Athletic Director Wanted

August 13th, 2012

Today’s column is about the University of Hawaii’s crazy way of doing things, including its habit of rewarding employees it is dissatisfied with by giving them lots of money. There’s a twist this time, as Jim Donovan is “cleared of wrongdoing” but moved from athletic director to another job that will pay close to the same six-figure annual salary.

Now that it’s official that Donovan will no longer be the athletic director it’s time to find a new leader for the state’s largest intercollegiate sports program.

When Donovan got the job in 2008, he was chosen over other interviewees including Carl, Clapp, Rockne Freitas, Marilyn Moniz-Kahoohanohano and Bob Wagner.

Who should be considered this time around?

36 Responses to “Athletic Director Wanted”

  1. Lolo:

    None of the above. Need fresh blood.

  2. hosssana:

    Typical UH politics. JUST PLAIN STUPID!! and they want us to donate money to their UH FOUNDATION!! Please don’t call me…I will call you ….NOT!!

    No way will I be donating any monies to the UH esp. their University of Hawaii Foundation which I have been doing for the past several years. JUST PLAIN ABSURB!!!

  3. Jjay:

    Upper campus has a way of making bad things worse. So was the missing money found yet?now we pay 200k plus for a new position What the heck is going on over there.

  4. padron:

    New AD? Dr. Rockne Freitas. Demonstrated he can manage the job with his orchestration of Hawaii’s entry into the Mountain West.

  5. roygbivfan:

    agree with lolo, clean house now!

  6. Chawan cut:

    Anybody connected with current connections to UH need not apply! Rockne, Clapp, Moniz, Amemiya, you all need not apply. Find a real job first and get some true meaningful work experience before applying!

  7. Black Bean Chow Fun:

    Uncle Tom Moffit. He should have been able to book Stevie Wonder with no problems. Haha!

  8. Manoa Mist:

    Shoot I’ll do it. I can lose $200,000 as well or better than the next guy. BTW, wasn’t the purpose of the investigation to find out what happened to the money? If nobody did nothing wrong, why we out $200,000? Why we owe JD Takayama’s job at twice the pay? That’s $300,000 so now we out a half million? Why JD out if he did nothing wrong? And once again, what happened to the money?

  9. Robin:


    How is Amemiya affiliated with UHAD? Just asking.

  10. Hodad:

    It will have to be someone willing to be a lap dog for Greenwood so it will be Freitas.

  11. joeb:

    Wouldn’t you know it. The answer to the absurd administrative costs and the athletic director position at the University of Hawaii is right under our noses. Here’s a guy who paid his dues, saved Us money by playing and contributing in 2 major sports on a single scholarship ($saved), is talented and versatile ( one of the captains on the basketball team, starting point guard, one of the captains on the football team, slotback, possible wide receiver, possible punt returner, possible place-kick holder, supporting his teammates in improving their athletic skills and adapting to our local ways,…). No question: M.O. (not MOniz) for A.D.!

  12. chawan_cut:

    wow, my copy cat is also here too.

  13. John Fitzgerald Byers:

    Marilyn Moniz-Kahoohanohano was interviewed? Good grief.

  14. MrK:

    Credit to Dave Reardon for not being afraid to bringing up this topic. That’s one thing I’ve ALWAYS respected about Reardon. Unlike other sports writers/radio show guys in Hawaii, Reardon does not have to worry about kissing the okoles of people affiliated with the UH Athletic Dept or Administration. Try listening to some of the shows (not mentioning any names here) on AM 1420, and you’ll see what I mean. I don’t know how some of these guys wake up every morning and look themselves in the mirror. They are so afraid of ruffling the feathers of people at UH, that they are afraid to call it as they see it! They are afraid they’ll get iced out by coaches and administrators if they say anything remotely negative about UH – even if it’s true! I got no respect for those sports journalist/writers. They are like puppets.

    Dave – keep up the great work of UNBIASED sports writing, and keep calling it as you see it! Aloha!

