UH football season prediction

September 1st, 2012

OK, it’s the morning of the season opener and I’ve put it off as long as I can. Here is how I think UH can go 6-6 this season, barring a rash of injuries.

at USC: L
Lamar: W
Nevada: W
at BYU: L
at San Diego State: L
New Mexico: W
at Colorado State: W
at Fresno State: L
Boise State: L
at Air Force: L
South Alabama: W

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  1. Peter:

    I want you to continue shining a bright light into the murkiest places at UH Manoa but it is a relief to read this. Pure sports. Your predictions look realistic and will be an achievement of which we can all be proud.
    Go Bows!

  2. Dave Reardon:

    The one game I’m most iffy about is at Colorado State. But I think this team will travel pretty well. It just so happens that many of its road opponents are pretty tough. At San Diego State is a possible win, but I don’t think it probably because it’s on the heels of another road game, at BYU, and the back-and-forth travel doesn’t help.

  3. Dave Reardon:

    A lot of folks are counting Nevada as a loss. But the visiting team in this series almost never wins.

  4. MRC:

    Here’s mine:

    at USC: W
    Lamar: W
    Nevada: W
    at BYU: W
    at San Diego State:W
    New Mexico:W
    at Colorado State: W
    at Fresno State: W
    Boise State: W
    at Air Force: W
    UNLV: W
    South Alabama: W
    at Discover BCS National Championship Game (v. Alabama): T (totally bad call nullifies UH final touchdown)

  5. jkjones:

    After watching the USC game–6-6 is attainable. We have a young OL and hopefully they will get better.
    To go 6-6 we have to beat the teams we should. There were many bright spots in our loss to the trojans.
    I liked the way our team kept on playing hard. With a few breaks, who knows?

  6. Chicken Grease:

    Gotta 2nd Peter’s “I want you to continue shining a bright light into the murkiest places at UH Manoa . . .”. Indeed. Right on, Reardon; your editorial, opinion, and reporting are all needed at this time, big time. Thank you very much for doing what you don Dave.


    With regard to the predictions — which a Grease understands in why you made them and that it comes from informed judgment (you a sports reporting type, after all — um, after today‘s game, a Grease thunks that an assessment by a Chow inna Ph.D and sports experience styling, a Grease thunks that you can put a “W” for San Diego St. (puff piece for Warriors after today’s game), Air Force, mayyyyyyyybe Fresno and BYU, and definitely . . .

    . . . [Drum roll] . . .

    . . . BOISE ST!!!!!!!! They play here, right? Crowd alone — with the buttress of the knowledge of a Dr. Chow at the helm — gonna be hungry for bronco meat by the time they roll into Halawa!!!!! No be ‘fraid of Boise St’s ranking: every team’s wise to their trick plays (of which they virtually had NONE in their game with Mich’ St. today) and they didn’t look as strong in their game today.

    Don’t forget the Coach/Dr. Chow factor this season. You gonna have FUN at the home games, Warrior fans!!!

  7. MRC:

    Darn! Hey. . . I think this calls for an investigation. . .

  8. Kevin:

    7-6. The only change is I’m flipping the predicted loss in Fresno to a W.

  9. Kevin:


    Excuse me, 7-5. My bad.

  10. jcole:

    Colorado State beat Colorado again, so may be tougher than we thought. Boise State’s poor execution, worse than MSU’s, makes them the Broncos look vulnerable. Predictions are less fun once the evidence starts pouring in.

  11. Claud Sutcliffe:

    I’m going to the San Diego State game, and I predict it we will win it, too!

  12. helencalif:

    The Nov 16 Hawaii vs. Air Force game @ Air Force is going to be a challenge for the Graves family as we watch the game. Who do we root for? David is on Hawaii; his younger brother Dano Graves is a QB for the Falcons.

  13. lama v3:


  14. Keven Podratz:

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