AD search advisory committee selected

August 24th, 2012

Three people I think would make pretty good athletic directors at the University of Hawaii probably aren’t going to assume the job … because they’re on the selection advisory committee.

That would be Keith Amemiya, Norm Chow and Dave Shoji. Of course, Chow and Shoji might be too busy, since they probably want to continue as football and volleyball coach.

Look for Amemiya to take this post at some point in the future. After a couple of conversations Thursday night, I think acting athletic director Rockne Freitas will end up with the job for a couple of years; the only thing is that Freitas has repeatedly publicly said he prefers his UH vice president job.

The committee won’t meet until after UH football’s season opener at USC on Sept. 1.

Here are the other members of the committee chancellor Tom Apple pulled together.

Howard Karr, chair emeritus of the UH Board of Regents, will chair the committee. Chow will serve as committee vice chair.

Other committee members are:

Laura Beeman, Head Coach, Women’s Basketball, UH Mānoa

Bob Harrison, CEO and President, First Hawaiian Bank

Peter Ho, Chairman, President and CEO, Bank of Hawai‘i

Bonnyjean Manini, Chair, UH Mānoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Mike McCartney, President and CEO, Hawai‘i Tourism Authority

Diane Nakashima, APT representative, UH Mānoa

Peter Nicholson, Faculty Athletics Representative, UH Mānoa

Mark Polivka, Chairman, ‘Ahahui Koa Ānuenue

Teena Rasmussen, Regent Emeritus, UH Board of Regents

16 Responses to “AD search advisory committee selected”

  1. da beastman:

    no offense but why bank presidents and HTA? I was hoping for Amemiya to take the job.

  2. Kimo:

    Students will complain that they are not represented, especially now that there is a mandatory athletic fee.

  3. Otto:

    Bank presidents and HTA presidents because the two banks spend alot of advertising dollars supporting UH athletics and the HTA is the conduit to the travel industry which support the athletics department with discounted airfares and hotel rooms. The new AD needs to have the confidence of the major donors that support the program.


    The search committee don’t have to go too far for the search, they have an excellent candidate in amemya sitting there with them. we don’t want those mainland retreads who does not care about hawaii, only about themselves.

  5. Hiro:

    How about having someone that has no vested interest in U.H. except wanting to get the best qualified person into the AD position. There seems to be too many people on the committee with their own agenda.

  6. Dave Reardon:

    My bad Kimo …. there will be a student who hasn’t been named yet.

  7. Dave Reardon:

    This committee’s first meeting will be sometime after the UH-USC football game. Perhaps the following week, since it is a bye week for the football team.

  8. Derrick:

    Ain’t Coach Chow and Coach Shoji got more important things to do right now. Like coach, perhaps?

  9. Warrior Dave:

    I too like Keith Amemiya maybe he not ready yet. Maybe he’s waiting for a change in the current Administration before applying for the job :). They appear to be very screwed up !!! If Freitas wants the job, why waste time and effort to go through all of this and then name him. One more black eye.

  10. hon2255:

    Rock doesnt want the job, he is making a lot more in the vp position.

  11. Chicken Grease:

    Should just get someone who has solid collegiate A.D. experience. ‘Nuff o’this “buddy-buddy” stuff already — Frazier and Donovan had some kind of connection to UH before they were appointed, right? Try something different instead of indirect nepotism.

    “Sensitivity to d’a cultcha” can be taught (as many “experts” in this state like to prea . . . er, teach, rather) if that’s one of the concerns of the selection process. Hire the candidate who brings up great ideas and show s/he can do ‘em. Connections to the Mainland. Record of fundraising. Objectivity and integrity litmus test (read: Penn State horror as a reason even if the Stevie Wonder bluder never happened), definitely.

    These are the things that should be concentrated upon; the hired can learn the ha’a lyrics once s/he gets the job.

  12. Old School Dave:

    I like Rick Blangiardi. Former UH player and defensive coordinator. Knows the challenges and politics involved with being the UH AD. Proven record in the broadcasting industry. Bleeds green and white. People straighten up when he enters the room – that kind of leader.

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