few years ago at Central Washington University is a candidate. He lead the Wildcats to four NCAA National Tournaments. They would have to pay him and guarantee more then three years to build the UH Basketball program.

  18. Baller14:

    He is a very solid coach. Not sure we could get him to come to UH.

  19. Hoops:

    I watched Whitneys team when they played Hawaii Pacific and Chaminade. They press/trap and transition on every opportunity. Very exciting style of play. He would be a good candidate.

  20. Hoops:

    I watched Whitneys team when they played Hawaii Pacific and Chaminade. They press/trap and transition on every opportunity. Very exciting style of play.

  21. JDB:

    Jeff Whitney would be a great hire. He did a great job with an underfunded program. Always great with media and fans and gets the most out of young women who trust him.

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  23. Syble Sugabo:

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