Fast Pace … Satele to Colts

March 21st, 2012

By now you’ve heard or read about the uptempo pace of the Hawaii football practice on Tuesday, the first under new coach Norm Chow.

There was little wasted motion and plenty of verbal motivation from assistant coaches urging players to move quickly from drill to drill.

The intensity of pre-camp conditioning sessions prepared the players psychologically and physically for the pace.

“There were days when the goal was to grind us into the dirt and make us throw up,” quarterback David Graves said. “Some days like boot camp, a military regimen.”

Sounds like a big difference from the Super Games of the previous regime, when part of the offseason training was intramural-style competition in games like basketball and dodgeball.


According to numerous news reports, former UH center Samson Satele signed with the Indianapolis Colts today.

8 Responses to “Fast Pace … Satele to Colts”

  1. Warrior Dave:

    I always felt that both lines could be in better condition. As a fan, I like what I see and hear so far.

    I wonder how Boise State conducts their practices? That’s a winning formula.

  2. kev-1:

    I guess what surprises me is that players interviewed last night were pretty honest about the lack of intensity from the previous regime. That says a lot, especially if the players seem to be favoring and excited about the increased pace.

    I hate to sound negative about the past, especially since its pau already, but still, it’s revealing.

  3. Real:

    We got a real head coach here now. Every Collegiate level football program on the mainland have 10-15 min. rotations that conduct their 2-3 hour practices. As for super games…..what a waste of damn time that could of been spent i dont know..maybe getting better? glad miano and mcmackin are out. Now we just have to get rid of Tommy Heffernan.

  4. slenzi:

    I think the super games came about as a way to build back the ohana between team mates and coaches that was lost during von Appen era, and instill the warrior ethos that was present all around them in the poly players, but not allowed to express itself. Like many things in life and government institutions (like , after their time has passed, its hard to get rid of them without a clear vision why they originally came to be and what will replace them.

  5. slenzi:

    DR, heard an interesting talk show on Southern Sports Tonight (Pensacola, FL). Believe it relates to what Coach Chow is doing at UH. There was a lively back-n-forth going on between Alabama and Auburn fans related to Nick Saban’s contract extension to 2020. The yahoo sports host challenged any college coaches who were listening to call in, and boy they did – most retired from SEC and other colleges in the area. The interesting tidbit out of all this was that they agreed with each other that “the total top to bottom discipline and buy-in from assistant coaches and players, in Saban’s system is what sets it apart.” Interesting topic could be, “If Coach Saban came to Hawaii, could he be wildly successful, as our UH fan expectations are for Coach Chow?” And the final parting shot from one retired Auburn coach was, “I think Nick Saban is worth every penny, and what Alabama chooses the pay their coaches AND PLAYERS is none of our business.”

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