Still hating LeBron?

June 21st, 2012

For those who have cast him in the role of anti-hero, does LeBron James leading the Miami Heat to the NBA championship make him more or less loathsome?

I never really understood why people — other than Cleveland Cavaliers fans — held James in such disdain. From everything I’ve heard and read he’s a decent young man who just put his foot in his mouth a few times. Maybe a little too much swagger at times, but now he’s backed it up (well, six more championships to go to totally back it up, I guess).

16 Responses to “Still hating LeBron?”

  1. hosssana:

    He’s a pompous, arrogant, classless “ass” who represents the athletes of today which is they lack character and morality in their individual standing. They are material beings spoiled by monies and power and that’s LeBron and the sports media that cater to his needs and validate his quest for a championship do more harm and disservice to him and his ilk which permeates to our younger athletes that want to do the same thing and that’s find a team that will bring them a championship instead of being an individual athlete and representing the team and fans but being what they are, and in LeBron’s case, being what he is, he purposedly sought out the team that will bring him fame, championships etc….no character and integrity in the sport like it once was and today’s athletes lack any ethics and integrity in their individual composition….spoiled…materialistic…greedy….but its the fans that made him that way because they are willing to pay the price to see championships brought to their city any which way possible…..Lebron will never get my respect and the respect of millions that feel the same way in the latest poll taken concerning his character and popularity.

  2. belo vino:

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  3. Derrick:

    Time to give the man his props.

  4. PeterE:

    Golly, LeBron is classless etc. because he wants to win a championship. Aside from a hot-air, name-calling diatribe, no other point was made by hossana. Better to be noble like Ernie Banks (never played in a World Series), take less pay, play for a losing team and enrich the owners. That defines “character” and “integrity.” I was never much of a LeBron fan before but I am now. He played like a man, a team-mate and a ferocious, driven athlete yet still a gentleman. He should not be defined by his “Decision” PR blunder.

  5. tsboy:

    first of all hosssana, i think you are way off base in regards to Lebron. i am not a big LBJ fan, but after this post season performance, he is definitely the best player in the game today and has been the most physically gifted player to ever play this game. he has not ever been rude or obnoxious to people, at least that i have heard about. he doesn’t get in trouble with the law, seems to be a very good father and has proposed to his girlfriend. from all accounts, he is a very respectfull, nice young man.
    i also did not like him leaving Cleveland but that was his right, so i can’t really fault him for that. and lets face it, he was never going to win a championship there and that is what its all about. ‘THE DECISION’ was handled badly and the arrogance that followed showed his immaturity. the subsequent humiliation last year humbled him and forced him to look at himself in the mirror in order to become a better player and a better person. as a Lakers fan, i despise the Heat. but props to Lebron and the Miami Heat as they were definitely the best player and the best team in the end.

  6. MisterE:

    @DaveReardon: The reason why people hate him is he basically cheated in order to get the championship. A good example is when people are standing in line and someone cuts in front of them to get ahead in the line. No one likes the person that cut in front of them. That’s basically what LeBron did. He didn’t earn his place in line. Look at MJ. He earned all 6 of his championships. He helped his teammates get better. He didn’t quit his team like that pansy James did and go running off to a group of all-stars to win an NBA Title. That’s why people other than Cleaveland fans hate him. On another note, that trade should never have happened in the first place. Why allow Miam to assemble that team and then prevent the Lakers from making a similar trade for Chris Paul?

  7. Warrior Dave:

    I guess some people are still and will always remain bitter. LBJ makes millions it was willing to make less to play with friends. This plan was within the salary cap so get off of it already. He is a quick superstar and doesn’t get into trouble. Gives much to charity and gives back to the fans. Lakers got a gift from Jerry West when he trader Gasol for a bento. The Boston if 3 were the 1st to do this so hate on them too.

    LBJ had to change his game to win a championship after 8 years of almost, but not good enough.


  8. Dave Reardon:

    Mister E: Using your logic, does this mean if you are really good at your job, but you work for a bad company that doesn’t put you in a position to succeed it’s cheating if you don’t stay there rather than taking advantage of an opportunity that would allow you to work with better co-workers and have a better chance at success?

  9. che:

    I’m not a Lebron fan but he clearly is the best player in the NBA and he played great in the playoffs. The only thing I didn’t like was the ESPN show but I don’t fault him for the decision to leave.

    As far as MJ, I think he and Chicago were lucky Pippen turnout to be as good as he was. They picked him with the 5th pick 3 years after Jordan so they had a chance to develop together before winning the titles. If Pippen was a bust would MJ still have played all those years in Chicago? Maybe not, he might have bolted to a better team too.

  10. LRob69:

    I’m tired of people using the same old line “he cheated to get to the championship.” Nobody ever complained about Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett (All-Star players) joining Paul Pierce in Boston to win a championship. Yes, they didnt go about it in the same stupid way that LBJ did (The Decision!), but they did the exact same thing. And if you’re going to compare him to MJ, at least recognize that his supporting cast was WAAAAAY better than LBJ ever had in Cleveland and the Bulls worked hard to surround him with talent. So stop acting like MJ built that team by himself.

  11. Derek:

    If you’re a free agent you can go to any team. No problem. The problem was how he announced the decision. To me, that was not as bad as when he said “not 1, not 2, not 3, etc. until he stopped at 7 and Wade was laughing. I didn’t like that and it showed arrogance and stupidity and immaturity. But, he did acknowledge it was bad and he regretted it. Give the man his due. He helped his team to a championship. Still I don’t like the Heat as much as the Thunder. If Lebron chose the Bulls I would be rooting for the Bulls. Myself, I’m not a Wade fan. My favorites are Ray Allen, Tony Parker, Kobe, and Durant. To be equal, I’m not a Westbrook fan either but I do like Deron Williams’ game.

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