Huge win for Hawaii

March 8th, 2012

Hawaii’s 72-70 win over Idaho in the WAC Tournament today was one of the biggest in recent years for UH. The Rainbow Warriors came into the game without their top 3-point shooter and second-leading scorer, Zane Johnson, and had lost five games in a row. Also, they hadn’t won a WAC Tournament game since 2005.

To me, it changes the complexion of what might have ended as a losing season. That is guaranteed to not be the case as UH is now 16-15 overall. Tomorrow’s column is about how UH fans can dream for even more, since this is the time of year for that kind of thing.

Is there magic left for tomorrow night against New Mexico State? (By the way, this game will be televised by KFVE at 4 p.m. and repeated at 9:30 p.m.)

Coach Gib Arnold said it is the biggest win in his coaching career, even before UH.

Where do you rank it among UH’s all-time wins?

8 Responses to “Huge win for Hawaii”

  1. tenzil:

    Great win for the team and coach. I know there were a lot of people disappointed at the losing streak, but the past 2 years have shown improvements. First WAC tournament win in 7 years w/o their leading scorer?

  2. hosssana:

    This win will probably quiet critics clamoring for his job. He still has a year left and knows he must recruit well if next year’s team is to be successful and if he wants his contract extended. Once again, this was a great win and testament to the resiliency of his players and kudos for the coaching staff in making changes and adjusting their game plan as the game went along despite all the technical fouls and injury to one of their better players.

  3. Dave Reardon:

    My bad … Zane Johnson not leading scorer … leading 3-point shooter and second in scoring average to Vander Joaquim. But Johnson’s 3-point shooting is important for a team trying to make a tournament run.

  4. Old Time Rainbow Warrior:

    Just was wondering yesterday before the end of the game if UH lost…….
    Would Gib truly express how he felt about the lame referee’s in the Wac?
    Being that we would no longer be in the Wac, I would love to know how he really felt about it.
    Seems like the last few games the ref’s were inconsistent, especially the crew that worked the last home stand. I did not not see yesterday’s game, but listening to it, it appears to be the same ole call the easy ones, anticipate others, if you know what I mean.

  5. Londonbobby:

    Good win bows!
    I think the refs are in for the 3 teams leaving…Hawaii, Fresno, and Nevada. These refs might be out of job in a few years when the WAC is dissolved. Old Peanut is leaving ( commish) so the light at the end of the tunnel is dimmer.
    There’s no way Hawaii gets by New Mexico State! Gib needed a technical foul to show the refs he’s had it!
    This game gets ugly without Zane! Sorry. Take New Mexeco and the points. Bet your house! Dump Krusha! Joke!

  6. Derrick:

    Can lightning strike twice? Three times?

  7. Warrior Dave:

    It was pretty electric at the game. Those last 5 minutes was a roller coaster ride. The last minute took forever. No doubt a big win in b-ball history, especially since most people didn’t think we had a chance. Props to the coaches and team for coming together is such a difficult time. Hope to continue this magical ride! We’ll be there.

  8. slenzi:

    I always liked what Riley Wallace had to say about refs: “If you don’t like the refs, don’t leave the game up to them to decide.” or something similar to that, paraphrasing, with apologies to Riley.

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