  15. Chicken Grease:

    Yeah, must needs agree with MrK, here . . . Reardon, he giveth the truth and he can handle the truth!!!

    This situation IS quite ridiculous. Hope Donovan ain’t boo-hoo’g . . . way economy’s nowadays, he better be happy with that six-figure, and if this a way for Apple to keep his eye on Donovan’s actions, then, so be it. Way a Grease sees it, Donovan’s missteps were also apparent with the Sugar Bowl situation, with certain folk and their family (almost?) gettin’ to go free and such. Yeah, maybe families shouldn’t be away from staff for a bowl game . . . but not on my — and other taxpayers’ — dime, A.D.

    How ’bout Condelezza Rice, Ph.D?!?! Or Lou Holtz?!? Ah, relax, relax, jus’ dreaming here.

    You all know it’s gonna be someone from Punahou . . . riiiiiiiiiiiight? [care to infuse "Punahou mafia" again, Mr. Reardon? Joke, joke.]

  16. hosssana:

    Obammy will be out of a job shortly so why not him?????

  17. mctruck:

    Maybe JD was presented with a “gag-order” in the baseball park figure of 2g’s not to say-a-thing…..shhhhhsh!!

  18. mctruck:

    make dat 2hundred-g’s.

  19. mctruck:

    Heard that this guy named, HERMAN is back in town??….nah, nah, just joking.


    here is a persective. it is believed that while sherif and donovan were initially involved if the wonder fiasco, there are other higher ups in Manoa that are also responsible, and they are being protected. In order to keep this secret, they a paying off donovan to keep quiet for at least three years.. irrespective of the fiasco, the powers at UH decided to not renew donovan’s contract – people were not happy with his performance. if donovan was fired, he would likely spill the beans on the involvement of the higher ups which would be very embarrasing for UH and maybe lead to further firings. Hence, this whole process is a cover-up, and maybe the fiasco provided donovan with employment for at least 3 more years. Appears, he got the better deal.

  21. Peter:

    How about Bobby Curren? He knows how to say yessir really well. Or maybe Fred Von Appen or Sarah Palin. Or whoever fat local bankers and clown politicians want. Sadly our little state must realize that our beloved UH (of which I am truly an appreciative grad) is a run-of-the mill state school, run amateurishly and located thousands of expensive miles out in the Pacific. Anybody actually still thinking that we will go the next level? Maybe UH is on an elevator and the next level is down.

  22. Carolyn Austin:

    I agree with you regarding “Appples’s handling of Donovan’s tenure rotten to the core.” I would like to see Donovan tell Apple to take the unnamed job he is offering and shove it. Plus, have the UH pay Donovan off thru March 2013 as he walks away.

    Carolyn Austin

  23. fortheloveof:

    Please….the house stinks! Clean it up, disinfect it, and let the clean breeze in and make it smell good again. Can’t be that difficult. Throw all the bums out and start all over again. Do the right thing for once.

  24. isleboy:

    Prediction….JD was leave his UH job within 6 months…he will be so bored…so ignored…. that
    he will say Aloha!!!!!

  25. aieajames:

    I don’t see any mention about the “abuse of power exerted by State Senate President Tsutsui.”
    None of these fiascos could have occurred without his pressure on the U.H. The powers running
    the U.H. are mainly high-powered politicians who exert their influence in all areas of this university.
    How else can one explain how large amount of money can be thrown so easily around without any outrage from the state or city governments!

  26. Chicken Grease:

    August 15th, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    How else can one explain how large amount of money can be thrown so easily around without any outrage from the state or city governments!

    UH has autonomy, tha’s why.

    It’s up to the alumni to — as inferred by someboty up in hea, up in hea — stop donating. They shoulda’ stopped donating once that Ward Churchill was allowed on campus.

    Get your campus BACK, UH people!!!!!

  27. aieajames:

    “Chicken Grease,” I love it; why didn’t I think of it!

    Well if you say they have “autonomy,” then OK, they have autonomy.

  28. Stan's the Man:

    Who is at Northern Iowa now-a-days? Last good AD UH had was Stan.

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