The new AD

December 8th, 2012

I really wasn’t expecting to hear from Ben Jay last night after being told he was on his way back to Ohio. And UH’s press release on his acceptance of the athletic director job didn’t even have a quote from him.
So it was a pleasant surprise when he did call in response to my e-mail, at about 11 p.m. his time after a long flight and whirlwind several days.
You can read about him in today’s column; we talked about UH’s finances, repairing the damage stemming from the Wonder Blunder, the NCAA and a bit about his personal background and philosophy. We will all get to know Jay more beginning later this month; the tentative plan is that he will return to Hawaii the week before Christmas. He said he hopes to start work at UH in early January.
Jay said he has been to Hawaii a few times, going back to when he worked for what was then the Pac-10, and to visit his cousin, Yulee Okazaki.

13 Responses to “The new AD”

  1. innocent observer:

    not sure if a financial person is the ideal candidate for an athletic director. his experience in “athletics” appear to be light. we need someone who can get the right coaches and players to field a winning program. that is the only way fans will support the program. pour all the money into the program but if teams do not win, fan support will not be there. for example, the yankees have lots of money and buy high priced players, etc., but they don’t really win. the athletics knowledge and experience are more important and budgets, it build winning teams, budgets don’t.

  2. yojimbo:

    its good that the new ad is from the outside, and innocent. i hope he last at least a year before he succumbs or engulfed into the web of corruption, incompetence, and the good old boys networks.

    regardless, he is set for life, like the other ding dongs like herman, jd, hugh, mrc, dobelle, and the rest of the motley crew. we are the aloha state.

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